Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 2nd September 2022 Episode starts with the doctor saying one of you can see the patient. Kabir goes inside and sees Yuvraj. He cries. Doctor says next 12 hours are crucial for him, if he doesn’t get conscious,

then it can be tough for him. Kabir goes and prays for Yuvraj. He says please Bappa, don’t punish my brother and family for my mistake, I promise you, Yuvraj and I will always celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi well every year, save my brother. He goes to Yuvraj and sits crying.

Katha comes there and cries. She goes to Bappa and prays. She says Yuvraj had played with my emotions, he is fighting with his life and death, Kabir broke down seeing his condition, if anything happens to Yuvraj, then Kabir will die of guilt, you have to make Yuvraj fine for Kabir’s sake.

Yuvraj moves his finger. Kabir goes to call the doctor. Doctor checks Yuvraj. Yuvraj opens eyes and sees Kabir. Kabir says I m with you. Doctor says he is stable now, don’t worry, he has to stay here under observation. Kabir goes to Maasa and says Yuvraj will get fine soon. Maasa and everyone get glad. They all meet Yuvraj. Maasa cries. Kabir scolds Yuvraj.

Yuvraj says you didn’t forgive me, you know I can’t stay without you. Kabir says forgive me, I promise, I will never forgive you, if you broke my trust again, then I will be here next time. Yuvraj says I promise, I won’t do this again. Doctor says just one person can stay here. Kabir asks everyone to go. He sits with Yuvraj.

Its morning, Kabir feeds the soup to Yuvraj. Yuvraj asks him to order some Chinese. Kabir says you won’t change. Katha comes and greets Kabir. She asks Yuvraj is he fine. Yuvraj says fine, Kabir is with me. Nurse gets the prescription. She says I will get the medicines, Kabir says you were unwell, sit. He goes.

Yuvraj stops Katha and says I want you to applaud, I challenged you, Kabir will forgive me and hug me. He taunts her. She asks will you risk yours and Kabir’s life, Kabir is my husband, if anything happened to him, then I would have not spared you. He says I wanted his forgiveness, I took some risk, I did some drama, I can do anything to win, frankly, you can try much but I will win always. He smiles.

Kabir brings Yuvraj home. Maasa cries. Deepa asks Maasa not to cry. Maasa asks Yuvraj not to do such a thing again, else she will beat him. Yuvraj says I promise. She does his aarti and asks him to come.

Kabir stops him and does his aarti. Manju says our family is because of you two, don’t fight again. Deepa says Yuvi will become Maasa’s fav again. Maddy says get habitual, Kabir will always make us feel second grade citizen because of someone else. She sees Katha. Katha sees Yuvraj and gets angry. Kabir hug Yuvraj. The family hugs. Yuvraj smiles.

Katha prays for Kabir. Kabir comes to the room and smiles. He asks did you pray for yourself or not. She says I got more than expectations. He says I can’t believe, how can I be so lucky, I came to apologize, I wasn’t there when you needed me, I was worried for Yuvi, I forgot my responsibility towards our child, sorry, I feel guilty.

Katha says don’t blame yourself. He says you needed me, I wasn’t there, I promise, its my responsibility to look after you. He gets the medicine box. She says you will spoil me. He says I can’t sleep here tonight,

I have to be with Yuvraj and take care of him, he is kiddish. She says I have no objection. He says you are the best. He makes her take medicines and asks her to take care of herself, and baby. He goes. She thinks Kabir is possessive about Yuvraj, but he doesn’t know that he is playing with Kabir’s emotions.

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