Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 18th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 18th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 18th July 2022 Episode starts with Yuvraj saying I will stop this marriage. Katha wears the chunar. She gets ready. Tony asks did you get any idea or not. Yuvraj looks at the mandap. Kabir calls Katha. Manyata asks her to talk. She goes. Katha answers the call.

Kabir says I hope your mood didn’t spoil. She says no. He asks did you think that our marriage won’t happen. She says when a bird sits on a branch, it trusts own wings, not the branch, same way, I trust my wings, that’s you, you are my wings, since I met you, you encourage me to fly high, I knew it that you will find some way, thanks.

He says there is no place of favors when there is love, there is no place of thanks in our relation. She says we will learn to keep the relation with time, I can never forget this, you have sent the chunar for me. He asks did you wear the chunar. She says yes. He asks can I make a video call and see you once.

She smiles. She says sorry, Uma says that groom seeing the bride is a bad omen. He says I can’t take any risk, we will meet in the mandap. She ends the call. She smiles. Yuvraj gets an idea. He goes out. Tony asks what are you going to do. Yuvraj says this mandap has to fall down, then the marriage won’t happen.

Kabir gets ready. Maasa jokes on his heavy clothes. Maddy asks Yash to hold Kabir’s sword and be his protector. Yash says don’t dream, he will give the sword to Kishor. Kabir says you have to take this sword and come with me. Yash smiles. Kabir says I m telling Kishor. Kishor says this is not a responsibility, but a respect.

Yash gets upset. Kabir says you are my protector. He asks Yash if he has any problem, you can take the sword at the time of Yuvraj’s marriage. Yash says no problem, Kishor is elder to me. Kabir calls Yuvraj and asks are you intentionally avoiding me. Yuvraj says no, I m the most excited for your marriage, sorry, I have to make preparations here, don’t worry, I will welcome your baraat here. Kabir says I m reaching there. Yuvraj asks his friends to come.

Kabir sits in the car. Everyone dances in his baraat. Tony says cctv cameras are everywhere, anyone can see us. Yuvraj asks him to deactivate the cctv cameras. He asks Bhushan to keep an eye around.

Dev comes and asks Yuvraj to go and dance in the baraat. He says I will see the work here, go. Yuvraj says I will see the final decorations and go. Dev says you don’t miss the baraat, Kabir will get upset. Yuvraj goes out. Tony calls Yuvraj and says I have switched off the cameras. Yuvraj says perfect, come to the mandap. Bhushan asks how will we do this. Yuvraj says it’s the challenge, its for me and Kabir, we have no other option.

Yuvraj goes to the mandap. He says I have to go under the stage and cut all the metal nuts, this mandap will shatter. He goes under the stage. His friends guard there. Tony stops Yuvraj and says this machine is sounding a lot. Yuvraj asks what shall I do, baraat is coming. Bhushan says baraat has come. Manyata smiles seeing the baraat.

Katha asks Uma not to worry. She says until I have your prayers, nothing can happen. Maasa calls Uma and asks her to come soon to welcome the baraatis. Uma asks Manyata to call Tau ji quickly. She prays for Katha.

Tony says this is impossible to do in front of everyone. Yuvraj says ask everyone to go out and dance in the baraat. Tony says no one will refuse to you. Yuvraj says it means I should go out and you both will do this, switch off the lights, no one will catch you in darkness, these nuts should get cut in 5mins.

He asks the guests to come with him, they shall go out and dance. Dev asks who will do the work here if you take everyone. Yuvraj says we will just come back in few mins. He takes Dev with him. Uma welcomes Kabir. Pandit goes the rituals. Yuvraj comes dancing. He hugs Kabir and says congrats. He thinks sorry, I can’t let you marry, if you know what I did with Katha, then you won’t forgive me, I won’t tolerate this.

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