Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 23rd September 2022 Amba tells Dev that it is proved that he is a good guy. Vidhi says Amba Maam is not his wife that she took him in his cabin. Anaya says she is his relative. Chitra asks if everything is fine between Priya and Abhimanyu. Dev says yes. Amba says perfect. Dev recalls Priya’s changed behavior.

Arjun tells Vidhi that the password reflects the personality of the people. He asks if her password is Milapni Devi, etc. Dev comes there and tells that they have to see all aspects of love. He asks them to pick the chit and tells that the person will be your partner in the work. Anaya picks the chit and finds Rishabh written.

Vidhi picks Arjun’s name chit and says she wants to change it. Arjun asks her to be grateful and thank god, and says you will learn many things from me. Dev says even you will learn so much from Vidhi. He says you are foreign return graduate and Vidhi is deep desi, your Jodi will be superb. He says you have to make poster, jingle and TV commercial. He says others have to do the same thing and asks them not to let him down, and gives 3 days time.

Hariprasad gets the newspaper and tells the newspaper seller that the girl in the pic is his daughter. The seller says it is a big thing. Hariprasad says I will get her pic framed and will hang it on the wall. He sees Kalumal’s daughter going in the auto with someone. He calls Kalumal.

Vidhi thinks what is love? She thinks she was thinking about this, and now this question came infront of her. She says love is care, love is smile, love is washing hands. Arjun says weird girl’s weird love. Vidhi says I said holding hands in tough times. Anaya goes home and says bye to them.

Arjun says this is my first competition and we shall win. He says I want to impress Dev Sir. Vidhi says even I want to impress. Arjun says we will go to my house or yours, to work on the project. He asks her to get ready and says I can’t take him. Dev asks why? Vidhi says what I will tell Papa.

Dev asks him to tell Papa that they are doing work. He says Arjun is a nice guy and says it is better to work at home, rather than working late in office. He asks how is your shoulder? Vidhi says it is fine. Dev says I wanted to tell you that you forgot in your calculation, and says I shall say sorry, as you was hurt.

He then thanks her for trusting him. Vidhi smiles. Dev says bye and goes. Vidhi think when Sir smiles, then he looks very good. She pulls her ears and says sir. Sangeeta asks Vidhi to keep Amba Maam’s bag in the drawer. Vidhi says ok. She sees Dev’s handkerchief and caresses it.

Amba comes there and says interesting. She says I want to ask two questions from you, and asks what is your age, and if you was in love with someone. She says I know the answers, and says you are in love with Dev. Vidhi is stunned. Amba says Dev is such, that anyone can fall in love with him.

She says you are young and tells that what she is thinking love is infatuation, says this happens in your age, hiding handkerchiefs, staring secretly, writing poetry. She says this is puppy love and says love is different from this. She says it doesn’t matter, if he stays with you or not, love is wait, pain, hope that he will look at you and will say,

will you want to spend life with me. She says some day he will understand your yearning. She says it is the yearning that if I don’t get love then I will love. She says I am elder than you and wants to give you advice.

She says this infatuation, puppy love and attraction is okay and she shall do it with same age person. She says there are many people who loves Dev and that’s why your feelings and your love is not needed. Vidhi gets worried, recalls her meetings with Amba and realizes she also loves Dev.

Kalumal asks Hariprasad why did he call him? Hariprasad asks him to listen carefully. Kalumal asks if everything is fine. Hariprasad says matter is serious and related to your daughter.

Vidhi comes out of office. Arjun asks her to sit. She says we will go by bus. Arjun says but this bike will refuse, asks what is the problem? She says I didn’t….He says I will tell Dev sir that you are not interested in the project. She says she never sat on the bike. He asks her to sit like sitting on the chair.

He asks her to keep hand on his shoulder. She shouts and asks him to ride slow. Hariprasad asks Kalumal to ask Suman, with whom she went. He says you don’t know what is happening nowadays. Kalumal says she has same values like Vidhi and will not do anything which lowers her father’s respect. He says she will not do anything wrong. He goes.

Vidhi asks Arjun to stop the bike near the door. Arjun says it is good that you told me, else I would have taken the bike to your room. They get down the bike. Bimla and Hariprasad looks at Arjun and Vidhi.


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vidhi tells Anaya and Arjun that groom’s family is coming today to see her. Dev asks Vidhi why you didn’t tell me that groom’s family is coming to see you. He says if you are marrying then shall give application. He says your life can’t interfere in office. Vidhi thinks why Sir got angry, he don’t want me to marry.


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