Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 24th August 2022 Episode starts with Maddy angrily putting the plate down. Maasa asks did you get mad, what’s happening here, things got spoiled in 2 days. Guru ji/Baba comes and says change is the only thing constant.

Maasa welcomes him. She says you remembered us. Baba says how can I forget you, you always tie rakhi to me since all these years, stay happy. He blesses her. Maasa asks everyone to take blessings.

She says Kabir and Katha’s marriage happened by your blessings, Katha is his life partner. Kabir takes blessings. Baba asks Katha not to bend down, its not needed. Katha looks at Kabir.

Maasa asks won’t you bless her. Baba says she doesn’t need to touch my feet. Maasa does his tilak and ties the rakhi. She complains about her children. She says my heart and soul are hurt since few days, I can’t even tell you what my younger son did, Maddy refused to tie the rakhi to Kabir, what’s happening, guide us.

Baba closes eyes and prays. He says change is the only thing constant, change will come in this house, it will shaken this house’s foundation. Maddy says this is happening since Katha came home. Maasa asks will a big problem come.

Baba says you all have to decide. Maddy says Katha’s steps are inauspicious. Baba says I will go now, stay happy. He stops and says I have to talk to you in private. Katha looks at Kabir and Maasa.

They ask her to go. Baba says your life had many problems before coming here, in coming times, these problems will reach the peak. Katha asks what type of problems. He says Kabir and your relation can break anytime, it can turn weak. She asks what are you saying. He says I m not saying this, the stars are saying.

She says but Kabir and my relation is made by your and Lord’s blessings, how can there be any risk. He says death is the last truth of life, it doesn’t mean that we don’t get born, whatever is written in your fate will happen.

She says no, I won’t lose, I won’t let our relation break. He says there is no power than a person’s will power, you would have read about Savitri and Satyavaan, she got her husband’s life back from Yamraj, you will have many tough tests, save your relation if you can, life is filled with possibilities, time knows it, no need to tell anyone about it. She cries. He blesses her and leaves.

Katha comes to Maasa. Maasa asks what did baba say, say something. Katha says nothing, he said I have to face ups and downs of life without fear, I will do this because my family is with me. Maddy says I thin she is lying, if this was the matter, then he would have told it in front of us. Maasa says just baba knows what he wants to say, whatever he says, its proved true. Katha thinks.

Kabir asks are you still upset with Maddy, don’t worry. She says no. He asks did baba say something. She recalls baba’s words. He asks her to share it with him. She says we are facing problems since our marriage happened, I m scared that our relation breaks. Kabir smiles and holds her hand.

He says no power in the world can make us away, I m sure of this, I will never leave you. She thanks him. She says I m ready to give any test. He says we will give the test. He hugs her. Aryan comes to call him. Kabir says lights went off, I will check the meter.

They all see the childhood Rakshabandhan celebrations on the big screen. They all smile seeing the childhood sweet moments. Everyone gets emotional. Maasa asks what happened to five of you now. Manju says its lovely memories, whose idea is it. Aryan says Katha made this. Katha comes.

She says I can’t see you all sad on this day. She apologizes to Kabir. She says I have hurt your heart, but I didn’t intend to do so, if you think I have misbehaved with you, then please forgive me, don’t stop talking to each other, you all have much love between each other, it should always stay the same. Maasa smile.

Katha asks Maddy to tie the rakhi to Kabir. Kabir holds ears and hugs Maddy. The sisters hug Kabir. Yuvraj also wants to hug Kabir, but stops. Kabir looks at him.

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