Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 1st July 2022 Written Episode Update


Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 1st July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 1st July 2022 Episode starts with Katha saying I just have one question, why me, what did I do to him, nothing. Yuvraj says she would be thinking why I did this, I did this just to win. He recalls seeing Katha breaking Mukesh’s marriage.

He goes and mocks Mukesh. Mukesh says you think you can do anything, get that girl and show me. Yuvraj says really, done. They shake hands. FB ends. Yuvraj says I broke her forever, I never lost any bet till now, I can do anything to win. Kabir says I swear, I will punish that animal.

Yuvraj’s friend asks if she comes here to take revenge then… Yuvraj says I didn’t give my details to her, if she gets pregnant, she will give her name to her child, she told that to Mukesh. Katha says he filled hatred in me,

I don’t know if I will be able to give love to my child or not. Kabir says you are going to give your name to the baby, what can be more loving than this, I want to give my name to the baby, if you give your name, then you will set an example. Yuvraj says she isn’t coming here. Manju asks who is coming, tell me.

He says Bhabhi is coming. She says we have to go to the airport. Kabir says don’t get scared, all your fears are mine and all my strength is yours. He wipes her tears. He says happiness is waiting for you. She holds his hand. Yuvraj says I m coming to take you, Bhabhi. Everyone is at the airport.

Yash gets angry on Maddy. She says I didn’t know Kabir will finalize things. Yuvraj says Kabir is coming. Maasa says I can’t believe that Kabir is getting married. Yuvraj says I m always first. Kabir and Katha are coming out of the airport. Yuvraj says I will count to 3, they will be in front of us. It starts raining. Yuvraj turns to see. He doesn’t see Katha’s face. Maasa gets glad. Kabir says its raining, it a blessing.

Yuvraj says Bhabhi is lucky, she got rains along with her, I forgot to put the puppets inside, it will get spoiled. His friend says I will go and keep it. Yuvraj says no, I can’t let my hardwork get ruined, I will welcome her in the haveli, I will go. Deepa says I will see her first. Yuvraj says Bhabhi will say that I m her fav. He leaves.

Everyone sees Kabir and Katha coming. Maasa and everyone smile. Maasa blesses them and does their aarti. Kabir introduces his family. Yuvraj and his friends are at home. Yuvraj goes to change. Maasa compliments Katha. Uma and Manyata smile. Manyata says Kabir’s mum is just like him nature wise. Maasa says you are auspicious for us, you got rains along, I got my house Lakshmi. Maddy says her family doesn’t look rich. Manju asks Maddy to come. Maddy hugs Kabir and Katha.

She says you are Kabir’s would be wife, you are a magician, you convinced Kabir for an early marriage. Kabir says pandit said that name should be Gatha for the marriage, Yuvraj told your name Gatha to the family. Maddy says I m angry on you. Kabir hugs her and says Maasa explained me, not to get late in good things, where is Yuvraj, he isn’t here. Deepa says he worked hard to welcome Bhabhi.

Maddy says he had to run to cover his hardwork from rains. Tau ji says Uma’s prayer is fulfilled, Katha is getting married in a big family. Maasa says sorry, we couldn’t welcome you in the haveli, we want the bahu to come there after marriage. Uma says don’t say that, I m glad that Katha is marrying in a big family. Maasa says I have three daughters, I know the pain of bidding farewell to the daughters,

I have four daughters now, don’t worry. Both the families unite. Yuvraj says I should have kept the puppets inside, I couldn’t meet Bhabhi. His friend says something is special, you couldn’t see her. Yuvraj says I m going to the hotel to meet her. Manyata says its all so beautiful here. Kabir makes Katha sit. He asks her to have food for the baby’s sake. She says you are so nice, your family is good,

do I deserve this or not. Uma says if they know that Katha is pregnant, then will they accept her. Katha says we can’t start our life by lies, I have to tell them the truth, I feel guilty. Manyata says they will appreciate Katha that she told them the truth. Katha says its our engagement today, can you tell them my truth. Kabir says I remember my promise, I will tell Maasa about your pregnancy. Uma says Kabir is going to tell his family today. Manyata asks her to relax. Yuvraj comes there and knocks the door. Katha goes to open the door. He gets shocked.

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