Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 23rd June 2022 Written Episode Update


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 23rd June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 23rd June 2022 Episode starts with Soumya scolding Prisha a lot and asking her to leave. She says you won’t get food and respect where you aren’t invited.

She makes Prisha out of the house and says just get out. Armaan says Prisha came with me. Soumya says this is my house, my rules, you can sit in the puja if you want else leave. He says mum and dad have to sit in the puja, right, how will the puja complete without me.

She says you think I can’t do the puja without you, remove this illusion from your heart, I m fighting the custody case, I know I m enough to raise them alone, I will give them good upbringing and raise them, this puja will happen even without you.

She promises that she will become her babies’ mum and dad. Her parents smile. Goldie stops Armaan and asks him to stop it now.

Armaan says I promise you, Soumya’s ego and your career will be finished. Goldie says its okay. Armaan says we won’t stay here. Sushma says I will complete the puja and come. Harsh says lets go, we will go home and talk.

He blesses the babies. Armaan, Prisha and Harsh leave. Soumya cries. Her dad says Soumya will keep the mum and dad’s duty in the puja today. Soumya sits in the puja alone. Armaan and Prisha are on the way.

She says I m not feeling well, we will meet later. He drops her home. She says Soumya has insulted me, I will see her today. Soumya completes the puja and names her babies, Jashan and Jahaan. Everyone claps. Sushma says nice names. Soumya says they both are my life and celebration also. Pandit blesses her.

Armaan drinks and thinks of Soumya’s words. Soumya takes care of the babies. Malini cooks the food. Soumya gets a call. He says there is a baby product delivery on your name. She says no, you are mistaken.

He says gift has your name, you have to come downstairs and take it. She asks Malini to take care of the kids. Prisha enters the house. She drops few things and distracts Malini. She sees the babies. She adds the chillies in the hot pan. Soumya calls the man and asks where are you. He says you came late,

so I came to give another delivery. Prisha creates the smoke and leaves. Soumya comes home. She shouts mummy. Malini comes. She sees the smoke in the kitchen. She says thank God, babies are fine.

Soumya asks why did you go out when you had out chilli tadka. Malini says no, I didn’t do that, something fell down and I went to see. Soumya says someone called me downstairs by excuse, it means someone has planned all this, Armaan got this done.

Sushma gets Malini’s call. Malini says you are doing a mum’s duty, your son couldn’t become a good husband and good son. She tells everything. Sushma worries. Malini says we didn’t think that Armaan can stoop to this level, explain him.

Sushma goes to Armaan and asks what’s happening. He says you came to me with this knife. She says I won’t tolerate you hurting my grandsons, you don’t drag the babies in your fight. He says stop it, don’t accuse me.

She scolds him. She says I will stab myself if you harm my grandsons. He asks what happened to my babies, tell me. She tells him. He worries. He goes to meet Prisha. He holds her neck and suffocates her.

She asks will you kill me, are you mad. He says I will kill you if you try to hurt my babies, tell me, am I lying. He says I did this for you. He says you have to do what I tell you, I will decide, you don’t need to use your brain. Mami comes and looks on. He leaves. Mami asks are you fine, sit, Prisha,

he is mad, leave him. Prisha coughs. She says no, he can kill Soumya for the sake of his babies. She smiles. Veena asks Soumya to sign the contract. Soumya checks and says its written that I will work with just you for three years, I won’t get any credit. Veena says yes, I m training you and giving you the money, I don’t sign a contract with anyone.


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