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Muskaan 8th November 2019 Episode Start With Roshni calling Ronak a bengal tiger. She asks him to check if his pocket has the wallet. He checks and says my wallet….. She says stop, its here. He asks how did you get it. He thanks her and thinks she is greater than me in attitude. She says I have to help someone. Muskaan washes her face. She asks where are you Ronak. Nisha and Hanumant come there. Muskaan doesn’t see him. Hanumant gets a call. He sees the pic and asks how did it break. She says it fell by mistake, don’t tell him. He sees Ronak and Muskaan’s pic. Muskaan is also there.

A lady comes to Muskaan and asks did any man cheat you, are you pregnant, I can hire you on work. Muskaan says I don’t want money. The lady asks her to come along. Roshni comes and scolds the lady. She says Muskaan will go with me. The lady says she will come with me. Muskaan says look you…. Roshni says let me handle it, Muskaan won’t go with you, don’t come here again. The lady asks what will you do. Roshni says I have Babu ji with me. Hanumant doesn’t see Muskan. Muskaan thanks Roshni. Roshni says don’t thank me, you should hide in my house, you can go when inspector forgets you, will you come with me or stay here.

Muskaan says I have no money to give you, I don’t want to become a burden. Roshni says don’t say this, I didn’t ask money, I won’t ask for it, come. She takes Muskaan. Dolly shows the ten dresses to Khushi. Ronak gets more dresses. He asks how can selection complete without me, I got 20 dresses for you. Bunty’s wife thinks she will like the dress I got. Khushi selects a dress and says I know mumma got this for me. Ronak says how did you know mum’s selection. Khushi says mum knows. Ronak goes. Bunty’s Sasuma says they have opened a garment shop for the girl, they will spend much money and we will have nothing. Khushi says your clothes are dirty. She asks him to see Hanumant’s clean clothes. Maid says tuition teacher has come. Khushi says I have to go, mum you clean his clothes. Nisha agrees. Ronak asks did you get hurt. Nisha says it will be fine. Ronak asks did you get injection. She says no. He says I will call a doctor. She says no need, you are worrying for no reason. Bunty’s wife says he loves you, you have won his heart, tell me how did you win him.

Roshni gets Muskaan to some house. Muskaan cleans the house. Roshni asks her to keep her things as it is. Muskaan sees hockey sticks. Roshni says I stay alone, I should have weapons to make thieves away, you sleep on the bed, I like to sleep on the ground. Muskaan says no, you sleep on the bed. Roshni says call me Roshni. Muskaan says fine, how old are you. Roshni says don’t know, I don’t go to school, maybe I m 5 or 20 years old. Muskaan smiles. She asks why do you stay alone. Roshni says you are asking a lot, I don’t have my parents, I just have my Babu ji. Muskaan asks where are you going. Roshni says I m going to arrange food, you would be hungry also, or did you keep fast. Muskaan says I m hungry. Roshni goes. Muskaan thanks Lord. Khushi and Ronak smile. He puts her to sleep. Roshni murmurs in sleep. Muskaan sees her. Khushi gets scared. She runs to Nisha and hugs. Muskaan hugs Roshni and thinks Ronak would be giving love to our daughter, still she would be missing her mum. Khushi holds Ronak and Nisha’s hands. She sleeps. Ronak and Nisha see each other.


Muskaan 9th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Sir ji/Babu ji asks about Roshni. The boy says she has saved someone. Sir ji comes to see.


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