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Naagin Season 6 1st October 2022 Episode starts with Rudra, his parents and others getting stuck in the lift. The naagin helps the lift and pulls up the lift to the nearest exit. Namashivay plays….Everyone comes out of the lift. Rudra says all wires were broken, it seems like the lift will blast.

His mother says Anmol is waiting for engagement and asks him to come. They leave. Professor Jeet confronts Suhasini for swapping the girls. He says I can’t tell Prathana that she is not my daughter, but a naagin and I can’t tell my daughter that she is my daughter, as she is connected to that family.

Suhasini laughs and says naagin’s daughter will be what? He says I will get my daughter married. Suhasini asks what is he doing now a days. She says you have worked for the pandemics before. Jeet says I will not let your intentions fulfilled. Prarthana is on the stairs and thinks what she has done 10 mins back.

She thinks something happens to her, and she lost her consciousness. She gets professor Jeet’s call, who tells that he will be leaving in 10 mins.

Anmol’s friends come to the engagement party. Pratha thinks to ask Anmol about the snake which she saw in the event. She asks Anmol. Anmol says that girl who was working with Rudra was just like you. Anmol tells that when she fell down, a big snake rescued her, and says if it was not there, then I wouldn’t have been saved. Pratha says don’t say this. Rudra and his parents come there. Rishabh asks them to come. Rudra sees tea stain on his suit. Someone says he brought extra suit for him. Rudra recalls Prarthana helping him and smiles.

Prarthana comes home. Jeet says you have come. He tells the groom’s parents that his daughter works in a news channel. Prarthana greets them and takes Jeet to side. She asks who are they? Jeet asks her to bring tea and samosa, and says I will tell them that you made it. Prarthana asks why did you call them. Jeet says for your marriage. He says that guy likes you and he is having a good job.

Prarthana says she is happy with her job. Jeet says you can continue your job, I am not alive, but might not be there tomorrow. He asks her to meet them. Prarthana serves them samosa and tea. Jeet tells them that his daughter wants to do job.

The guy says he likes his daughter. Jeet says then the alliance is fixed and asks Prarthana if she likes someone else. Prarthana thinks of Rudra and recalls hearing about his engagement. Jeet says you have to marry one day. Prarthana looks on. They make her wear the shagun and leave. Jeet tells Prarthana that they shall go to a restaurant and have food.

Anmol comes to Rudra and says this hand and support will not leave. Suhasini comes there. Pratha gets happy seeing her. Suhasini asks did you call Professor as Anmol is your daughter. She then says Anmol was like his daughter. Pratha says no and tells that Professor had called her. Suhasini asks if she knows Professor. Pratha makes an excuse and goes. Jeet and Prarthana are walking on the road, when a chain snatcher attacks Prarthana and takes her chain. Jeet tries to stop him, when the goon attacks him. Prarthana takes the naagin form and hits the goon.

Jeet is shocked to witness her naagin avatar. He asks her to marry and settle down, and asks her never to take naagin form again. He says your mother was…He stops and tells that she is dead now. They come home. Jeet tells Prarthana that she can take naagin form whenever she wants, and says she has to control her powers, else she will faint whenever such things happen. He asks her to marry in 4 days and leave from here. Prarthana says ok, if you think that this is right, then ok.

Later Rudra and Anmol are standing to exchange the rings. Rudra and Anmol wear the rings. Everyone claps. Rudra and Anmol have a hug. Anmol’s friends ask her to close her eyes and see whom she loves the most. Anmol closes her eyes and sees Rudra’s face. She tells that she saw Rudra’s face. They ask Rudra to close his eyes. Rudra closes his eyes and sees Prarthana’s face. He gets shocked.

Jeet is taking Prarthana to his office room. Prarthana says you didn’t let me come inside before. Jeet says now time has come to tell you. He asks her to promise and not to get involved in any things. He tells about the pandemic and tells that he has saved the nation twice. He tells that four people were doing big things for the nation and among them, three of them are dead. He says your boss is going to expose about these attacks and if this happens then our nation will be freed. Prarthana feels proud of him and says she will work with him for their land.

Everyone teases Rudra after his mother tells that he might have seen the terrorists. Anmol’s friends make the gifts fall down from the table. Anmol asks guests to keep the gifts in the storeroom. She goes with them to get the gifts kept, and finds Mahek’s pic there. Pratha comes there and tells her about Mahek.

Jeet tells Prarthana that he would have taken her help if she was some other Shesh naagin, and says he will do anything to protect the country, but will not involve her. Prarthana thinks to go to temple to know the secrets. Urvashi is sitting in the cave with the lady. The lady says the history will repeat itself etc, seeing Mahek’s pic.

Rudra misses Prarthana in his engagement party. Prarthana is coming to Naag Mahal in naagin costume to know about the secrets. She recalls Jeet’s words asking her to stay far from everything. She folds hands before the Shivji’s idol. Takshak appears infront of her and tells that today is Mahanavratri maha naumi and tells that every year Shesh Naagin used to do this puja 21 years back. Prarthana asks who was Shesh Naagin before? Pratha thinks Shivji send his rakshak to save her daughter and thinks to go there and thanks Shivji. She finds the snake’s skin and thinks it is of the same skin who rescued Anmol.

She thinks to see that snake’s face using its skin and thank him/her. Takshak asks Prarthana to do the puja and asks her to greet her mother’s Nani. Prarthana asks about her mother. Takshak says you will know about her when the time comes, and says you are her reflection and asks her to begin the puja. Prarthana folds her hands and completes the puja. She takes Shesh Naagin avatar and folds her hands. Pratha is coming there and finds the naag mahal decorated.

She thinks today a mother has come to thank the rakshak of my daughter, and will do that. She comes inside and walks towards the Shiv ji’s idol. Prarthana, Takshak and others are not there. Pratha thinks who has done puja, which I used to do, thinks Naagraj Takshak must have done this puja.

She talks to her Nani’s photo frame and says nobody knows many secrets of you, how your death happened, and how your anklet had saved me always. She finds the anklet missing and thinks where did it go. Prarthana crawls and becomes human. She thinks she might get answers to her question one day.

Pratha says I didn’t come, and someone has done the puja. She says I couldn’t understand your hints and says today I came to thank the power who saved my daughter, I want to thank that naag or naagin. She prays to Shiv ji and asks her to show the naag/naagin’s face who has saved her daughter.

She looks in the water and sees her face. She says Shivji, you are showing my face to me, and says I know you are upset with me, but still saved my daughter. She says I am sure that you will show that naag or naagin’s face to me.

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