Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 25th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 25th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 25th July 2022  Episode starts with Kabir coming to some house. He goes in and sees Yuvraj crying. Yuvraj thinks did Kabir know my truth, he will hate me. He says I was going to tell you but…

Kabir says its okay, I understand, you wrote this in childhood, Kabir and Yuvraj, Biraj, you used to come here and sit when you were upset, so I knew it, I will find you here. He holds Yuvraj’s hand. He says I m not blaming you, we are Shekhawats

, we have a big name, we have many enemies, you went away from mandap and someone might have done this. Yuvraj says you think I did this. Kabir says no way, you are my brother, you can never imagine to spoil my marriage, I trust you, you can never break my trust, forget it. Yuvraj says sorry.

Kabir says everything went well in the end. Yuvraj thinks thank God, Kabir didn’t know the truth. Kabir says you did too wrong with your Bhabhi, come, she is waiting for me. Yuvraj asks who. Kabir says your Bhabhi, I left the grah pravesh for you, she is waiting outside the door, promise me, you won’t miss any rasam, swear on my head and tell me.

Yuvraj thinks how can I swear. Kabir says fine, your Bhabhi and I will stand outside the house. Yuvraj promises. Kabir asks him to swear. Yuvraj swears. Kabir says I knew it, you can never go against my word, come with me now.

Maasa says Katha, I want to apologize from all of us. Katha says I know Kabir should be with Yuvraj. Maddy says there is drama in every rasam. Yash says its good, if I lose my political career, then I can see this saas bahu drama here. Manju says I will pull Yuvraj’s ears. Katha says he didn’t do this intentionally. Maasa says if you pamper him, he will get more spoilt. Yuvraj falls in Katha’s feet. Kabir says he is your culprit, punish him. He asks Yuvraj to show his face.

Yuvraj looks at Katha. Katha gets shocked. Kismat bhi kya….plays… Katha recalls Rahul. She says Kabir, you found him. Maasa says your culprit has come, punish him whatever you want. Katha thinks does Maasa know what happened to me, when did Kabir tell her. Kabir says slap him, tell your Devar that you have come, its strange that Devar and Bhabhi are meeting after our marriage, he is my strength and my weakness, my younger brother Yuvraj. Katha is shocked.

Katha asks Devar? Kabir says yes, he is Yuvraj, my brother, Maasa’s son. Katha cries. Kabir says Yuvraj wanted to meet her and now he is silent. Maasa says he would have got scared of her. Kishor says Katha can pull his ear and take his class. Manju says yes. Katha recalls Yuvraj’s words. Kabir says you both are the two most imp of my life, I m very happy, why are you both so silent. Katha gets dizzy.

Kabir asks what happened, are you feeling dizzy. Maasa says you didn’t eat anything since morning. Kabir asks shall I call the doctor. Yuvraj thinks she may tell everyone about me. He worries. Maddy asks did you get cramps again. Kabir says I think she needs rest, we will do rasams tomorrow.

Maasa says rasams should happen on time, else it’s a bad omen, we will do it soon. Chachi says many bad omens already occurred. Kabir asks Yuvraj to get water for Katha. Kabir asks Katha to tell him what happened. Yuvraj gets water for her. Kabir asks Katha to have water. Katha gets angry.

Maasa asks are you feeling fine now. She asks Manju to prepare grah pravesh thaali. Kabir asks can you do this rasam. Katha goes with him. Manju tells the rasam. She says new bride has to answer our questions, until then she can’t come in. Kabir says you will do her ragging. Kishor jokes. They all smile. Manju says Katha has to promise me that I will always be this kitchen’s big boss, do you agree.

Katha is lost. Chachi says I think new bahu wants the control in her hands. Kabir asks Katha to answer Manju. Katha says what’s yours will always be yours, I just want to learn from you. Manju says she made me emotional, I will teach her Kabir’s fav cake recipe.

Chachi says sisters will soon argue with the new bride, I bet, Neelam. Maddy asks why did the marriage happen in haste. Yash says Madhu has hit a four. Kabir says I have answered you already. Maddy asks can’t I talk to her. She asks Katha again.

Katha says Kabir wanted this marriage to happen soon, he didn’t want to wait for more, he trusted our relation. Maddy asks what about your trust. Kabir says just one question was allowed. Maasa says let my bahu come inside the house now, she is already tired. She does their aarti and welcomes them.

She says the real assets of the house are the relations, promise me, you won’t let the relations shatter. Katha sees Yuvraj. She thinks how shall I give this promise to Maasa, Kabir has a deep strong relation with the person who is my culprit.

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