Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 14th September 2022 Episode starts with Katha coming to Mannu. She tears Yuvraj’s sketches in anger. Mannu asks her to stop it. Katha says you won’t give him anything or stay in his contact.

Mannu asks what are you saying, he is my fiancé now. Katha asks her to remove the ring. Mannu asks what happened, I won’t remove the ring and won’t stop meeting Yuvraj, why do you want me to breakup when the elders are supporting us. Katha says you can’t marry him, there is a reason. Mannu asks what is it.

Katha says Yuvraj is the one who…. She thinks I can’t tell this to Mannu. She says trust me, I want your betterment, he isn’t a right guy, refuse for marriage. Mannu says I can’t listen to you in this regard. Katha says try to understand, if you are scared, then don’t worry, I will handle everything. She goes.

Pandit gives the mahurat. Yuvraj asks him to give an early mahurat. Maasa says he is eager to marry, just like Kabir did. Kabir jokes. He asks Maasa to get happy, both of her sons have found nice bahus for her. Maasa says it’s a big change. Maddy thinks they are coming here for money.

Kabir says we will keep the marriage in Udaipur palace. Uma says I agree. Maddy thinks your daughters are becoming queens from maids. Kabir says we have to book the palace. Katha says this marriage can’t happen. Uma asks what are you saying. Katha says yes, this marriage can’t happen,

forgive me to bring this matter in front of you suddenly, but I feel Manyata shouldn’t marry right now, she is still studying. Yuvraj says she can complete her studies, she is talented, she can do internship in kweens bakery. Kabir says I had offered her a job, its her right now. Katha says I m not able to explain but I think this relation isn’t right, I request you, please stop this marriage.

Mannu gets sad. Katha asks Mannu and Uma to pack bags and leave for Nainital. Mannu cries. Maddy says it was fun. Yash smiles and says this is the treasure, it has all the answers, check it. She checks the papers. She gets shocked reading Katha’s sonography report. She says wow, amazing.

Kabir comes to ask Katha. Katha says everything happened in a rush, you didn’t ask me. Kabir says Yuvraj proposed Manyata in front of everyone, who are we to stop them, they have grown up, they can decide things. She recalls Yuvraj’s words. She says you won’t encourage them for marriage.

He asks why, because he lied about his results, you think he emotionally blackmails me. She says yes, he isn’t right for my sister. He says he isn’t a criminal, he is trying to change himself, we should appreciate his efforts, we all can see these changes, its because of Mannu, we can’t punish him forever.

Katha says I can’t explain this to you right now, try to understand. He says I have to understand my brother’s emotions, you should also understand Mannu’s emotions, I promise he will keep Mannu happy, please let this marriage happen. She says no, I don’t accept this. He says I don’t agree with your decision, sorry I decided it,

this marriage will happen. He sees Uma at the door. Deepa says there will be some reason. Maasa says yes, we shouldn’t forget that she is pregnant. Maddy asks why do you always take Katha’s side, I want to show something that will open your eyes. Maasa checks the reports. She asks what is this.

Maddy says its Katha’s pregnancy reports. Maasa says everyone knows it. Maddy says check the fetus age. Maasa says 12 weeks. Maddy says the marriage happened 2.5 months ago, and the fetus age is about 3.5 months, it means Katha was pregnant before marriage. They all get shocked.

Maddy says yes, she was pregnant before marriage, we don’t need to talk about her character. Maasa says stop it, I can’t hear such bad things about my bahu. Deepa says you can understand it, its obvious, Kabir and Katha were meeting, maybe, so they hurried for the marriage.

Chachi says we should hate this fact that our bahu was pregnant before marriage, even if its Kabir’s child. Maasa says these talks shouldn’t happen in front of Katha. Maddy says fine, you think a guy like Kabir can do such a thing before marriage. Maasa slaps her. She says I madly believe them, I can’t hear a word against them. Maddy cries.

Uma says Katha… Katha says you also get upset. Uma says no, there is some reason that you are against the marriage, I m your mum, tell me what’s the matter, won’t you tell me, I don’t find anything wrong in Yuvraj, what problem do you have, we can’t get a better guy than him for Mannu, tell me, what is it. Katha says stop it, Yuvraj isn’t a right person. Uma asks what did he do, tell me. Katha cries and says Yuvraj is Rahul. Uma gets shocked.


Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Uma says I won’t let Yuvraj’s shadow fall on Mannu. She sees Mannu’s cut wrist and shouts. Kabir blames Katha. He says we are no one to run someone else’s life. Yuvraj smiles.


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