Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 12th July 2022 Episode starts with Maasa and Uma getting happy seeing their children happy. Maasa says I can’t wait for tomorrow. She asks everyone to come, they have to prepare for haldi also.

She says Yuvi will get haldi tomorrow. Uma nods. Kabir comes home. He goes to see Yuvraj. He smiles. He removes his slippers. He asks when will you grow up, I should pull your ears,

I wish I could tell you about my coming baby, I promised Uma that I won’t tell anyone before the marriage. He says Katha is also excited to meet you, you are the same kid for me even today, you aren’t young now, you have become a man now. He writes a note for Yuvraj and leaves.

Its morning, Kabir sits for his haldi. Manju asks him to keep patience. Kabir says I have already waited a long, Maasa will apply haldi to me first. He calls Maasa. Maasa comes smiling. She applies the haldi to his face and blesses. She wards off the bad sight. Yuvraj wakes up. He gets Kabir’s note…

have lemon water, hangover will end, don’t miss my haldi. Yuvraj says it means Kabir got to know that I was drunk last night, did I do anything wrong. Kabir says this day came in my life because of your blessings, thanks for accepting Katha as your bahu. Kishor, Yash and everyone apply the haldi to Kabir, and joke.

Uma calls Maasa and asks about her foot. Maasa says I m fine, I can dance today. Uma asks for haldi. Maasa says I will send the haldi soon. She asks Manju where is Yuvraj. Manyata calls Yuvraj. She says you were going to get the haldi, what’s the fear that you aren’t coming, are you okay.

Yuvraj says I m fine, I m leaving now. She says don’t run away without showing your face. He says did I miss Kabir’s haldi. He checks missed calls. He says I had to go to Bhabhi’s house, what will she think about me. He recalls.

He says why am I thinking of Katha, was Katha there, no, this can’t happen, its because of the alcohol. Maasa says I explained Yuvraj to take the haldi, I had to send Kishor and Deepa. Kabir says he might be tired. Yuvraj comes and apologizes. He does a drama and asks Maasa not to forgive him. Kabir laughs.

Maasa pulls his ears and says you can’t get forgiven, you didn’t apply haldi to Kabir, you didn’t take the haldi for your Bhabhi. Kabir says this mistake won’t happen again, he is working hard, so he fell asleep.

Maasa says don’t take his side. Yuvraj says I can admit my mistake, Kabir is lying, I had got too drunk with my friends, so I fainted down, really sorry, this won’t happen again. Maasa says I know, my Kabir never lies, except when he has to save you, Kabir loves you a lot. Yuvraj says I also love him a lot, I can give my life for him. Maasa blesses them and cries.

She says I pray that you both never get distant. Kabir says don’t worry. Yuvraj says never. Maasa asks Yuvraj to take the chunar to Katha before time. Yuvraj says its right, I will meet her by this excuse.

He asks Kabir is there any special message for Katha. Kabir says just do what Maasa said. Maasa asks Kabir to tell Uma, Katha should wear the chunar with the wedding dress. Kabir asks her not to worry. Katha gets happy in her haldi. Kishor says Katha will smile all her life. Uma asks them to have cold drinks.

Manyata says we will take pics today. The cold drink falls on Maddy’s clothes. Uma and Manyata say sorry. Uma smiles seeing Katha. Kishor says don’t worry, Kabir will always make Katha smile. Uma says I trust your Kabir. Kabir calls her. She says he has a long life. Kabir says Katha will become my wife in some time.

Uma says yes, son, Katha will become your wife. He says sorry, I thought its Katha. She asks will you forget me after you get your wife. He says a son can never forget his mom, Yuvraj is coming with the chunar, ask Katha to wear it. Uma says tell Savitri ji that I will get Katha, donning the chunar, Katha is happy after a long time, thank you Kabir. He smiles.

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