Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 30th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 30th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 30th August 2022 Episode starts with Katha and Kabir dancing on Radha kaise na jale… Kabir imagines this.

Deepa asks Katha to come and dance. Katha says no, I m tired. Kabir says she made Chappan bhog, she is tired. Deepa asks her to come. Kabir says its our personal time. Deepa says Katha made Kabir a Romeo.

He sits with Katha and holds her hand. Maasa asks Manju to get the bhog. Katha goes with them. Kabir goes to attend a call. Maasa is shocked. She cries. Katha asks what happened, is everything fine.

They see the matki fallen down and broken. Katha asks how did it break. Manju says I told you to mix Misri in the matki and keep it. Maasa says it’s a big bad omen. Maddy says just 15 mins are left, what will we keep in bhog.

Manju asks how will we get fresh butter in 15 mins, we keep butter bhog first. Maddy taunts Katha. Deepa says I know you can make the matki fall. Maddy says I won’t spoil the prasad, Katha isn’t so imp. Deepa asks how did the matki fall down. The girl smiles and thinks of dropping the matki to trouble Katha.

Maasa says we have to figure out something. Katha asks her not to worry. She goes to Kabir and tells him. She asks Maasa to check Chappan bhog plate. She says I will arrange the butter and Misri. Maid gets the fresh cream and says Kabir ordered it. Katha asks Maasa not to worry.

She says I will make butter from this fresh cream. She prepares the butter from the cream. Maddy asks are you fooling Kanha, won’t he understand that this butter is made from cream, not milk. Katha says Kanha knows everything, my intentions too, Kanha got happy by having Sudama’s prepared rice also, don’t worry, he will accept our bhog. She shows the Matki. Maasa says our Katha has a solution to everything.

The ladies talk of the bhog. Katha gets the matki and says you should talk good things on an auspicious time. Manju and Deepa get the chappan bhog. Maddy says I don’t know how Katha did this, but now Maasa will always praise her.

Manju says we can appreciate her, if she has done something right, I forgot to tell her about tulsi leaves. Maddy says I will see it. She says Katha, we can’t keep this bhog for Kanha, anyone can make chappan bhog, we can’t keep it unless we keep tulsi leaf in it, you won’t know it. She taunts Katha.

Katha smiles and says don’t worry, tulsi leaf is kept in every preparation of the bhog, maybe you didn’t see. She shows it to Maddy. Maasa says now I got habitual to see this, Katha never does any mistake.

Yuvraj gets angry watching this. Kabir asks Katha to keep the bhog. Katha asks him to come with her. They pray to Kanha. Maasa says its your first Janmashtami, move the swing. Deepa says Yuvraj didn’t come in puja. Maasa says don’t worry, what can we do if he didn’t come. Kabir sees Yuvraj.

Yuvraj says Kabir will call me and make me a part of this puja, he never did the puja without me. Yash says Kabir won’t do this puja without Yuvraj. Maddy says no, he changed after Katha came. Katha asks shall we start the puja. Kabir says sure, why to delay an auspicious thing. They move the swing and start the puja. Tony says Kabir started the puja without you. Yuvraj recalls Katha’s words.

He gets angry and goes. Katha sings a bhajan. Everyone prays. Maasa prays that they both become parents soon. Deepa says they didn’t even go on honeymoon till now. Maasa says they can go anywhere after giving me grandchildren. Katha looks at Kabir. Everyone prays. Katha gives the prasad. Yuvraj comes there.

Katha gives him the prasad. He stops her and says you think you will always taunt me, I will show you, what I can do to win my brother’s trust. She says I regret that you couldn’t understand him, you can never win his heart, if you had any guilt, then maybe you could have won his heart. He says you gave me 48 hours, 24 hours are enough, Kabir will forgive me and hug me in front of everyone, your 24 hours start now. He sets the timer.


Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kabir climbs the pyramid and breaks the Matki. Yuvraj apologizes to him. Kabir refuses. Yuvraj says fine then, my life has no meaning. He falls down. Kabir shouts. Everyone is shocked.


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