Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 18th August 2022 Kanika tells Dev that the press have come. Dev asks who has called the press. Priya walks in and says she has called the press, to reveal to everyone that the younger heir of Raichand is going to be Chef in someone’s house.

Dev asks Priya not to take the family matter outside, as Media can do anything. Priya blackmails him saying she don’t want to hide the truth. Yogesh goes out. Vidhi sees Hariprasad and Kaluchacha hiding.

She questions why were they hiding? Kaluchacha says we were doing yoga. Hariprasad says yes. Kaluchacha says we thought to have some golgappa and have some fresh air. Vidhi reminds Hariprasad that he doesn’t allow them to have outside food.

She gives him tiffin and leaves for office. Kaluchacha asks Hariprasad to tell the family about losing the job. Yogesh calls Satyavati and informs her. Satyavati says she is coming there.

Priya sends Kanika to attend the media. Dev asks Priya why is she doing this? Priya says whatever is going to happen, she is not responsible but Raichand family rules and regulations. Yogesh tells Media that Dev is coming. Kanika is worried that company shares might fall. Media asks when Dev Sir will come.

Kanika asks them to take coffee or tea. Vidhi reaches office and hears Anaya and Rishabh talking about Abhimanyu’s wife Priya. Vidhi prays for Dev. Indra comes to Vidhi and says Dev sir has signed a cabin for you, till your exams. Vidhi goes withb her.

Satyavati tries to stop Priya and says your values and your parents’ upbringing will be question. She says the fire which you are going to light, will go to your house also. Priya says you are getting senti and making me senti too.

She asks didn’t you bring your ego and anger to office. She says you are forgetting things being old. She says she is targeting her parents, as she didn’t respect her. She asks if she is pleading with her and asks her to beg infront of her.

Satyavati asks why there is so much poison in you. Priya says the quality and quantity of the poison is much. Satyavati asks Priya to handle the house. Priya asks if all the control will be in my hands. Satyavati says yes, you can run the house, the way you want. Priya asks her to fold her hands, and plead with her, so that she can get sympathy on her.

She blackmails Satyavati to plead infront of her. Satyavati folds her hands and says don’t do what you are going to go, and offers Raichand’s house responsibility and control. Priya says your pleading has healed my morning wound, but the arrow is left and can’t stopped. Satyavati pleads infront of her.

Yogesh hopes Satyavati aunty and Dev stop Priya anyhow. Kanika says I don’t think she will agree. Priya comes there. The reporters question Priya about the partition in Raichand group. Dev sees Satyavati and says you are here? Satyavati says this is happening due to you, as you let Abhimanyu do the job of choice.

Priya tells the media that in our culture, brothers story is written as Ram and lakshman and when something wrong happens in house, bahu gets blamed. She says her husband and Dev are two different persons and have different mindset.

She says Abhimanyu and Dev don’t have any fight or differences. She says even she has no problem with Satyavati or Dev. She asks Satyavati to say. Satyavati says we stay as one happy family and don’t fight. Priya says she do have a small fight to increase love. Yogesh and Kanika are relaxed. Dev looks on relieved.

Laali says she used to follow Dev on social media, but he didn’t have any wife. Bimla says he is married, Vidhi met his daughter and wife. Other lady asks what is the lesson of today pravachan. Bimla says you can’t get love, if you follow someone on social media. She waits for Vidhi.

Vidhi recalls overhearing Dev talking to Priya and asking her to ask anything, rather than asking to come to office. Priya says Mummy ji has offered me something. He asks her to say. She says she wants to get involved in the business. Dev says I can’t do this, as Maa is against. He says we have bought two chains of hotel on Abhimanyu’s name,

I can transfer that on your name, and you can handle it sometimes. Priya says if it is a conspiracy. He says he don’t do that. He says nobody shall know about this, not even Maa. Priya says it will be wrong, if nobody comes to know, but she agrees. Vidhi drops the files and says sorry. Priya asks Dev to handle her and goes inside the conference hall.

Dev asks Vidhi not to tell anyone about it. Vidhi says I will not tell anyone that your brother is a cook. Dev says enough and asks her to promise that she will not tell anyone. Vidhi promises him and says you can trust me. Fb ends. Vidhi thinks I will never break your trust.


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Priya asks Dev if he can forgive himself for uniting two destinies who were not suitable to each other. She hopes to get papers by tomorrow evening. Dev talks to lawyer and says nobody shall know about it. Seema and Bimla ask what happened in office. Dev finds something written on paper and tears it, and scolds Vidhi.


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