Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 26th April 2022 Episode starts with Soumya defending Sushma, and answering Harsh. She says a housewife’s work is not less than a job, a housewife works hard all week, without getting any off. Harsh says yes, you bet, lets decide Sushma’s salary, how much 1001 rs. Everyone looks on.

Harsh makes fun of Sushma. Armaan asks Harsh to leave it. Sushma recalls Soumya’s words. She says even I can do business from home. She smiles. Soumya nods to her. Harsh laughs on her. Armaan asks him to please eat. Soumya looks on. She says when Sushma is talented, then she should use it. She talks to Tara. She says when Sushma’s pic comes on the magazine cover,

then Harsh will be proud of her and tell everyone that she is his wife. She goes out to everyone. She says Sushma has designed these. She shows the designs to them and praises Sushma’s creativity. Harsh shows the pics to Armaan. Armaan says really nice, I didn’t know you make good designs. Tara says we can use these designs for Prince’s room.

Prisha gets icecreams. She sees Armaan. She asks him will you have more icecream. He asks her not to show much love, he is done, thanks. She smiles and says okay. Harsh taunts Sushma again. He says you should make yourself useful like this,

I have got happy with you today, I sanction you unlimited budget for the nursery, go ahead, enjoy yourself. Sushma smiles. Soumya says congrats mummy. Sushma says but I want a card for this, not cash. Harsh says anything for my grandson. He gives her the card.

Prisha goes to Armaan and says thank you. She says I can do this for you, you have cared for my self respect. He says hot and nice, coffee… She says you trusted me and gave me Soumya’s place, did I say anything wrong. He says I realized what is lacking in my life. She asks what. He says I lack appreciation from Soumya,

whatever I do for her, its never enough for her, I felt hurt by her words, don’t know why am I sharing this with you. She says its okay, I can keep your secrets hidden in my heart. He says I was missing a friend, so I can tell anything to you, you understand me, my taste, status and reputation, Soumya doesn’t understand, she refused to get branded things for the babies. She says you can’t change someone’s mentality. He says you are right, I m always surrounded by people but feel lonely.

She holds his hand. She says you are not alone, I m with you. He thinks my magic is working on her. Tara sees them. Armaan thanks Prisha for the coffee and goes. Its morning, Armaan asks Soumya to change the scene. Prisha comes and says I got coconut water for you, its healthy for mom and baby in pregnancy. Soumya says so sweet. Prisha says I don’t have much clothes, if you can give me clothes to wear in office. Soumya takes her.

She asks Prisha to take anything she likes, except this saree, Armaan’s first gift. She smiles. Prisha says you are romantic type. Soumya asks her to take anything. Armaan sees Prisha and smiles. He helps her with the selection. Soumya says I have kept the story like you said, the hero has an affair but he is confused.

He says there can be two reasons, heroine loves the hero so much that she isn’t able to know or the hero is too smart to get caught, write a scene that the hero suggests Chandni which dress to wear, if Chandni wears the chosen dress then she is also interested in him, else hero has to work harder, these kind of men don’t lose so soon. She says wow, you cleared my confusion,

I feel you know someone who has an affair, or you have much experience to get girls close, tell me, how can anyone get such ideas. He says you got married to Armaan Oberoi, everyone wants to have an affair with me, but my heart has come on just one, he just wants to see her. He hugs her. Prisha comes there. Armaan looks on. He thinks what game are you playing with me, Prisha, you didn’t wear the dress of my choice. Soumya asks did it fit you well. Prisha says yes, how does it look.

Soumya says you look so good, sit, have breakfast and then go to office. Sushma comes and says sorry, I got late. Tara gets half fried eggs for Armaan. He asks for coffee. Soumya feels nausea seeing the fried eggs. He asks what’s happening. He asks her to have water. She vomits over him. He says what’s this, its stinking, you could have gone to washroom. Sushma says don’t say this. He says I have to take a shower. Soumya says eggs smell. He says you should have told before. She says sorry,

I couldn’t control the vomit, its natural, did you ask me how am I feeling, no, why would you ask, you just want the baby, not the problems and responsibilities. He says I m becoming dad for the first time. She says even I m becoming mum for the first time. Sushma asks her to calm down. She says Soumya is right, it’s a husband’s duty to take care of a wife. Armaan says I love her. Soumya says just saying isn’t love, feeling is love, when a husband cares for a wife, then its called love. She cries.


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Soumya says you are taking Armaan’s side. Prisha goes to give towel to Armaan. He holds her hand and says Prisha. He sees Soumya.


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