Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 17th August 2022 Bimla asks Hariprasad, if he talked to Sethji about the advance. Hariprasad says Sethji is not in the city, I will talk to him when he returns. Bimla says I have saved some money, we will do Mata Jagrata with that money. Vidhi reminds them that Maa brought money from all corners of the house,

when old notes were banned. Hariprasad asks shall we postpone jagrata? Bimla says Jagrata will happen now itself. Vidhi asks if they shall invite Dev sir and his wife to the jagrata as he was asking about Milapni Devi.

She says may be he wants to come with his wife. Bimla says ok, call him, he has done so much for you, we will get puja done on their names. She asks him to ask their details. Vidhi says their Jodi will be stronger.

Later Seema keeps achaar bottle on the bed. Bimla asks her to keep it on the side, where sunset is falling. Seema says Mami takes care of achaar so much, that even the goldsmith couldn’t take care of the gold. She jokes. Vidhi says Dev sir ji’s Mummy said that she want to taste achaar. Bimla says she will pack achaar for her. She asks her to meet her at saree shop. Vidhi says ok.

Satyavati says how she can be happy if her kids are not happy. Abhimanyu says he heard Priya talking to someone, but she kept quiet when I entered the room. Satyavati says she will talk to samdhi ji, and says we told him clearly that house responsibility is of women, and office responsibility is of men. She says business happens in the office and asks Abhimanyu to solve his problems with Priya.

Kalu chacha tells Hariprasad that the Masons will repair the work. Hariprasad says he will get the work done later. Kalu Chacha asks why to wait until the rooftop falls down fully. Hariprasad says ok. Vidhi comes and makes Hariprasad wear the specs. Hariprasad says next time, this thing will not work.

Kaluchacha asks him to bless Vidhi, rather than scolding her. Hariprasad signs to bless her and goes. Bimla asks Seema to take her gift. Seema says she has kept it n the bag. Bimla says he has forgotten to take his tiffin. Vidhi says she will give him. Bimla gives tiffin and achaar bottle for Satyavati. Vidhi says Dev’s mother will be happy.

Satyavati tells Abhimanyu that whenever they had any problem, Dev solved all the problems. Priya comes there and asks Satyavati what is her decision about her. Satyavati says no means no, our house customs can’t be broken due to your stubbornness. Priya asks her to say clearly that if she goes to office and does good work,

then her useless son will be insulted. She says you have given birth to useless son and asks why shall I punish myself. Dev says don’t forget that you are talking to Maa. Priya says she is just mother of her children. Dev asks her to talk with respect. Satyavati says we told clearly before fixing the alliance so stop behaving as if we brought you here by cheat. Priya breaks the plate.

Abhimanyu asks what is this misbehavior? Satyavati shouts Priya. Priya says my Papa came in Dev bhaisaheb’s talks and saw this house, got me married. Satyavati asks her to handle house first and then talk about business. Dev gets angry and asks Priya what she wants to prove, infront of staff. Priya says let them see, what class they have. Satyavati asks Dev to go to office, and says I am here to handle her. She says this is my order. Dev goes.

Kaluchacha asks Hariprasad, why he didn’t slap the Sethji’s son. Hariprasad says I have become jobless, what will I tell the family. Kaluchacha says you shall tell them. Hariprasad says how to tell. Vidhi thinks to give tiffin to her Papa and leave for office. Kaluchacha says injustice have happened with you. He says we will not do much about jagrata. Hariprasad sees Vidhi coming there.

Satyavati asks Priya, if this is your value and class. Priya asks her not to lecture her about class and says God knows from which low class place, Abhimanyu’s Papa had brought you here.
She says she will feel suffocated if makes rotis sitting at home. Satyavati says values doesn’t come to the poor, rich, literate or illiterate. She says she might be having less money during her upbringing, but she has rich values. Priya says you have to say yes to me, else I will not go.

Satyavati stays firm on her decision. Priya breaks another plate in anger. Satyavati takes plate and breaks. She says even I know to do these things, I can fall to your level, but it is your misunderstanding. She says I will pray to God that you shall understand the real meaning of family. Abhimanyu tells Priya that he shall leave too and asks her to break all the plates, to calm down her anger. Priya says I have many ways to change your decision.

Vidhi thinks to go to Hariprasad’s shop using the short cut. Hariprasad hides with Kalu chacha. Vidhi comes behind him and asks what you both are doing here.

Dev is in the office and recalls Priya and Satyavati’s words. He thinks of Vidhi’s words about Milapni Devi. Indra comes there and gives tea to Dev and Yogesh. Yogesh says we have to finalize the deal. Dev says I am working on that file. Yogesh says you are lost and asks what is the matter? Dev says nothing.

Kanika comes there and says press have come. Dev says who has called press and asks Kanika who called press on my name. Priya comes there and says I have come. She says all the world shall know that the younger son of Raichand is going to do chef’s job in someone’s kitchen.


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Satyavati pleads infront of Priya not to do this, and offers to give all the responsibility and control of the house in her hand. Priya smiles. The reporters ask Priya, if the partition will happen, if Dev is doing injustice with his brother. Later Dev asks Vidhi not to tell anything to anyone, this is his family matter.


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