Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 7th September 2022 Episode starts with Katha saying how shall I tell Kabir that Yuvraj is taking an advantage of his goodness. Her inner self says they are real brothers, why would Kabir believe you,

can you change his heart. Katha cries. Her inner self asks her to do her duty and save Kabir from his brother’s cheat. Katha gets confused between the positive and negative opinions of her inner self. Yuvraj chats with someone. He thanks the person for giving the modak cookies idea. Aryan asks who is he chatting with.

Yuvraj says don’t look into anyone’s phone. Kabir says don’t scold him. Katha comes. Pandit asks the newly weds to come ahead. He asks them to pray, doing Maha aarti. Kabir and Katha do the aarti. Manju and Kishor pray to get a child.

Katha prays to get strength to save Kabir from this cheat. She thinks I don’t know this family will accept me or not after knowing the truth. She says Kabir, I want to talk to you. Kabir asks her to say. Kishor says we have to leave for factory. Kabir asks Katha to distribute prasad. He goes.

Its night, Katha waits for Kabir. She calls him and asks where are you. He says in your heart. She smiles. He says I m at bakery, I can’t come home, Yuvraj’s modak cookies are in demand, we have to increase the production.

She says its okay, when are you coming home. He says I will come to meet you in the morning, sorry. She says its okay, do your work, I will keep your trip bag ready, try to meet me, I will wait. He asks her to not stay awake and take care,

sleep well. Kishor comes. Kabir says promise me, you will take the medicines on time. She promises. Kabir goes. Katha thinks what shall I do. She prays. She prepares his bag. She lies to sleep. She stays restless.

She writes a letter for Kabir. She writes… its my duty to tell you the truth, I m scared that my dream of living with you can break, I can’t bear this burden, I will accept your decision, the man who used my emotions and me, who forced Uma to attempt suicide, he is your brother, Yuvraj, we were finding Rahul, he is Yuvraj, he is the father of my child, he is using your goodness and trust,

I will meet you and tell everything, I left the decision on you, if you agree to me, then stand with me for the aarti, yours Katha. She puts the letter in the bag. Yuvraj chats with the girl. Bhushan says you are disturbing my sleep, you became company MD, many girls are after you, you fooled Kabir and won this MD post without hardwork.

Yuvraj gets angry and scolds him. Bhushan says I mean you always convince Kabir. Yuvraj says I can manipulate anyone, Kabir is my everything, I can do anything to get his love. Kabir comes and says wow Yuvraj, you are a big player.

Yuvraj worries. Kabir says your modak cookies got much famous, we got many orders, I didn’t see such big business before, thank Ganpati, I will go now, I m tired. He goes.

Kabir sees Katha sleeping. He says you packed the bag, wow, you are taking care of husband well. He sees her and smiles. He thinks it’s a happy day,

I saw the best collection in bakery, but I didn’t talk to you today, thanks for coming in my life. He writes a note for her. He says we will go maha aarti together, I m keeping your gift here, wear this, you will look like a princess. He goes.

Its morning, Kishor says we have to give incentives to workers. Kabir says I m thinking to increase their pay. The letter falls out of the bag. Kabir and Kishor leave. Katha wakes up. She says I think Kabir left. She calls him.

She says that letter is in his bag. She gets Kabir’s letter. She reads it and hugs the letter. She prays for Kabir to get strength, to tolerate that letter’s truth. Deepa picks the envelope.

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