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Muskaan 4th November 2019 Written Episode Update,Written Update on

Muskaan 4th November 2019 Episode Start With story taking six year leap. The police checking happens at the check post. The man tells about his wife’s labour pain. Inspector goes to him and allows him. He sees the blood on the gun point and says it seems there are refugees in the truck, follow it. Little Roshni picks up a cigarette and scolds the cleaner guy. She asks him to clean the junk.

He smiles seeing Sir ji. Sir ji scolds the man. He says everything belongs to Roshni, take all the junk, apologize to Roshni. Roshni says my name is Roshni, don’t do this again. Sir ji smiles. Roshni says you taught him a good lesson. Sir ji says I will not leave the person who troubles you, close your eyes now. He gives her a dress. He says its a good gift for you. She likes it. He asks her to take money and eat anything she likes.She gets happy and runs. Sir ji thinks I just got your one daughter, its fine for me.

Ronak is seen in his lavish house. He beats a guard. His daughter stops him. Ronak says my happiness… Khushi. She says I was just reminding them the work. Police follows the refugees. Ronak asks Khushi not to get upset. She says I m not small now. She says I will grow up soon, I don’t want to go school today.

Ronak says I was just explaining the work. Khushi says I have seen you fighting with the guard, I will complain to principal. She calls out mumma. A lady comes. Muskaan is seen running with the refugees. Khushi complains about Ronak. Ronak asks why did you let Khushi come there, you see I got insulted in front of her, I didn’t like it. Khushi says I heard you, nothing can hide from me, why do you fight if you are scared of insult. He says I m sorry. He asks her to come and have breakfast. She asks him to promise, he won’t fight in future. He promises.

Dolly comes and hugs Khushi. The lady asks her to take servant along to carry the shopping bags. Ronak takes Khushi to drop her. She calls Gayatri. Ronak says we won’t be late. Khushi talks to him on the way. He sees Roshni going. The dirt falls over Roshni. Roshni shouts on him and asks is he blind to drive this way. Muskaan collides with Roshni and falls into the mud. Roshni asks Muskaan will she get up or not. Muskaan holds her hand. Roshni asks didn’t you see me. Muskaan says no, I m so sorry. Roshni says I didn’t get hurt, I hurt everyone else. Ronak is close.


Muskaan 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Muskaan sees the PCO. She tries to make a call to Ronak.


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