Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 13th September 2022 Episode starts with Katha should take good care of herself. Maasa says don’t worry for that, I will take care of her, I m really happy, baba said a big change will come, what can be bigger change than this, Katha is going us a heir, we have to take care of her.

Maasa asks Katha not to stay hungry or lift weights, just take rest and eat healthy things, the baby should be health and beautiful like his mum and dad, I want dhol to play in the haveli today.

They hear the dhol sound and go out to see. Yuvraj plays the dhol. Kabir asks what happened. Maddy asks why are you playing dhol at night. Yuvraj says I want to give you all a good news, I m in love. Everyone smiles.

Yuvraj says I met a girl few months back and fell in love with her, I made a mistake, I hurt her feelings. Katha worries. Kabir says we know, but no one announces the mistake by playing dhol. Yuvraj says I want to apologize to that girl today in front of you all. Kabir asks is she here. Yuvraj says yes, she is here. Kabir asks who. Yuvraj goes towards Katha. She looks at him.

He gives his hand to Manyata. Katha gets shocked. He says I love you a lot. Mannu smiles. He says I know I was scared of commitment. Kabir says you were talking about Manyata, when did this happen. Yuvraj says don’t know, while chatting when this friendship turned into love, modak cookies idea was of her. Kabir says really, I m impressed. Yuvraj apologizes to Mannu.

He says before I propose you, I want to know my elders’ opinion. He asks Maasa what do you think. Maasa says this house will become a heaven when another daughter comes, its my yes. Yuvraj asks Uma to say. Uma says I m really happy, it’s a yes from my side. He asks Kabir. Kabir says I m really happy, go ahead. Yuvraj gets on his knees and proposes her for marriage.

Everyone asks Mannu to say yes. Mannu nods. Yuvraj makes her wear the ring. Everyone claps. Maddy gets upset and goes. Kabir plays the dhol. Everyone is happy. Maddy recalls Katha. Yash says Katha came here as bahu and now Manyata will come.

She says they both have trapped my brothers, Kabir could have not fallen in love so soon and Yuvi didn’t want to marry, I was doubtful that Katha is pregnant, I should have asked this before, you stopped me. Yash says you are putting this on me. She says yes, Kishor didn’t tell us, when we asked Kabir, then he had nothing to say. He says you have a point and logic also, what to do now.

Maddy says Katha got Maasa in her control, if her younger sister comes here, then we won’t get permission to come here, I will solve this mystery, we have to go and meet that doctor. Yuvraj and Manyata come home. She hugs him and says let me feel this moment. He says once we get married, we can enjoy all the moments together. He holds her to kiss. She gets shy. She hugs him.

He says I have to go, its imp. She says I can’t stay away from you. He says I know, so I proposed you in front of everyone. She says yes, I was so happy. She laughs. He says I m also much excited, don’t know how I fell in love with you, I can’t wait.

She says then marry me soon. He says relax, marriage will happen soon, see how I convince Kabir and Maasa, we both will marry soon, trust me, our marriage will be more grand than Kabir and Katha’s marriage, I promise. She hugs him. She gives him a kiss and goes.

He wipes his cheek and says she is so innocent. He leaves and sees Katha. He says you might have got pregnant, what are you doing here. She catches his collar and asks how dare you try to trap Mannu after ruining my life. He says relax, we both love each other, we will get married. She slaps him.

She says I know your game well, you heard everything yesterday, you are scared that I can tell your truth to Kabir, so you trapped Mannu to save yourself. He asks what’s his plan. He claps. He says right answer, you get 100 marks, this is my game, Yuvraj never loses, you know I have proposed Mannu in front of the family, you can’t blackmail me now, you said right, I m using your sister to make you shut your mouth.

She says you didn’t know me, you can’t make me quiet, I will bring your truth in front of Kabir. He says then go and tell Kabir, I fooled you for a bet, think to what extent can I go to save myself, what I can do with your sister, she is innocent and simple,

you really think that she can handle this storm, she is your sister, then you should know, I will ruin her life if you tell anything to Kabir, if she takes a wrong move, then you can’t save her. He threatens her. He says you will be responsible for this, is my truth more imp than your sister’s life, think about it, Mrs. Katha Shekhawat, get aside, think, take care Bhabhi. He drives off. Katha stands angered.

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