Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 12th September 2022  Episode starts with Katha saying its true that the person who did wrong with me is Yuvraj, he is Rahul, I got courage to tell this to you, I can’t see you getting cheated by him, I can understand your annoyance, I didn’t want to hurt your heart, if you want then I can leave this house.

She goes to hold him. Deepa comes and takes her. Yuvraj stands shocked. He turns. He gets angry. Deepa says Uma ji, here is your daughter. Uma asks Katha where was she. Katha says I had some work. Uma says come with me.

Manyata serves the food to everyone. Kishor says both the sisters are expert in cooking, they have good values. Deepa says Manyata is managing well. Manyata says Katha’s family is my family too. Deepa asks shall I help. Manyata says no, you sit.

Uma asks Manju to come. Maddy asks Manju to follow the orders. Uma says I have a gift for you. Katha gets the Devimaa idol. Uma gives it to Manju. She says I got my Katha after many mannats, when I saw you praying to Ganesh ji with same intention, I felt I should give this idol to you, your intention will get fulfilled.

Manju thanks her. Uma says don’t thank me, I know it’s a big happiness for a woman to become a mother, it hurts when this gets delayed, Devimaa will give you a child soon, right Katha. Katha says yes, I will also pray that your mannat gets fulfilled soon. Manju cries. Katha thinks where are you Kabir,

I feel scared of this silence. She hears Kabir’s voice and goes out. She sees Kabir and Yuvraj attending the guests. She says Yuvraj was in the corridor, when, they both have worn the same clothes. Chachi takes Yuvraj to tie the mauli to his hand. Katha says it means I told everything to Yuvraj, thinking its Kabir, I have to tell the entire truth to Kabir, I can’t cheat him more.

She gets dizzy. She faints. Uma worries and prays for Katha and her baby. Kishor sprinkles water and asks Katha to get up. He thinks I wish the baby is fine. A lady asks where was Katha running in this condition. Maasa asks who are you. Another lady says she is my sister, don’t worry, she is a doctor. Maasa asks what do you mean. Uma cries and thinks this truth shouldn’t come out. The lady says I mean Katha is pregnant. Everyone is shocked.

Maddy asks are you sure. The lady says yes, she came to me for treatment when she fainted after Makhan handi, Deepa got her to me. Deepa recalls and says yes, we took her. The lady says I asked you, if Katha is pregnant. Yash says but we didn’t know it. The lady says but Kishor said he knows about it. Maasa asks Kishor did he knew it. Uma prays. Maasa asks why did you hide such a big thing from me. Kabir comes and says because of me. He checks Katha.

Maasa asks what does this mean. Kabir says its true, Katha is pregnant, we knew it, I asked Kishor not to tell anyone, we wanted to tell this at the right time, Maasa you should be happy that you are going to become Dadi. Maasa hugs Kabir. Uma asks Katha to get up. Maasa says Katha got conscious. Katha gets up. She asks what’s happening. Kishor says everything is fine.

Maasa says I got the news finally, I m going to become a Dadi. Katha looks on. Maasa says I know it will be a grandson, I will keep gold equal to the baby’s weight in front of Lord. Maddy taunts Kabir that he changed. Deepa jokes on Maddy’s taunting wishes. Maasa wards off the bad sight. She dances with Uma.

Kabir asks Katha not to worry, he is with her. Yuvraj thinks I was lucky that Kabir wasn’t there, but she can tell them anything, I have to play my next move. Kabir says really sorry, I should have been there for you. He hugs Katha. She says we have lied to our family, Maasa and family are so happy, we cheated everyone, why.

He says sorry, I will tell Maasa when the right time comes, everyone will take care of you, Maasa will pamper you a lot, you and baby will just rest from now, you are upset, so sorry, okay tell me what did you want to say.

She asks him to listen. Uma and Manyata come. Uma cries. Kabir asks her not to cry. Uma says the way you accepted this baby, you saved Katha and my life also. He says she is my responsibility, this baby is mine too. Uma says the family thinks its Kabir and your baby, no need to tell the truth to anyone, Maasa is so happy, her heart will break. Katha looks at Kabir. Maasa comes and says Uma ji…

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