Muskaan 9th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Muskaan 9th November 2019 Written Episode Update,Written Update on

Muskaan 9th November 2019 Episode Start With  Sir ji asking where is Roshni, my day doesn’t start without her. The man calls Chintu home. Chintu comes and greets. Sir ji asks where is Roshni. Chintu says Roshni kept someone in her room, maybe she is there. Sir ji gives him a chocolate. He thinks who is that woman, Roshni forgot me, I will go and see. He goes to Roshni.

She wakes up and touches his feet. He asks what happened, you didn’t come today. She says don’t know, I was sleeping, forgive me. He says its fine. She says don’t know where did she run. He asks who. She says a woman was running from police, I helped her, like you save people from police, did I do right or not. He says you did right, where is that woman. She looks out. She says I don’t know, I think she has run away, see she has cleaned my room, I think she has stolen something, I will find her. He says I will go, come soon. He goes. She says she didn’t listen to me and cleaned my room. Ronak asks the man to decorate the house well. Nisha says I have made games list for Khushi’s friends.

Bunty’s wife comes. She says our Khushi will grow up now. Nisha says Ronak didn’t sleep all night, he is busy, Gayatri and Bua are coming today. Dolly gets Khushi. Ronak hugs Nisha and says we are planning your birthday. Khushi says I m a big girl now. Nisha says yes, you have become a queen now. Everyone wishes her. The servant says Khushi’s breakfast is ready. Ronak takes Khushi. Muskaan comes. Roshni asks where did you go, I told you not to touch anything, stay here as I tell you, don’t touch anything. Muskaan smiles. Roshni says inform me if you go somewhere, I m the owner of the house, I don’t like you going out like thief. Roshni throws clothes around. Muskaan thinks she is a kid, but her anger is like adults, I like her anger, someone is scolding me like Ronak.

Roshni asks why are you smiling. Muskaan says you guessed my name, Muskaan. Roshni says you are Railgadi for me. Muskaan says I got temple prasad for us. Roshni says wow, we will eat it, I m very hungry. They eat food. Roshni asks her to eat before she finishes everything. Muskaan says fine. Ronak asks Khushi to have fresh juice. Khushi says no, its bitter. Ronak says fine, we will have sandwich. Khushi says I don’t want to eat it. He asks her to have paratha. She says no, its oily, let me think. He says okay, think. Nisha says you have food, you didn’t eat anything. Ronak says I will eat after Khushi eats.

Roshni says I m done, I will get food from Ghosh uncle hotel, I have an account there, don’t worry about money, I go to meet Babu ji every morning, I didn’t wake up and he came to meet me here, I have to go and meet him now, what will you do alone here, you should rest. Muskaan says I m finding someone. Roshni says give me the pic, I can help you. Muskaan says I don’t have pic. Roshni says no one can help you without pic. She goes. Muskaan cries. Ronak gives many options to Khushi. He comes in magician’s attire. He does magic tricks. Khushi says its so fun, I want it different. Nisha says Ronak ji, have an energy drink if you don’t want to have food. Ronak refuses. He goes.

Roshni comes to Sir ji and greets. Sir ji smiles. She asks what work did you have. He says I have to give you a gift. She asks why, I didn’t beat anyone today. He laughs and says I have to gift you because its your birthday, you were little and didn’t know gift meaning so I didn’t give you gift before, when you were born, your parents threw you on road. Roshni cries. Ronak comes in joker’s attire and dances with Khushi. She says this is perfect. Nisha says theme is decided, I will order everything according to it.

She asks Ronak to have food. Ronak says I m fine. She says everything will happen as Khushi wants, have some food. He eats some food and says done, thanks. Sir ji says I saved you, raised you, fed you, that’s why I want to give you special gift. Roshni cries and says you have raised me, so I m indebted to you, but its not a day of happiness for me, if my parents didn’t give me birth, it would have been good, forgive me, I can’t take this gift. He says none can even pluck your hair until I m alive, take this for my sake. She takes it and goes. Sir ji smiles and thinks I will fill so much hatred in your heart, that you hate them more than I hate them. Khushi throws the box and cries. She says I hate my parents, why did they give me birth if they had to throw me. Watchman looks on. Roshni asks him to burn the gift. He asks why. She says I don’t need it now. He says fine. He burns it. Roshni cries. Khushi holds her chest and loses breath. He falls down. Dolly asks what happened to you.


Muskaan 11th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Muskaan buys flowers. Ronak asks did you pack all flowers. Muskaan hears his voice and smiles. He is behind her at another stall.


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