Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 13th June 2022 Written Episode Update


Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 13th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 13th June 2022 Episode starts with Katha getting shocked seeing the pregnancy test kit results. Pandit gives the mahurat for the marriage. Uma and Tau ji congratulate the guests.

Uma comes to Katha and says your wedding date is decided. Manyata says Katha is inside the bathroom. Uma asks Katha to come out. Katha says how shall I tell mum. Uma says guests are waiting, come.

The groom’s mum asks her husband to lessen the shagun amount. Tauji gives sweets to the guy. The lady asks him to call Uma and Katha. Uma says I know NGO work is imp, but marriage is also imp, come out. Katha comes out. Uma asks her to talk to Shitij’s mum well, everything will get normal soon.

Tau ji calls Uma to come out. Uma asks Katha to come. Katha shows the pregnancy test kit. Manyata asks how. Uma asks what is this, tell me. Katha cries.

Manyata says Katha is pregnant. Uma gets shocked. Katha says I m pregnant. Uma stumbles. The lady asks Uma to come out. Uma gets angry and leaves. Katha cries. She asks Manyata not to ask her anything.

Uma says Katha refused for the marriage. Shitij asks shall I talk to her. His parents get angry and scold Uma. Tauji asks how did this happen. Uma says I will tell you later. The lady says Katha was getting vomits, her character isn’t right. She argues with Uma. Uma asks who are you to decide about my daughter.

The lady says find a prince for her, spare us. They leave. Tau ji asks why did Katha break the alliance. Uma says maybe she didn’t like Shitij. He says it means they were saying the truth, what did Katha do, you stop dreaming for her marriage now, she will never get married, tell Katha to stay away from my Neeti. Uma cries.

Kabir talks to Maasa. He sees the coin and thinks of Katha. He says maybe this coin belongs to Katha. Jijusa jokes on Kabir. Maddy says Shweta is ready to stay in a joint family. Kabir says no, our personality doesn’t match, she won’t be happy.

Kabir doesn’t listen to her and goes. Maddy asks Yash not to worry, she will do something. Uma scolds Katha for crossing her limits. Katha cries. Uma says I will meet Rahul’s family and talk to them.

She goes and takes the money from the cupboard. She asks Katha to agree to any condition kept by Rahul’s mum. She asks Katha to give the phone number. Katha says I don’t have his phone number or address, his name isn’t Rahul.

Uma says you are becoming mum of his child, you don’t know his name, tell me. Katha says I don’t know his name, I just know that he cheated me, he planned and came close to me. Uma cries. Katha says I fell for him, he did acting with me. Uma slaps her. She says you ruined your life.

Uma says I can’t make you sit at home all life because of your one mistake. She asks Manyata not to let anyone know it. She calls Malti. She tells about Katha by naming someone else. She asks about the hospital where the baby can get aborted.

Katha cries in shock. Uma asks Manyata to find about the bus timings. She says Katha will need to face bad things, people who praised Katha till now will insult her, I can’t see this happening with her, we are going tomorrow. Manyata hugs Katha and cries.


Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 14th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Uma asks Katha to abort the child. Katha says I will give birth to the baby. Uma says no one will marry you. Kabir talks of Katha.


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