Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 17th August 2022 Episode starts with Kabir scolding Yuvraj for his lies. Maasa gets dizzy. Kabir shouts and asks why did you lie to me. Yuvraj says I didn’t wish to fall in your sight.

Kabir says you fell in my sight in such a way that you can never get up, the truth is, you never understood me, if you told me once that you have failed, then I would have encouraged you and worked hard with you, you would have passed in next exam, you didn’t do this, you know why, you don’t know me.

He says you are so wrong, every relation is fake for you. He says I will never meet my eyes, because you made me fall in my sight. He says don’t come to me, I don’t want to see your face, I hate your face, your brother is dead for you.

Everyone is shocked. Kabir cries and leaves. Everyone attends Maasa. Deepa asks the reporters to leave. Yash says it’s a family matter, please don’t make any big news from this. Reporter says we can do anything for a nice man like Kabir, we respect his efforts for the city, don’t worry, this matter won’t go out. Yash thanks them.

Maasa feels unwell. Manju gives her medicines. Maasa says no medicine will affect me today. Katha says everyone gets strength from you, please take the medicines for my sake. Maasa takes the medicines. She asks everyone to leave. Manju says I will stay with Maasa, you all can go. Katha goes to her room and calls Kabir.

She says I wish you read my message before the party. Uma hears this and asks did you know about Yuvraj’s lie. Katha says yes. Maddy hears this and says Katha has messaged Kabir to say this. She gets angry. She leaves. Katha says Kabir left in anger, he isn’t answering, I don’t know where is he, I hope he is fine. Uma asks her not to worry, nothing will happen to Kabir, stress isn’t good for the baby.

Katha says I have seen tears in his eyes for the first time, because of his younger brother, I feel really bad, I can’t see this. Uma asks her not to cry. Katha says its my turn now, I have to bring Kabir out of this situation and handle him. She prays. She gets worried for Kabir. Kabir is on the way. Kishor says nothing will happen to Kabir, I know where is he, come with me.

Kabir and Maasa recall Yuvraj’s words. Doctor checks Maasa’s bp and asks her not to take stress. She angrily goes to Yuvraj. The family follows. She packs his bags. She scolds him and slaps. Everyone is shocked. She says no one will stop me today. She drags Yuvraj to the door. Chacha asks will you make him leave the house.

She says I won’t change my decision on anyone’s saying. He says slap him more, but where will he go, what will he do. She says he should have thought of this before. Kishor and Katha are on the way. Chacha says Yuvraj made a mistake, but Kabir made it a big issue, what did Kabir get by insulting him, its Kabir’s mistake.

Manju says no, its Yuvraj’s mistake, he cheated Kabir’s trust. Maddy says its Katha’s mistake, Katha knew about Yuvraj’s result, she knew Kabir and Yuvraj’s love, that Kabir’s heart will break when he knows this, even then Katha has messaged Kabir to tell him, I have heard Katha telling this to Uma, she could have told Kabir after the party ended, but why did she bring this truth out. Yuvraj gets angry.

Maasa says you are calling Katha wrong, you can’t see Yuvraj who cheated his brother. Chachi says Devraj follows Kabir’s path more than Yuvraj does. Maasa asks Yuvraj to leave. She says Yuvraj shouldn’t show his face to me. She goes.

Deepa says I didn’t think you can break Kabir’s heart. Manju says he broke everyone’s hearts. Yuvraj angrily throws the table down. Kishor and Katha are on the way. Kabir meets with an accident.

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