Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 11th August 2022 Episode starts with Kabir holding Katha’s face and saying I remember my promise, we will start our married life when I punish your culprit, Rahul, the day he falls in your feet and apologizes, then we will go on honeymoon to your fav place, I promise. She smiles and thinks you will know it soon,

who is my culprit, just 35 hours left. Yuvraj plays squash with his friends. He recalls Katha’s words. The bat net gets torn. He screams and gets angry. He says she is blackmailing me, I m not able to do anything, she is pointing on my character, like she is innocent, once I get to know something about her,

then I will point on her character and shut her mouth. He books a ticket for Bhushan. He asks him to find out everything about Katha, get her Kundali. He says once I know about her, then I will shut her mouth. Bhushan leaves. Yuvraj gets his result. Tony asks him to click the link. Yuvraj checks.

The staff does Kabir and Katha’s aarti. The lady says my husband left me for a second woman, Kabir gave me a job. The other lady says Kabir is funding my daughter’s expenses. The third lady says Kabir has come in our life as an angel, he is bearing the expenses of my mum’s treatment. Kishor says Kabir has earned many prayers.

Maasa asks them to stop it now. He shows the bakery to Katha. The staff surprise them with a cake and bless them. Kabir and Katha cut the cake, and feed each other. They feed it to Maasa and Kishor also. Kabir thanks everyone. He says I m very happy today, the day is good, where is Yuvraj, its his results today, I have no pressure, even if he doesn’t come first, even then…

He says I want to show you something. He takes them to a cabin for Yuvraj. Kishor says we don’t see such love between brothers in today’s time, Kabir made a better cabin for his younger brother. Kabir says we know Yuvraj is talented, he is number one in academics, and in sports and cultural activities, I want him to join the business,

he will take the bakery to new heights. Tony says I didn’t see anyone failing. Yuvraj asks how will I deal with this situation. Tony says you always bribe and pass, didn’t you do it this time. Yuvraj says I bribed the peon with one lakhs, he didn’t do the work. Tony says you have failed. Yuvraj scolds him.

He says there is one way now, I will send fake marks sheet to the family. Maasa says there is still time for Yuvraj, but Katha will come here everyday. Katha says I didn’t understand. Maasa says we always distribute the first stock to the poor people, Kabir used to make me do this, I got many prayers, the result is you, I want you to earn good deeds now. Katha says thanks, I will come. Maasa loves the office. She goes. Kabir thanks Katha.

Later, Uma calls Katha and asks about the kheer. Katha says the milk got burnt, I couldn’t make the kheer. Uma asks how did you make this mistake. Katha says I have made Gulgule by your recipe, everyone likes it. Uma smiles. She asks her to do any work carefully, don’t make such mistakes.

Manyata takes the phone and talks to Katha. She jokes about her beauty. Deepa comes and gives some documents and pics. Katha checks the pics while talking to Manyata. She says marriage pics didn’t come yet.

Manyata says share it with me, I will share Kabir’s pics on my social media, when are you coming here, I miss you a lot. Katha gets a university file. She says I will talk to you later. She gets shocked checking the file. Kabir calls everyone. He says Yuvraj has made us proud today, he topped the college again, he is MBA now. He hugs Yuvraj. Maasa says I knew you will focus on your studies and work hard.

She blesses Yuvraj. Maddy says I will see the result myself. She asks Yuvraj to show the result. Kabir says it’s a day to pay his back, you are pulling his leg. Katha says its Yuvraj’s result, he failed in every semester, what will Kabir go through if he knows this. She reads the letter from the college, that Yuvraj didn’t attend the classes,

so he failed in three semesters. Katha recalls Kabir. She says Kabir’s heart will break, he failed in the final exam also, family doesn’t know, maybe he didn’t let the college letters reach the family. Kabir calls her out. She takes the file with her. Kabir says Yuvraj’s results have come, he topped the college, we will keep a grand party for him. Everyone claps. The kids take the file from Katha’s hand. They run.

Maddy stops Katha and says let the kids go. Kishor says why so soon. Kabir says we will keep the party tonight. Kishor says fine, everyone get ready for the party, because we all love Yuvraj. Kabir says we will make a guest list. Maasa thanks Kalka Maa that both her sons gave her happiness. Yuvraj says I will call my friends and come. Katha thinks to get the marksheet and tell the truth to Kabir.

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