Naagin Season 6 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Naagin Season 6 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Naagin Season 6 3rd September 2022 Episode starts with Pratha running out of the house. A wood cutter warns her not to go there as there is a valley down there. The lady is carrying the basket in which both girls are kept.

The girls are crying. Pratha prays to Kanha ji and asks him to guide her to get her daughter back. She becomes half naagin and then prays to Shiv ji. She says even your Gauri is incomplete without the baby, just like you had given her Ganapati ji, please return my daughter to me.

She prays to Shivji and becomes giant. She becomes half naagin. Shakti and Professor come there. Shakti gets surprised seeing Pratha’s giant half snake form. Pratha sees the flowers on the way and realizes that it is puja flowers and the basket was kept near the cradle. She says whoever takes the girls, have taken them in the basket.

Shakti thinks if she finds the woman then will come to know that I have asked her to throw the girls from the cliff. Pratha reaches the cliff and warns the lady not to throw her daughters down. The lady throws the girls down. Pratha hits her and becomes snake. She first saves professor’s daughter and then her daughter.

She thanks Shiv ji for saving both girls. She then confronts the lady. Shakti pretends to confront her and pushes her from the cliff. The lady falls down the cliff. Pratha tries to stop him in vain. He says my daughter is a blessing. Pratha comes back with the girls and complete janmasthami puja.

Professor tells Pratha that now he has to leave with both his daughters and thanks everyone. Shakti gets happy. Pratha gives her daughter to Professor. Professor turns to go and sees Pratha crying. He then calls Pratha.

He says you didn’t complete one rasam, and tells that how to separate Yashoda from her mother. He says she has saved his daughter without thinking about her own daughter. He gives baby to Pratha and goes with his daughter with a heavy heart. Pratha thanks Rajesh’s Aunty for helping her unite with her daughter.

Pratha brings her daughter to the temple and tells her Nani, that she got both her daughter and husband’s love. She says she doesn’t want her daughter to become Naagin, but wants her to be an ordinary human.

She says I brought her here so that I can make her have the anklet, so that she gets blessed by her. She tries to make her wear anklet, when a storm comes and both babies cry, one who is in Pratha’s hand and other is with Professor Jeet. The baby cries. Professor gets a call that the bus is delayed by two hours.

Pratha talks to her Nani and tells that her daughter might not want her powers and says she got your blessings. She comes home. Shakti comes to Pratha. Pratha gets up and Shakti gets pushed with her hand. She says you made her woke up. Shakti comes to Rishabh and vents out his anger on him, saying the baby is continuously crying and not letting him go near Pratha.

He says your daughter has become hole of my heart and I want to …..Rishabh warns her not to touch his daughter. Shakti says your daughter has to die. Rishabh says Pratha will never become yours, and says I am telling you 100 times. He says Pratha is my wife and we have taken rounds. Shakti says you are really my elder brother and showed me the way to go near her. He pushes him and goes.

Pratha finds her daughter still crying. Rishabh’s sisters try to pacify the baby. Pratha tells Chanda that her love is not sufficient that she is crying and was good with professor. Professor returns there and tells that Anmol was crying and he had met with an accident, so thought to return. He says they will leave in sometime.

Pratha asks him to go tomorrow. He says ok. Shakti comes there and snatches his phone, asks him to go after marriage. He then proposes Pratha of marriage. He tries to make her wear the ring. The baby cries and Pratha takes her in her lap. He says babies seem to be I bad mood, so they will marry tomorrow.

Shakti tells Pratha that he wants her to apply mehendi on his name? Pratha says I got mehendi of these daughters. Shakti asks her to forget everything and forget that he is Rishabh. He asks her to think that he loves her a lot. Pratha hears the some noise and thinks someone is there.

Shakti comes to Rishabh and tells that he is getting married, and will have their own baby. He says Pratha and I will be united and will make a new start of our lives. He says you are not invited for our marriage and says I will kill you and your daughter, then just Pratha and me.

Rishabh asks Shakti to hug him for the last time. Shakti hugs him. Rishabh warns him that if he touches Pratha or his daughter then will kill him. Shakti hits him and tells that once Pratha marries me, I will hit your heart and then will Pratha and your daughter. Rishabh cries.

Pratha is getting ready for marriage. Suddenly heavy wind comes. Rishabh’s sister says she will close the window. Pratha injures her finger and feels as if some storm will come. She shares with Chanda. Chanda blesses her and asks her to come to Rishabh. The sisters tell him that he is looking handsome.

Pratha and Shakti come infront of each other. Rishabh recalls hugging him and taking out the keys from shakti’s pocket. He opens the chain and comes to the door, knocking at the door and asking someone to open the door. Professor’s daughter comes near the door and Shiv ji’s damroo is shown.

Shivji showers his divine light on her. The girl’s hand thread gets stuck to the door and it gets opened. Rishabh hears her voice. The lady caretaker comes there and takes the baby from there. Rishabh opens the door. Shakti takes the girl (Professors daughter) from the caretaker and thinks he will kill her.

The Professor asks him to give the baby to him. The baby hits on Shakti’s eye and the lens fall down from his eyes. Professor asks if he is fine. Shakti keeps hand on his eyes and then opens it. Pratha and Shakti start taking the rounds. One of the sisters notice his eye color and tells other sister.

During the rounds, Shakti turns to Pratha and she sees his different eye colors. He asks what happened Pratha, it is not good to stop during the rounds, abshagun happens. Pratha says abshagun has happened for you. He finds the lens fallen on the ground. She asks who are you? He says I am Rishabh.

Rishabh comes there and says he is Shakti. Pratha is shocked to see Rishabh’s lookalike infront of her. She asks Rishabh. Rishabh says I am Rishabh and he is my twin brother Shakti. He says I thought he is dead many years ago, but came to know that he was alive and was locked in the cellar of the house, when I had gone to get water.

He grabs Shakti’s collar and says you have locked me, but how dare you to try to kill my daughter and eye my wife. Shakti snatches Professor’s daughter and tells that she is the root cause of all the problems, so he will kill her today.


Naagin Season 6 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Pratha prays that her daughter doesn’t become naagin. The daughter takes Naagin avatar and the mother’s fear comes true. The show timings have changed to 7 pm.


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