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Molkki 8th July 2021 Anjali asks Prakashi if they will be on road now. Will we have to beg? Prakashi calls someone and asks the person to come to Rewari tomorrow. I will book your tickets. Anjali asks her whose tickets she is booking when they have nothing. Prakashi says Virender enjoys ruining people’s lives. It is his turn now. I will bring Virender on road and make a mockery of him now!

A jeep is shown. A girl is driving it while a boy sitting in the passenger seat strums guitar.

All the preps for shanti puja have been made. Pundit ji asks Priyu to call Virender and Purvi for the puja. Everyone sits down. Pundit ji does tilak of Virender and Purvi. Screen shifts to the jeep again. Passerby’s wonder who these people are. We haven’t seen them before. Puja begins in haveli. The girl and boy reach haveli. Manas and Juhi are bored so they decide to play. They go inside. The puja is complete.

The girl and boy enter in the haveli.

Everyone gets up. Pundit ji blesses Virender and Purvi and prays for good things for them. The girl tells Pundit ji to stop. Everyone looks back. Virender is shocked to see them. The girl says it is impossible to maintain peace in this house. You can do whatever but Mukhi ji’s karmas wont disappear. You wont be able to change anything till then. It will only double his problems. This house will never be at peace! Virender asks Nandini and Vir what they are doing here. Purvi wonders who they are. They said so much yet Mukhi ji kept quiet. Nandini walks up to Virender who smiles at her. Nandini says you dint invite us all these years so we thought to come over. We came to see what is going on in Rewari (while looking at Purvi). Vir steps forward. You are not happy at all to see us. Right, Mukhi ji? Purvi asks Virender about them. Juhi and Manas come there just then and hug Vir and Nandini. Kids are happy to see each other. Manas tells haathi that they are their siblings. Purvi is confused. They are your real siblings? Juhi nods. They were in London but they came over just now and gave us a big surprise. Purvi is shocked to realise that Virender has 2 more kids. Why dint he tell me this?

Virender asks them how come they are here suddenly. Vir replies that they also left suddenly. Virender says this house has always been yours. Vir removes his shoes and walks past Virender and Purvi. Nandini follows him. Vir pays his respects to the Lord while Nandini throws a coconut in the kund startling everyone. Nandini asks everyone if they will stay here for 2-4 days. It is over. It is time to go home. Villagers and Pundit ji leave. Purvi looks at Virender.

Purvi asks Virender why he hid this truth from her. You say that you love me but what did you do? Virender says they are very old pages. Dust has settled on them already. She says that must be true but they are still your kids. Virender shares that they don’t consider him as their father. I am dead to them. She is taken aback. What are you saying? Virender nods. They hate me so much that they don’t even put my name with them. They call me Mukhi ji instead. I tried to turn their hatred into love but this Virender Pratap Singh couldn’t win them. Purvi says you could have told me. You would have felt better and maybe we could have found a way too. Virender says I dint tell you as they cut ties with me years ago. They settled in London and have set up a new world for themselves. I am not allowed in their world and they do not wish to come back to my world. Purvi says they must have been hurt over something because of which they have become like this. Virender shares that they blame him for Sakshi’s death. I was driving the car 5 years ago during accident. They think that I was driving callously and I am responsible for Sakshi’s death. I hid this from you as I never thought that they will forgive me and come back in my life. She asks him if he still loves them. Virender says which father wont love his kids. I have thought of them every day, every second. Nandini is my life and Vir is my pride. I love them very much. Don’t know where they are stuck! Purvi asks him why he dint speak to them over these years. Virender says they think that I killed Sakshi intentionally. They used to detest me more whenever they looked at me. That’s why they shifted to London. I kept asking about them from my friends but they never looked back or spoke to them. I am at fault too as I dint try to pacify them after a time. They used to hate me more, feel more hurt whenever I tried in the past. I couldn’t see them in pain and stopped trying. I left them alone. Purvi says we can try to change things. We can try to bind the family together again. Love them like a father and I will love them like a mother. God has given us a chance to bring the family together. I wont let it go in vain. Will you support me? He nods. I also want things to go back to normal so I can hug my kids. She tells him that he will surely succeed if he will try. We will unite this family together.

Virender and Purvi come downstairs holding hands. Nandini scolds the maid for putting extra sugar in the tea. Virender asks her how she can speak to someone like this. Even maids and servants are treated nicely in the house. Nandini tells him to stop it. We are the kids of this house. How will you treat them nicely when you couldn’t behave nicely with us till date? He raises his hand to warn her but Purvi holds his hand. Nandini says a Molkki can control the person whom no one could control till date. Purvi asks her how she can speak to him like this. He is your Baba. Nandini says you even know my name. I think Mukhi ji would have told you everything. Right, Mukhi ji? Virender warns her to mind her tongue and calls her Nandu. She does not look happy. You have no right to call me Nandu. Don’t call me that! You are only the Mukhi of this village who dances on the tune of this Molkki! Virender tries to stop her but Vir tells her not to increase Mukhi ji’s BP. Let him be with his Molkki. His life will be excited. I brought a surprise for them. Come in! Prakashi and Anjali enter just then. Virender glares at them. Nandini hugs them one by one. Virender asks them how they dare come back to his house. Vir tells him to lower his volume. I agree that she is your mother who you don’t respect but I respect my Dadi a lot. Please speak to our Dadi with respect. Prakashi asks Virender if this is house. Think twice before saying that. Virender says now I realise why you are still standing strong. I understood that you have called them here. This is your game. She denied. This is your fate. I am only a medium. It was God’s wish when you threw me out of this haveli but this is also God’s wish that I am back. You snatched everything that belonged to me. Now try to snatch what’s theirs!

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