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Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 16th August 2022 Dev asks Vidhi if it is truth that Milapni Devi’s blessings strengthen the marital relations. Vidhi says yes. She asks driver to stop the car and says I will walk from here.

Dev says your house is far from here. She says bus drops her here. She says she has earned for the first time and wants to buy something for her papa, and then icecream party. He says it is treat. Vidhi says whatever we relishes with our family happily, is party.

Dev gets down from his car and says sorry to Vidhi for his behavior. Vidhi says today’s scolding was justified, I came late and then Chachi came and shouted. She says that day I didn’t do any mistake. He asks which day?

She says that day when your brother Abhimanyu had come to office, and says if you say sorry for that, I will accept. Dev recalls and says who are you, you keeps calculations for sorry and thank you. She says it is normal. He laughs and asks her to deposit his today’s sorry for that day, and asks her to make balance sheet of sorry and thank you. Vidhi says ok and starts walking. She thinks sir couldn’t says sorry.

He sits in the car and asks driver if he heard that there is calculation for sorry and thanks. Driver says she made boss laughed, who didn’t smile before. Dev laughs. Vidhi thinks why did he give the advance salary and then thinks of what he had said. She thinks Papa shall like the surprise.

Dev reaches home. Priya tells Satyavati that she can’t bear anymore. She says Bhai saheb was including Abhimanyu in his business and was buying hotels for him, which I would have managed well. She says Abhimanyu wants to go to other’s house and cook food, this is so low. She says she didn’t marry for his day, after doing all the compromises.

Satyavati asks her not to forget her limits. Priya asks what about you, and says Bhai Saheb said to my father that Abhimanyu will be the heir of the empire. Dev says I am not refusing it. Priya says you brought fake degree and wife for your brother. She says I am not a trophy and knows how to get my rights. She says if my husband is not competent, then it is his problem.

Abhi says I know what I wants. Priya says she wants to work in office. She asks Dev to involve her in office. Dev says only Maa has the right to decide about this. Satyavati says I am bounded by the promise like Dev. She says I had promised your father that the house ladies will not work in office, and we have told this clearly to your father before marriage.

She says we haven’t laid any trap for you, and tells that her decision will be the same. She says Priya will not be the part of the business. Priya says Abhi will go to his job when you allow me to go to office, else many dreams will break here. Satyavati is tensed. Chitra comes there and says surprise. Satyavati hugs her. Chitra hugs Dev.

Seema asks Bimla, Hariprasad to close their eyes. Vidhi asks Seema to close her eyes. Hariprasad asks what are they doing? Vidhi says just 2 mins. She takes off old specs from her father and makes him wear new specs. He asks what are you doing? Vidhi gives bangles to her mother.

She asks them to open their eyes. Bimla likes the bangles. Vidhi shows chunari for Maa. She gives pencil pouch to Seema. Seema gets emotional. Bimla looks at Hariprasad’s specs. Vidhi says now you can read well with the new specs. Hariprasad checks it and says from where you got the money.

Bimla also asks her. Vidhi says she has bought this from her first salary, according to their needs. Bimla says you have started working just now. Vidhi tells about her company policy to help the employees. She tells Hariprasad that she has taken advance only this time, and says there are so many expenses, this time. hariprasad says when I had told clearly not to use your money, didn’t you understand.

He asks her to return all the stuff and makes it clear that he will not use her money, and will deposit it in the bank account. Vidhi says Papa. Hariprasad stays firm on his decision. Bimla says all this money shall go to bank, but the small gifts are related to Vidhi’s first earning, let her be happy.

Vidhi says my happiness is due to you Papa. He says but. Bimla says I will wear the bangles brought by Vidhi and will make Maiyya wear this chunari. Vidhi says papa please. Hariprasad agrees and takes all the stuff to keep infront of Maiyya.

He says he will sit there for sometime. Vidhi comes behind him and asks if everything is fine. Hariprasad recalls losing the job, but doesn’t tell her. She asks if everything is fine. He says yes. She says whenever you are worried, then you sit in the temple. She asks if he is hiding anything. He says no.

Dev asks Chitra if she is on diet that she got lean. Chitra says she is toned. She tells that she don’t eat calorie food and will drink just soup. Satyavati asks her to search a good alliance for Dev.

Chitra says she will make his profile today. Dev says he doesn’t believe in online relations. Satyavati asks him to see if he is seeing anyone. Abhimanyu asks Dev to get married. Satyavati says may be your wife makes Priya understand, what we couldn’t. Dev says you want to give her all the responsibilities. Chitra says she will search alliance for him.

Seema and others are having icecream brought by Vidhi. Bimla tells him that they shall enjoy the small things which our loved ones give us. He says everything is fine. She says Mata’s jagrata will make everything fine. He says how we will manage. She asks did you talk to Seth ji about advance. Hariprasad recalls being kicked out.


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Hariprasad tells Kalu that he lost the job and couldn’t tell this to his family. Vidhi sees him and asks what is he doing here.


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