Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 8th September 2022 Episode starts with Deepa sending the kids to school. She asks Maddy not to support the kids’ mischief, else they will become like Yuvi. She picks the envelope.

She says Kabir is written on it. She asks Yuvraj to take the letter to the bakery. He asks her to keep it there. He goes. Katha says don’t know Kabir read that letter or not. She thinks how will be Kabir’s reaction.

She gets his call. She answers. He greets her and asks what happened, are you not well. She says I m fine. He asks are you upset, I didn’t meet you before leaving. She thinks he didn’t read the letter. She says you didn’t had breakfast. He says I wasn’t hungry, I didn’t feel like waking you up.

She asks did you have anything on the way. He says I had it at the dhaba, did you have the breakfast. She says no, I m going. She sees the envelope with Deepa. She says I will call you back. Deepa asks Yuvraj to give the envelope to Kabir. He says he will come back in evening, you can give it.

She says you keep this in the bakery. He says anyways, you all get ready, Kabir said we all will do the aarti. He leaves. Deepa asks Maddy to keep the envelope safe, its for Kabir. Maddy gets the letter out of the envelope.

Deepa says you shouldn’t read anyone’s letter. Maddy says its okay. Katha says please don’t open the letter. Maddy says you can’t shout on me. Katha says I wrote it for Kabir, please don’t open it. Maddy says I will read it now.

She thinks she might have written something bad about us. Katha says please don’t read it. Deepa looks at Katha. She takes the letter from Maddy. She says it can be personal also, see Katha is blushing. Neelam takes it and says we can read it. Gunjan says I also want to read it. Neelam asks what’s the big deal.

Katha says some matters should be between husband and wife. Maddy says I won’t miss this chance, I m going to read the letter now. Katha worries and prays to Ganesh ji. She asks Maddy to give the letter. Maddy says I won’t. Maasa comes and asks them not to fight. Deepa says I won’t let you read this Maddy.

Maddy says I won’t give it. Katha prays. Maddy turns and the letter burns by the diya blame. Katha thanks Bappa for saving her, and the house happiness and peace. Maasa blesses Katha and takes her.

Yuvraj chats with a girl. He writes I fell in love with you, meet me once. The girl replies not interested. Devraj asks him to check the samples once. Yuvraj says I m talking to an imp client, you check it please. Devraj agrees and leaves. Maasa introduces Katha to her friends Neelam and Rekha. Uma and Manyata come.

Katha hugs them and asks how did you come suddenly. Maddy asks didn’t you know. Katha says no. Uma says Kabir asked us to come. Maddy taunts them. Maasa says I want you to come here forever, mum’s heart is at peace when daughter is in front of the eyes, my three daughters stay with me, I feel at peace. She asks Uma to meet her friends. Manju asks them to sit. She goes to get breakfast.

Yuvraj replies and asks can we have a future together. She replies yes. He gets glad. Kabir comes to surprise him. Maddy asks did you do all this alone. Manju says yes, we can do this for Bappa, I have much hope from him, I have just one mannat since many years, don’t know why Lord didn’t give me a child.

Maddy cries and hugs her. Manju says I m Maasi to your kids, there is a difference in being Maasi and Maa. Maddy says your wish will get fulfilled, you are the best in kitchen work, you will be the best mum too, come. Uma talks to Katha. She finds Katha lost. She asks what’s the matter. Katha asks why did you get so many sweets.

Manyata says mom wants to bribe the Lord. Uma says I want my Katha to stay happy, what’s wrong in it. She asks Katha to come, they will keep the bhog. Yuvraj says Kabir. Kabir says you knew it. Yuvraj says because of the fragrance. Kabir asks how did you get Modak idea. Yuvraj says there was a girl, I loved her, its no use now, I made a big mistake. Kabir asks what mistake, tell me.

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