Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 18th September 2020 Episode starts with Pinky telling Arjun that she will focus on the subjects which results matters to her. She tells that she will become his wife. Nandu asks her to make her have breakfast. Pinky makes her have breakfast and asks Arjun to stop. She applies ointment to his hand and tells that she will make him say that he loves her. Arjun goes from there. Pinky asks Nandu to finish the food. Pinky calls Antra and tells that he left and asks her to talk to him nicely. Antra comes to Arjun and meets him and tells that she went to temple to thank God as you fell in love with Pinky. Arjun says I asked you not to tell anyone. Antra tells that you got true love twice and tells that Ananya might be happy as you found true love again. She makes him have prasad and asks him not to say no. He eats the laddoo and leaves. Sunny comes and says he went making a bitter face. He is about to take the laddoo. Antra tells that it is bhang laddoo and tells that Arjun will say the truth to Pinky. Arjun thinks everyone has gone mad and thinks what happened to everyone. He feels drowsy. Pinky asks him to say that he loves her. He says I don’t love you. He rubs his eyes and see, but she is not there. He sees her again sitting outside the door and she asks him to say I love you Pinky…He comes inside the house and thinks what is happening to him. He is about to fall, when Pinky holds him and asks why are you walking like this? He laughs.

Pinky asks what happened to you. Arjun laughs and says I have gone mad. He says everyone knows the truth, they know what is in my heart, but I am running away from it. She takes him to bedroom. Arjun says I am coward, roam here and there. Pinky says you are in sleep and saying anything. Arjun asks what to tell her, that I have started liking her. He says she is Ananya’s sister. Pinky asks him to sleep. He says my sleep joke woke up and tells that he has started liking her and tells that when Imarti came in his life, he started living again and when she (Pinky) acted to commit suicide, he felt like as if he lost his life. He says I am very bad to hurt her. I couldn’t tell my feelings to her. Pinky says you are not a bad guy, but good guy and a partner. She tells that she can’t see in pain. Arjun tells that he couldn’t tell his feelings to her and now he can’t stop more. He pulls her closer to him and says I love you…..I love you so much. Pinky gets emotional. He says I love you…very much. He rests his head on her lap and says I love you repeatedly.

In the morning, Pinky is seen sleeping on his shoulder. He wakes up and finds Pinky close to him. He gets up from the bed. Pinky smiles. He gets surprised seeing her smile. Pinky comes near him and signs him that her pallu is stuck to his shirt. He frees it and goes out. Pinky gets up happily and feels shy. She applies bindi to herself and tells that she thought her love as one sided love, but it turned out to be two sided. She is very happy and shares her happiness with Antra and Nalini. She asks Nalini to forgive her and tells that Arjun ji accepted me. Asha comes there. Pinky tells that Arjun ji told me I love you. Asha gets happy. It is her imagination. Pinky thinks if I tell this to Papa then….and imagines Ram accepting her and realizing his mistake. She hopes her dream comes true. Doctor comes and tells that Ram ji doesn’t want to meet anyone. Asha says he is unwell since three days. Antra says nothing wrong happened. Doctor asks them to keep him happy and says his wish to live is dead. Asha blames Pinky and tells that she has betrayed us big. Antra asks her to stop it and says why did you curse daughters also. Nalini says you are seeing his condition and saying this? Antra tells that Ram is her brother too and tells that he has to change his mindset. Nalini says I can’t make you understand and tells that they have to bring Pinky back. Antra says let her be happy, just now her relation is fine.

Pinky wakes up Nandu and makes her finish her breakfast. Arjun asks Nandu where is his towel? Nandu sees lipstick mark on his shirt and laughs. Sunny sees it and laughs too. Arjun asks did I say any joke? Sunny asks him to look at himself after waking up. Arjun asks what do you mean? Sunny thins bhang laddoo worked and asks what happened at night. Arjun asks have you gone mad. Sunny signs him at the lipstick mark. Arjun recalls Pinky sleeping on his shoulder and tells that he is going to take bath. Nandu insists and asks him to have bath. She asks Pinky and Sunny to sit and have breakfast. She asks Arjun to feed her with his hand. Arjun says ok. He feeds her food. Pinky sits. Nandu asks how choti Mamma’s lipstick came on your shirt. Arjun and Pinky ask her not to talk while eating. Arjun asks how to ask Pinky what happened last night. Pinky thinks her dream came true.


Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 21st September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Arjun proposes some other girl and tells that she is Parul, love of his love and proposes her. He tells that he is going to marry her. Pinky is shattered.


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