Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 9th August 2022 Episode starts with Maddy’s daughter studying. Manju helps her. Maddy says we will see how the new bride cooks in the first rasoi. Deepa asks her not to judge Katha. Yuvraj hears the ladies talking about the first rasoi. Neelam says every bride has to go through the family’s judgment on her first rasoi day. She gives the protein shake to Yuvraj.

Deepa says its unfair, we can pass the judgment on the new groom as well. Maddy says everyone will judge Katha, if she does anything wrong, then she will face troubles. Deepa says Maasa called all of us to the kitchen. Katha greets everyone. Deepa teases Katha.

Maasa says a woman has many avatar, one of it is of Annapurna, she adds love in the food. Deepa says Kishor stays so happy, and then see Yash, he stays angry. Everyone laughs. Katha does the aarti of the stove.

Maasa says we have a tradition of making Makhana kheer in the family, everyone would be happy, make it. Maddy says Yuvraj will be too happy if you make this, he loves bread pakoda and Makhana kheer. Katha recalls Yuvraj’s words.

Maasa asks Katha do you make the kheer. Maddy taunts Katha saying Makhana is so costly. Chachi says Katha’s family doesn’t look so poor. Maasa says its fine, she will make Suji ka halwa. Gunjan jokes on Katha. Katha says don’t worry, I will make Makhana kheer today. Maasa says sure. She asks Neelam and Manju to be with Katha in the kitchen.

Deepa wishes all the best to Katha. Gunjan says she won’t make sweets well, I will order some. She goes. Yuvraj recalls the ladies’ words and gets some idea. Manju and Neelam help Katha with the ingredients. Maddy comes and asks don’t you want to see the gifts, Maasa is checking that.

Katha asks Manju to go, she will take care of the kitchen. Manju says Neelam is here. Katha asks Neelam to go and see the gifts. Neelam asks how will I leave the new bride alone. Katha says I won’t feel bad, you go. Katha makes the kheer.

Kabir comes there. Katha says I will manage. Kabir says I know that well, Uma is on video call. He holds the phone for her. Katha asks what happened, why do your eyes look tired. Uma says I should ask this. Uma wards off the bad sight. She says we reached home, we miss you a lot.

Manyata jokes on her first rasoi. Uma says my Katha can’t make such mistakes. She asks Katha to do her work, and remember, she has the blessings. She says everyone will like the food. Manyata says call me later and tell me about Katha’s experiment. Kabir says done. He ends the call. He moves Katha’s hair off her face.

He says I got something for you. He shows the apron. He says this apron is special and lucky for me, I used to wear this when I opened the bakery, I want this apron to give you lots of good luck. He makes Katha wear the apron. They have an eyelock. Yuvraj comes and coughs. He says I didn’t see anything, I came to have water, carry on.

Kabir says I came to say all the best to Katha. Yuvraj says she doesn’t need best wishes, she is so talented, I can’t wait to have the kheer made by her. Kabir says me too. Katha thinks why is he behaving like nothing happened. Maasa calls out Kabir. Kabir goes. Yuvraj says I m with Bhabhi. He says wow, Makhana kheer is my fav, one more thing is my fav, bread pakoda, you would remember it right, Bhabhisa.

He asks why are you doing this, what’s the use, you want to make a place in Kabir’s heart, when he learns that you were enjoying in Nainital with his younger brother, then what will he think, trust me on this, they will forget the taste of your kheer, even if Kabir knows the truth, I will manage, what about you, what will people talk about you, you know people are ready to judge the new bride.

He says if the family knows that a lot happened between us, then what will be their reaction, by what names will they call you. Katha says I accept it, your truth will come out in front of Kabir. He says stop it, you like to say the truth, then why didn’t you tell the truth to them, you have no courage, I know you say that to see me scared, I won’t tell them, my truth will never come out in front of them.

She says if you don’t confess, then I will tell them the truth, it will be your mistake. He says impressive, you think how will you rectify your mistake, congrats, you burnt the milk on your first day in kitchen. She gets angry. He says new bride has burnt the milk, such a big abshagun, if you tell this to the family, then they will spit on your face, get this in written, anyways carry on, I will see you. He leaves.

Kishor says mixer grinder again, its always the same. Maddy says its Katha’s first rasoi, where is the kheer. Manju says yes, she got late. Kabir says you wait for some time. Manju says people change after marriage, you can’t hear anything against your wife. Yuvraj thinks keep waiting for Katha’s first rasoi.

The kids go to ask Katha about the gift. Deepa says its fine to be late, don’t make a face. Neelam says someone go and see if Katha needs something. Katha cries and says I burnt the milk. She recalls Maasa and Uma’s words.

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