Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 24th August 2022 Vidhi prays to Milapni Devi and asking her to be with her during the exam. She calls Seema. Bimla asks her to have curd and sugar. Seema asks Vidhi why she didn’t eat this box, as she used to eat all.

Vidhi says now I understood a trick, and that’s why trust inside and fear outside. Seema asks Bimla to make Vidhi have curd sugar. Vidhi asks about Hariprasad. Bimla sends her to take his blessings.

Hariprasad thinks of his conversation with Bimla. Vidhi comes to Hariprasad and tells that today is her exam. He asks if she prepared well. She says she has prepared well and will get good marks. Hariprasad says I will wait for the good news. Vidhi holds his hand and says I want to give good news to you before leaving.

She says Maa has forgiven you, and didn’t have food last night. She asks him to talk to her and says everything will be fine soon. Hariprasad says whoever is having daughter like you, shall not take tension. He asks her to go. Vidhi leaves.

Dev hopes Vidhi writes the exam well without any fear. He messages her all the best. Vidhi is on the way and receives Dev’s message. She gets happy and confident. Urmila stops Vidhi and asks everyone is asking if my niece prepared well, or will study next year too with small children. Vidhi says this time I have prepared well and asks for her blessings. Urmila asks her to just pass, thinks she has become confident since she is doing job.

The teacher tells Simmy that her grades are not upto Priya’s expectations, she will get upset. Dev asks what do you mean? Teacher says Priya gave strict instructions. Dev stops her and asks Simmy to go to school and study, and when she plays, she shall just play. He says he will handle everything. Simmy thanks him.

Dev comes to Abhimanyu and Satyavati and says he wants to talk to them. Priya calls Someone and asks to come home. Satyavati hears Dev and says it is good thing. Priya comes there. Satyavati asks Priya to visit Vidhi’s house to seek blessings of Milapni Devi. Priya refuses and says she is going to solve a big problem of this house.

She gets a call and asks them to come inside. Many girls come inside. Satyavati asks who are they? Priya says probable contestants for Dev Bhai’s marriage, and calls it as Dev’s Swayamvar. Dev, Satyavati and Abhimanyu are shocked.

Hariprasad tries to help Bimla. She stops him. Satyavati asks Priya, from where she called them. Priya says you will get all the answers. She introduces Dev to them and then goes on introducing the girls. She says contestant no 1. Ms. Trendy. The girl says she is ready to leave the contest, and shows her designs. Satyavati asks designing is good, but where are clothes in your designs.

Bimla asks Hariprasad if Seth ji refused to give advance. Hariprasad says think like that. She asks why didn’t you tell me? He apologizes. She says she has forgiven him and was sad that he didn’t share his worry with her. She says she is his wife in real means. Hariprasad asks her to come to her sadsang today.

Bimla gets shocked and asks how did you think? He says he was thinking to go since few days. She says today she is not going and says she will make food, and will give him. He says even you didn’t have the food, we will have it together. Vidhi comes home. Bimla asks how was your exam? Vidhi says she wrote her exam well.

Priya says contestant no. 2 is Prerna, and says she belongs to a business empire. Prerna says their marriage will be collaboration of two business. She says she came for her Papa’s wish. Priya says if you are made to sit at home, and not allowed to go to office then? Prerna says her family wants her to marry in educated business family and not stupid family with old thoughts.

Dev asks what is this misbehavior. Priya says still some girls are remaining. She introduces Pushplatha and says she is simple and has no dreams like me. Pushplatha says she always wanted to marry in a rich house. Priya says she is perfect. Abhimanyu says Priya. Priya asks him to have silence and asks him to get happy that she is searching so many matches for his brother.

Satyavati asks Priya to stop it and asks from where you have so much poison in it. Pushplatha calls her sasumaa and moves her dupatta to give her some air. Priya asks Pushplatha to sing a bhajan. Pushplatha sings the bhajan. Dev asks Priya to stop it. He apologizes to the girls and says he feels that girls shall not do parade like this for marriage. He asks them to go home and says he didn’t want to get marry? The girls leave. Dev asks her to stop it.

Priya asks why did you send them? Dev shouts it is wrong. He says I don’t want to shout, and says we are bearing and you can’t do anything.

He says I was silent, as you are a family member. He says a relation needs efforts from both sides, and says if you don’t give respect then you will not get respect. He says I will forget seeing you as a family member and you know how I treat them, who treats my family badly with their words and behavior. Priya says bhai saheb.

Vidhi tells Bimla that Dev sir had taught her and told some tricks. She says for the first time, she wrote the exam peacefully. She says she will get 70 marks else 60 marks surely. Bimla thanks Milapni Devi for making Vidhi meet Dev, who changed her perspective. Hariprasad says once your result came, we will search a good alliance for you.

Dev tells Priya about his promise to his Papa. He says nobody can come between his promise, and he struggled for the family peace, but now he can’t see happiness or peace here. He says everything is incomplete.

Satyavati says Dev. Dev says let me complete. He says so much time have passed, I didn’t forget my duties, promise or dreams. Hariprasad says very soon you will get married. Vidhi looks on. Dev says he has to fulfill the promise of not getting married for his responsibilities. Satyavati gets sad.


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 25th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Sangeeta takes coffee for Dev. Dev reads the note written by Vidhi, that if she passed the exam then she will give him small party.


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