Naagin Season 6 7th May 2022 Written Episode Update


episode starts with Seema looking shocked seeing Chanda standing in a balcony. She then feels drowsy and walks towards her room. Rishabh walks her. Candles fall on curtains and fire spreads all around.

Rishabh gets stuck between the fire. Pratha and others rush to his rescue. Chanda saves Rishabh from fire. Rishabh asks Seema who is this woman who saved his life. Pratha says its a surprise birthday gift for Seema, she is Rishabh’s mother. Seema gets tensed and Rishabh gets shocked hearing that.

Pratha further says she is Rishabh’s mother’s best friend who has lost her memory. She tells Seema what can be the best surprise birthday gift than getting back her best friend. Once everyone walk away, Pratha taunts Seema that soon she will expose Seema’s true face.

After sometime, Seema hears Chanda singing a lullaby and tries to peep into her room when she notices snakes around her and tries to shoo them away. Pratha walks in and taunts her again. Snakes grip Seema.

Seema pleads to free her. Pratha frees her. Seema challenges to kill Chanda soon. Pratha challenges she cannot. Rishabh walks to them and asks what are they talking about. Pratha says Seema wants to press Chanda’s feet and serve her. Rishabh says he will serve her as Seema is like his mother. Pratha says Semaa doesn’t want to lose the opportunty to serve her friend. Seema presses Chanda’s feet and acts tired.

Prathas says Seema wants to prepare milk for Chanda and sends her to kitchen. Rishabh presses Chanda’s feet next. Pratha follows Seema to the kitchen. Seema feels backache while working and asks for servants. Pratha says she gave nidra vish to all the servants and made them asleep, so now Seema has to prepare food. Seema gets more angry while Pratha enjoys mocking her.

Mahak walks to Pratha and asks if Chanda is Rishabh’s biological mother, then why didn’t Daadi react. Pratha says Daadi reacted when she saw Chanda, she needs to find out the secret which daadi knows. She meets daadi and asks her to tell what she knows about Chanda. Daadi says she cannot say anything and walks away. Next morning, Pratha wakes up and finds Rishabh coming from outside.

Rishabh says he dropped daadi for teerth yatra/religious pilgrimage on Dad’s order. She walks to Daadi’s room and finds a ring with nag mahal written on the mirror. She thinks the secret is hidden in their ancestral mahal itself. Mahak checks the ring and says she noticed it in their naani/grandma’s finger in the painting.

They reach mahal and search for the clue. Pratha notices a hole near naani’s painting and fixes the ring into it. Paintaing breaks and opens a secret door. They both walk into the secret door and find a white naag protecting the door.

Mahak says white naag is protecting the door and will not let them in. Pratha dances in front of the naag in her naagin style. Naag notices nagmani inside her stomach and moves aside. Pratha enters the door and finds a few books and Seema’s asuri clan’s pics. Mahak notices door closing and informs Pratha.

Pratha runs picking the pics and gets out just before the door closes. On the other side, Lalith returns home and finds Rishabh lying a floor tied down and Seema threatening to drop chandelier on him and kill. He pleads her spare Rishabh. Rishabh asks Seema how can she kill him being his mother.

Seema reveals that she is not his real mother and Chand is his real mother. She threatens Lalith to tell where the secret kalash/pot is or else she will kill Rishabh. Lalath says he doesn’t know but when she drops chandelier over Rishabh reveals its location. Seeema turns into Pratha and Rishabh into Mahak.

Lalith says the both tricked him. Prahta reveals that she realized his memory is back when he looked shocked seeing his first wife Chanda. Pratha asks what was Seema’s asuri clan pics doing in the nag mahal.

Lalith reveals it’s Seema’s mother Tara’s photo and goes into flashback where Pratha’s grandmother senior seshnagin calls a panditji to nag mahal to predict her future. Panditji checks her and baby Mahak’s palms and reveals that Mahak has a bright future and her granddaughter will be the biggest seshnagin. Naani rejoices hearing that. Panditji further reveals Mahak shouldn’t go near water or else her life would be in danger. Naani gets angry on Panditji and says she doubts his prediction.

Panditji says his prediction is 100% true and her unborn granddaughter may be the future seshnagin. Maid informs naani that someone came to meet her. Naani goes to living room and finds Tara there. She scolds Tara for entering her mahal again. Tara demands her to give nagmani pointing an axe at her.

Naani throws axe away and says she will not let asurs like her get nagmani. Tara asks her to tell kalash’s location then. Naani denies and shoos her away. She crosses Tara’s pic and asks her daughter to not let Tara asur enter mahal again and not let asurs get the amrith kalash she has. Pratha asks Lalith about kalash.

Precap: Pratha and Seema fight for Amrith nagin. Pratha faces ichadhari nevla to reach amrith kalash.


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