Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 27th September 2022 Arjun tells Vidhi that there is no age for love. Vidhi says na umar ki seema ho….Arjun says wow..and says the full line will be jab music me jeena ho, na umar ki seema ho. He says we will win this competition and thanks Bimla. Vidhi and Arjun hug her.

Dev thinks what is happening to him, why is he getting restless about Vidhi’s marriage. He thinks he is worried about her, just. Vidhi thinks of Dev getting upset hearing about her marriage.

She thinks if Dev Sir got angry hearing about my marriage, what is in his heart, how to find out. Dev thinks Vidhi’s job profile is very important, if she leaves the job then who will do her work, this is the problem. He then thinks if the probem is something else.

Next day, Vidhi tells Dev that she got the MBA form submitted in college, and says Maa and Papa gave her courage to do it. Dev says you will get help from office, but you shall work here for atleast 6 months.

She says she will work here forever. Dev says your work and responsibility will increase. Vidhi says she will do. Dev says have a good day. Vidhi thinks Sir don’t want me to go from here, and thinks if he has something in his heart for me. She thinks how to find out. Dev comes out of his cabin.

Vidhi thinks if he has any feelings for me then he will turn in 10 seconds and will look at me. Dev is on call. Vidhi says turn…please sir. Song plays. Vidhi sees him going away, and then stopping. She thinks how I will see him, if he turns and sees me. She turns her face and says I can’t see him, then how will I know if he turned or not.

She says I can’t turn and see. She turns and sees him standing infront of her. Dev says it is just saying that walls has ears, that doesn’t mean that you will talk to walls. He says you wanted wall to turn. She says no Sir. He asks her to come to the conference hall with everyone. Vidhi gets confused.

Arjun tells everyone that they have worked hard on this project. He says Vidhi will explain. Vidhi says everyone likes music, and everyone like one type of music, and that is love. She says our project is based on it.

Arjun says we want to enact the tagline and asks Vidhi if he is ready. Vidhi says yes. Arjun calls Dev and makes him stand infront of Vidhi. Vidhi is surprised and says I can see Dev Sir. Everyone laughs. Arjun says start the tagline Vidhi. Vidhi says jab pyaar me jeena ho, na umar ki seena ho.

Arjun says no, jab music me jeena ho, na umar ki seema ho. Vidhi says this, looking at Dev. Everyone claps for Vidhi and Arjun. Dev says I didn’t like it, as you made me stand here, when the age matter came. Yogesh says Dev. Dev says superb project and tells that Arjun and Vidhi are the winner for this project. He says they shall celebrate and asks Vidhi ifthey can do this expense.

Vidhi says small expense can happen to celebrate small victory. They have small party. Anaya asks Dev if they can play dumbcharades like last times. Arjun says we shall play game of deletion, says it is a popular game in UK. He says we ask 20 questions to guess the name going in a person’s mind.

Arjun says we shall start with Dev. He asks who is in your heart, he is male or female. Dev says female. Arjun asks if she is punctual. Dev says no. Vidhi thinks he is talking about her. Arjun asks if there is something special about her. Dev says she is very hardworking and knows what is going on in office.

Arjun says one last thing, do you like her. Dev says very much. Vidhi smiles. Arjun says I think that name is Kanika. He asks am I right? Dev says right. Everyone claps. Kanika thanks and hugs Dev, calling him dear friend. Sangeeta sees Vidhi upset. Arjun says next turn is of Vidhi.

He asks male or female. Vidhi says male. Arjun asks about her favorite color? Vidhi says white. Arjun asks if there is something special in him. Vidhi says caring, honest and sometimes confusing. Anaya says even you have this qualities. Arjun says if you was in problem due to this person.

Vidhi says never, that person took me out from the problems always. Arjun asks is it, dev? Anaya says Dev Sir. Arjun says let me explain why I said this. He says you people told that she is prodigy of Dev, he helped and supported Vidhi and he is always in white shirt. Yogesh says nice observation.

Anaya says nice. Vidhi gets worried and goes from there. Dev looks at Vidhi. Vidhi goes out and thinks Dev Sir would have felt strange, and thinks what was the need to tell, and thinks Dev Sir’s name came in her heart first.

She thinks I couldn’t think of anything other than him. She thinks what is happening with me. She recalls Amba’s words and goes to her cabin. Dev is going from the office and looks at Vidhi. He ends the call and comes to her. He says Ms. Vidhi, what happened? Vidhi says good morning Sir. Dev says now is evening, office time is over and everyone went home. He asks if her watch is working fine.

Vidhi checks her watch. Dev asks do you want to say something. Vidhi says yes, Sir. You had asked me for coffee. Dev says it is good that you made me remember and says if you want then we can go now. He asks her to come.

Vidhi thinks to check if he will turn and asks Milapni Devi to give the truthful answer. He says if he turns then I will think that he has something for me. She says please turn. Dev is walking out, stops and turns to look at Vidhi. Vidhi smiles happily. Dev signs her to come.


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Dev and Vidhi are in the coffee shop. Dev asks Vidhi what today’s girls see in their life partner. Vidhi says he shall be caring, protective and connected to his family like you. She asks what you will see in girl to make her lifepartner? Dev looks on.


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