Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 10th August 2022  Episode starts with Katha imaging her inner self, coming and encouraging her to fight Yuvraj for the sake of the loving family. She says you were strong and independent, Rahul made you a weak sobbing girl,

that you never bring his truth out in front of the family, don’t let him win, give love to Kabir and family, show courage, you can do it. Katha wipes her tears. She says I know what I should do, I will not let Yuvraj make me weak.

Katha comes to everyone. Everyone smiles. Katha says so sorry Maasa, I was going to make the kheer, but the milk got burnt. Gunjan says no one would mind here if you say that you don’t know cooking. Manju asks how did the milk get burnt. Deepa says we will taste the sweets made by Katha.

Katha says we will talk about it later, I have to tell something to you all. Yuvraj worries. Kabir thinks did she decide to tell the truth to them. Yuvraj gets up. Katha says Yuvraj can tell you in a better way. She asks Yuvraj to say. Maddy asks what are you saying. Katha says he would be feeling guilty, that mandap fell down because of his carelessness, he is leaving away from family, I was also lost after the marriage,

there is a reason behind this. She signs Kabir. She says I didn’t get time to think and react, so many things were happening wrong, chunar getting burnt and mandap falling down, Maddy declared that new bride is boring, sorry, I m not at all boring. She says Yuvraj can’t get saved, she will beat him. Maasa smiles.

Katha asks Yuvraj not to worry, she won’t beat him, she won’t be scared of anything now, their love has filled courage in her. Kabir smiles. Yuvraj sits back. Gunjan asks what did you make, tell us. Katha says Maasa told me that food tastes makes us bond with the person who cooks it, I have made special Gulgule,

I want our relation to have sweets. Maddy says we would have got kheer instead this dry Gulgule. Maasa says I think its made really well. Katha shows the Gulgule. She serves it to everyone. Chacha and Chachi like it.

Maasa says I won’t take it. She laughs and says I want to eat it from your hands. Katha feeds her. Maasa likes it. She says you don’t make such good sweets again, I will gain weight. Maddy says Maasa would have given best cook tag to Katha. Maasa asks Manju to have it. Manju tastes it and likes it. Katha gets the sweets for Kabir. He holds her arm and stops her. He asks her to eat it. He feeds her.

Maddy asks Yuvraj to try the Gulgule. Katha takes the bowl to him and says sorry, I couldn’t make bread pakoda today. Yash asks what talks are going on, tell me. Katha says tell everyone, nothing, I was teasing Yuvraj. Kishor does poetry. Kabir laughs. Kishor asks will the newly weds get permission to go on honeymoon. Maasa says Kabir can take his wife anywhere. Kabir says no, we will plan the honeymoon well.

Yuvraj says you can’t go after some years, I m booking your tickets, you both are leaving tomorrow. Deepa says yes, just go. Yuvraj thinks Katha won’t be here, what will she tell to my family. Kabir says I have much work in the bakery. Kishor says since Katha came in your life, you just make cakes on her name. Everyone smiles.

Kishor says we will handle the work. Maasa asks Yuvraj to handle the bakery work. Yuvraj says yes, I m there, I asked Kabir to go on honeymoon. Kabir says you have to learn the work, you have your results today, if you top in the college like every year, then I will give half work to you. Maddy says Yuvraj just has a habit to spend money.

Kabir says he was a kid, you think he will never grow up. Maddy says no and laughs. Katha thinks everyone loves and trusts Yuvraj so much, what will happen when they know his truth.

Yuvraj recalls Katha’s words. Katha comes and scolds him. He asks why do you come after me, family can see and doubt us. She says then tell them what you did with me in Nainital. He says stop dreaming, because I won’t do this. She says you are getting angry, I have seen you shivering in fear. He says I won’t tell them anything.

Katha says you aren’t taking me seriously, if you don’t tell them, then I will tell the truth, you think you will send me on honeymoon, then you will get free, even if I m not here, I will tell the truth to Kabir after 48 hours, just 36 hours are left now, you can’t go anywhere. Katha goes to her room. She is lost. Kabir asks her to hurry up, he is getting late. Katha says sorry, I promise I will adjust with time.

He stops her. They laugh. He says I m seeing you talking a lot for the first time, lucky me, never call yourself a stranger, you are my wife, you are making my life more beautiful, I wish you came in my life before. She stops him. She thinks even I feel the same, I wish I met you before, then that would have not happened with me.

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