Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 6th September 2022 Episode starts with Katha taunting Yuvraj. He asks Kabir to come. Kabir asks Katha to sleep. He goes with Yuvraj. Katha says Yuvraj does such good acting, he is working hard to make a place in Kabir’s heart, I m not shocked, if he can risk his life, then he can do anything,

I won’t let Kabir’s heart break because of Yuvraj’s cheat. Its morning, Katha and Kabir have icecream at the icecream store. He orders the scoops of all flavors for her. He says let me pamper you, you are pregnant, you wanted to talk to me, right. She says yes, it will hurt your heart but its really imp,

I want to talk about Yuvraj, he apologized to you, you didn’t forgive him, so he jumped down, did you find this right. He says no. She says you should explain him, what he did is called blackmailing, you can’t encourage him. He says yes, he did wrong, but there is one thing, his intentions weren’t wrong,

he was trying to apologize to me but I didn’t forgive him. She says but Maasa and family got so tensed, you jumped down and risked your life, you have to talk to him. He says sorry that I risked my life, I m also angry on Yuvraj, but I feel he regrets his deeds, we have to give him a chance when he is trying.

She thinks he is doing a drama to make you forget his mistakes, when you know what he did with me… He asks her to have icecream. Kabir asks what’s this. The man says its modak cookies, it came from your bakery, we are letting everyone taste it. Kabir says interesting, I don’t know about my bakery product. He likes it.

Kabir comes home. He says you didn’t tell me about the product going for consumer tasting. Kishor says yes, we wanted to tell you, but Yuvraj stopped me. Devraj says yes, Yuvraj wanted to send the samples to market and tell you if the response is good. Kishor says it will be a superhit item of the bakery after the cakes.

Kabir stops Yuvraj and asks is this your idea. Yuvraj asks did Kishor tell everything. Kabir says no, I went to have icecream with Katha, I was given my bakery products for tasting. Yuvraj says I just wanted to get feedback once. Kabir smiles and says really good, I m so proud of you. Yuvraj asks seriously, did you like it.

Kabir says yes, I want to give you something, tell me, what do you want. Yuvraj sees Katha there. He says I want to launch modak cookies on Ganpati festival, I want our love to never get less. Kabir says done, we will launch this and take Bappa’s blessings.

Kabir, Yuvraj and all the family men bring Ganpati home. Maasa stops them. She says the house bahu will wash the feet of the person who gets the Ganpati, and then welcome him. Katha sees Yuvraj holding the idol. She signs Kabir. Yuvraj smiles. Maasa asks Katha to wash Yuvraj’s feet. Yuvraj says its not needed, leave it.

Maasa says it’s a rasam, we keep every rasam and will always do. He says fine. Katha sits and washes his feet. She says its done. Yuvraj thanks her. Maasa does the Ganpati aarti and welcomes. Everyone prays. Pandit asks Kabir to do the aarti with his wife. Kabir and Katha do the aarti.

They all do the aarti. Kabir says I have got everything, I want to give something to Yuvraj, I had a mannat that Yuvraj and I will together bring Ganpati home, and welcome Ganpati every year. Yuvraj says I have troubled you all, I don’t think Ganesh ji can forgive me. Kabir says he will forgive you, you joined bakery 2-3 days ago,

your modak cookie got famous, you proved you are capable, this is for you. He gives the keys. Yuvraj asks what’s this. Kabir says I decided that my brother will be the new MD of kweens bakery, Yuvraj Singh Shekhawat. Everyone smiles. Yuvraj says but.. Kabir says don’t give me a lecture now, you are deserving. They hug. Everyone claps.

Manju says Yuvraj really changed, its good that Kabir got happy. She asks Katha to make the remaining laddoos. She takes the laddoos to keep bhog. Katha makes the laddoos. Yuvraj comes to her. She asks didn’t you get ready, Kabir.

She turns and sees him. He says I have come to give you a gift, you would remember, Kabir stopped talking to me, you got my fake result truth out, a battle started between us, I will win, I have worked hard, I really feel sad that you couldn’t separate Kabir and me, so I thought to give you a gift. She checks it.

She sees Kabir and his pic frame. He says we are the two precious gems of the family, thank you so much Katha, Kabir loves me even more because of you, no one can separate us, I have stopped getting scared of you, do anything you want, tell it to Kabir, he won’t believe anything you say, you like to give a challenge, right, fine, I challenge you, go and tell everything to Kabir, whatever I did with you, you will realize that you can’t cause any harm to me. He eats the laddoos and says impressive, its better than your Gulgule. He goes. She thinks.


Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yuvraj and Bhushan have a talk in the room. Yuvraj says I jumped down during dahi handi, I can manipulate anyone to win this game, I can do anything to get Kabir’s love. Kabir says wow Yuvraj, you are a big player. Yuvraj is shocked.


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