Naagin Season 4 4th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Naagin Season 4 4th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Naagin Season 4 4th January 2020 Episode Start With Vrinda thinking the family members don’t know what Manas does. Harsh, Rohan and other brother come there and asks Vrinda to come with them. Vrinda calls Dev and escapes as they turn. Manas comes to the terrace and find Manyata. He asks who is she? Manyata says I am enemy. Dev hugs Vishali and says he is fine. He sees Vrinda hiding under the table. He asks Vishali to go as Ketki is calling her. Manyata tells Manas that she came to take 25 years revenge from them. Dev also comes under the table and asks what is the matter?

Vrinda says you will not believe what I have seen. Manas is about to go, when Nayantara comes there and stops him. Manas says I don’t know her. Nayantara says but I know her. He turns and sees Manyata as shapeshifting snake. Manyata bites him. Manas tries to message someone. Manyata tells that she came to take revenge from his family. Vrinda is about to tell Dev about Manas and stops seeing his brother. He gets Manas’ call. Manyata says she remembers how his mother killed a small kid. She takes him in her tail and makes him fall down in the marriage altar. Nayantara and Manyata smiles. Everyone gets shocked seeing Manas injured. Kanika shouts in pain. Nayantara says now these people will search rich girl for their selfish motive. Manyata says their search shall end on you, you have to make place in Dev’s life and win everyone’s lives. She says same thing will happen with them, as they have done to Keshav. She says destiny bad’s game will start. Manas’s mother asks Baa if her son will be fine. They wait outside Manas’s hospital ward. Ketki asks did they see Vishali? Harsh says no. Vishali tells Pandit how did Manas fall down from terrace. Pandit says I shall go and find out about that naagin. Manas’ brother cries. Doctor comes out and says patient is out of danger. Vishali comes to hospital and insists to meet Manas. Doctor says patient is in coma. Vishali gets worried about Dev and looks at him. Doctor says we have to call Police as this is accident case.

Manyata comes to the temple and asks Pandit ji why her daughter haven’t changed her avatar. Nayantara sees some goons chasing a girl. She stops the girl. Vishali gets worried. Her brother in law comes and tells that Kanika and her family broke the marriage and left. Manyata tells Pandit ji that she has trained her daughter well and she has the power of a lion. Manyata is seen fighting with the goons and beating them. She walks away from there with the girl proudly.

Manyata asks Pandit ji if Nayantara is not her daughter in reality. She says if she is not my daughter then who is my daughter and where is she? She says I never let anything happen to my daughter, then what went wrong? Pandit ji asks her to stress her mind and think. Manyata says I always kept her near me, even when I fell in the river. Pandit ji asks her to recall if she was with her, all the time. Manyata says if someone changed my daughter when the villagers rescued us. She says that time someone must have swapped my daughter. She asks God, what does he wants and asks why is he doing injustice with her. Pandit ji says whoever had done this, but it is with God’s wish. Manyata says my daughter will fulfill my revenge and will kill my enemy one by one, but now I have lost trust. She asks where is my daughter and asks God to answer him. He says you know where to go, you can get your answers there, you will get a book there where you will get all your answers, with your daughter’s name and address, everything. Manyata says if my daughter is saved then she must have taken naagin avatar by now and must be in some house. She says she will search her daughter and fulfill her revenge.

Nayantara thinks of Manyata telling her that she shall be their first choice. Manyata is hurt and Dev gives his shoulder to her. Police comes there and enquires about Manas’ enemy. Vishali says he has no enmity with anyone. Dev asks why did you fight? He is about to balm to her feet and takes her permission. She asks him why is he shying away and asks him to apply medicine on her chest. Dev shyly applies medicine. He asks where did you learn the martial arts? She says at our place, we learn after birth. Vrinda thinks Manas should be punished, but this shouldn’t have happen with him. She falls down. Dev comes there and is about to apply ointment. She says she will do. He says I will do and applies ointment to her feet. Nayantara comes there and coughs. Vrinda asks Dev to give water for Baa and goes. Manyata looks at Nayantara’s childhood pics.

Akash talks to Vishali. Vishali thinks from where to get the money. She sees Dev going with Nayantara and thinks she is from a rich family and his Jodi with her. Swara talks to Vrinda and asks how is she? Vrinda says she is fine. Swara says she will ask her baba to do puja at home. Vishali comes there and says sorry, I disturbed you. Swara says you don’t see clock before calling us. Vishali asks Vrinda to come out and talk to her.

Manyata checks Nayantara’s childhood pics and thinks if I have lost my daughter. Nayantara comes home and tells that we are going close to our motive, tells that Dev is caring for her seeing her injury. She says she hurt herself to attract his attention. Manyata says you are very precious for me and asks her not to hurt herself again. Nayantara sees her pics and thinks why Maa is seeing my childhood pics.

Vrinda says dev praises you a lot and tells that he listens to you very much. Vrinda says it is not like that. Rushali says a friend helps other friend. Vrinda thinks what happened to her today. Rushali says Dev told that your fiancé wants job and tells that his family must be hoping from you. She asks her to convince Dev to marry Nayantara. Vrinda says what dev thinks, we shall know. Rushali asks her to convince Dev and thinks she shall make Nayantara’s Jodi with Dev so that she gets money which Kanika couldn’t get. Rajat hears her and gets happy. He asks Vrinda if she loves him. She says she loves neighbor. Rajat asks her to do just as Rushali aunty said and tells that Dev and Nayantara might marry in the same mandap as us. Nayantara calls Dev and talks to him about Manas. She asks him to be positive and come with her outside. Dev gets a message from Vrinda that she is going with Rajat to watch Sufi concert, inviting Dev. Dev tells Nayantara that they shall go to sufi concert.


Naagin Season 4 5th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Manyata reaches the place and tries to know about her daughter. Nayantara sees Vrinda as Naagin and thinks to inform Manyata.


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