Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 1st August 2022 Written Episode Update


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 1st August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 1st August 2022 Dev comes to Vidhi’s house and sees guests at her house. He sees the temple in the house and removes his shoes. The groom’s mother asks Vidhi if she knows how to make bharwa baigan.

Vidhi says yes, first cut the brinjal and then…The groom’s mother says leave it, do you know how to use tailoring machine. Vidhi says she can stitch with her hand and says sometimes I do mistake.

The lady says she has no quality in her, we have come here to take bahu and not any joker. Vidhi’s mother asks her to see her heart. The lady says make achaar of your daughter’s heart and dry it. She says we heard good things about her and that’s why he had come.

The groom’s father says you people are cheaters to cheat us, who will make her bahu who doesn’t know anything. Dev interrupts them and says I am Dev. He shows the money and says it is for the broken bowl.

He keeps the money on the table and says forgive me, I have to say. He tells that the family had his ring worth 40 lakhs, if they wanted they would have keep the ring with them, I didn’t know about them. But the girl came to my office and returned the ring. The lady asks Vidhi’s parents, why did they call them to see their daughter, who is not suitable to become a bahu.

She then asks Dev to leave and asks who are you to interfere in our work. She tells her husband that they shall leave. Dev goes out. The lady says how did you think that your daughter will get alliance and says for her, you will get poor, beggar, uneducated and jobless guy.

Dev comes back and says he couldn’t go after hearing so much. He says you was talking about her flaws and says everyone has flaws. He says I can point your son’ s 5 flaws right now. He says you don’t have right to talk to anyone like that and says you have insulted this girl in her own house, that’s not right.

He says you was talking that she is useless. He says today Dev Raichand, owner of Raichand group of companies, is offering her a job, as she is honest. He asks how much is you son’s salary. And then says her salary will be more than your son’s salary, and after my offer, she is overqualified for your son,

and I feel that they will not like to give their daughter to you. The groom’s family is about to go. Dev says you shall not make it an issue if she doesn’t know to make bharwa baigan.

Vidhi’s mother thanks Dev for praising her daughter. Vidhi’s father thanks Dev and says it is difficult to support someone. He says he wants to touch his feet. Dev stops him. Vidhis father asks him to come there with his wife and says Milapni Devi makes Jodi and increases love between them.

He thanks him for the offer job, but with due respect, he would like to refuse it. He says Vidhi can’t work with you. Dev says you are refusing job from raichand group of companies. Vidhi’s father says they have their own rules and says our daughters don’t go out and work.

dev says if she wants to make name of herself, so that nobody make fun of her again then she has to work. He says we shall change our thoughts with time. He then gives money in Vidhi’s hand and says you have unique quality, ie, honestly, keep it in you always and don’t give right to anyone to make fun of yours.

He says I need honest people like you, and you need a job, not for money but to make your personality. He asks her to try talking to her parents and convinced them, and if possible start job from tomorrow. He folds his hands and goes.

Vidhi’s mother gives money to Urmila. Urmila goes. Seema is happy that Vidhi’s alliance didn’t happen with that guy. Vidhi tells her mother that today they have spent a lot and that’s why their monthly expenses is shaken up.

Vidhi’s mother says she can’t bear to see her tears. Vidhi says I felt really bad, whatever happened is because of me. She says I am not of any use, I try that no mistake shall happen, but it happens. Her father says 23500 spent till now. Vidhi says you didn’t add today’s expenses, and says total is 24400.

He says you are 4 steps ahead of me and asks them not to worry, says Mata will make everything fine. He keeps hand on Vidhi’s head and goes. Vidhi’s mother asks her if she had heard and says until people realized what is diamond, they thought it as stone. She says a big man understood you, stood by you and has identified my diamond.

She says you have to increase your value in your eyes, then people will understand. She says I will not let Milapni devi sit quietly until she sends a right guy for you, like Dev ji, like he understood you.

Dev lies down on the bed to sleep and finds the letter under his pillow with the hair clip. It is Amba’s letter. She has written that she will not tie her hair until she gets married to him.


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 2nd August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vidhi comes to her mother’s sadsang’s place and comes to know that her mother works there, making excuse of sadsang.


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