Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 14th September 2020 Episode starts with Arjun asking Pinky to free him from the marriage, if she wants to give him something. He asks her to divorce him and tells that he is getting the papers ready. He says if you sign on it then I will think about forgiving you. He says I know that you have helped me to get Nandu, but this betrayal is more than those favors. Pinky tells that if you think the help as favor then even you have done many favors on me.

She comes to Arjun and tries to give him medicine strip back, but he ignores her and leaves. Pinky keeps the medicines and goes from there. He takes the glass of water and eats the medicine. Antra tells Pinky that how can Arjun take this big decision, says I can never think that Arjun can do this. Pinky asks her not to hate him and says Maa scolded him so much. She says Maa and Arjun used to have mother and son’s relation, even though they didn’t talk, but their eyes used to understand each other’s thoughts. She tells that she don’t want anyone to hate him. Antra says I am seeing love in your eyes for him and asks if she can divorce him. Pinky says to tell you the truth, I get shaken up with the thought of going away from him, but what to do, he cares for me, but don’t love me. Antra asks her to convey her feelings to her. Pinky says until there are misunderstandings between us, I can’t tell him anything. Antra asks where is that Pinky, who had attitude. Pinky says she is tired. Antra says love is not easy. You shall have courage. She asks her not to sign on the divorce papers and asks her to promise. Pinky says if Arjun ji gets happiness due to divorce then I will sign. Antra brings the bandage and ties on her palm. She asks her to promise and says don’t open it. Pinky says ok. She asks her to go and have courage.

Nalini and Asha are doing arrangements of the puja/shradh at their house. Asha tells her that the sweet box was open, so cat kept her mouth in the sweets box. Nalini says from where to get the sweets now. She looks at Pinky and turns her face.

Arjun comes to Pinky’s room and keeps tea for her. He asks her to sign on the divorce papers. Pinky says you got it made very soon, like last time. She says Divorce 2 is happening soon too. She tells that she has a benefit now, tells that she will get a new tag now of a divorcee, along with naati tag. She tells that she is thinking to make it as a professional, whoever marries animal to get away with dosh, shall marry me and get divorce. She says may be I can be of use to such people. She says I don’t have the habit of seeing dreams, but I had seen one dream after divorce from Gagan. She says she had thought that her second marriage will be longer as I used to think that God will not do wrong with me again and again, but my dream is a connected of bad wifi and it was destined to break. She says I never thought that I will get divorce again. She says I will tell my dreams to choose own path, so that I will meet you at the end. She says I can’t bear this pain. Arjun says I don’t know what is going on in your mind, and which dream will be fulfilled if you stay with me. He says I don’t want to hurt you, and I never thought to hurt you. He says we have no commitment, love and future in our relationship then why are you torturing yourself. Pinky recalls Antra’s words. Arjun says I can understand what you are feeling seeing the divorce papers and tells that he has no option. Pinky asks if her feelings matters to him. Arjun tells that last time, the guy (Gagan) was wrong and this time, Circumstances are bad. He asks her to sign on the papers. Pinky tells that today she can’t sign and shows her bandaged hand. Arjun asks what is her drama and asks if she wants him to run behind her for a sign.

Nandu comes there and asks them to come with her. She shows her parents to her online teacher and friends. She tells that she will come with her parents to the next annual function, hugs Arjun and Pinky. Arjun goes from there. Pinky comes to him. Arjun asks if she is playing with Nandu’s emotions and tells that she is a little girl. Pinky shows the sweets plate. He says I was asking you to sign and you are trying to make me eat sweets. Pinky tells that she has made sweets for Ananya di’s Pind daan, tells today is her shradh. She asks her to touch the plate. Arjun touches the plate and asks her to sign, when she has made sweets. Pinky asks Sunny to keep the pind daan stuff outside. Sunny says ok. Pinky comes out. Revati says sorry to Pinky and says my son insults you very much. She says if I was on your place, then I would have signed and asks her to sign and leave from home with dignity. Pinky goes from there. Revati thinks to know what is in her heart, before planning anything.

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