Namah 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Namah 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Namah 28th November 2019 Episode Start With Samudradev informs Sri that Narayan killed her elder brother and asks if she will marry her brother’s murderer. Sri calls Narayan and tells that her father is telling he killed her elder brother, he should meet her father and clear the confusion and inform that he didn’t kill her brother. Narayan says it is true that he killed Shank and remembers event. Laxmi asks why did he kill her brother. He says he can’t remember. She says she did wrong by loving a person who killed her brother and will never see his face again. Narayan asks if she is joking. Laxmi says she mean it and will never meet him again. Narayan sadly says as she wishes and leaves.

Parvathi tells Mahadev that her brother Narayan is suffering because of her; if she had not erased his memory, he would informed Sri why he killed Shank. Mahadev says as she told she just followed what is written in fate and is not at fault, now he will perform his duty. Sri sits at the same place and thinks why she loves Narayan who killed her brother. Mahadev disguised as dream seller walks to her and asks her to buy memories. Sri says she doesn’t need it. Mahadev gives a fish for free and asks her to remember her past. She holds it and says she feels as if she knows it, imagines Narayan’s matsya avatar pulling boat and then writhing for water. She returns fish and ask what was it. Mahadev asks her to remember her past and drops fish bowl on ground. Fish writhes for water. Sri requests him to pick the fist and he says only she can. She picks fish and it gets back to normal with water in her hands. Mahadev says she is Kalyani and should remember her past. She asks him to go away and he disappears. She sees even fish disappearing and thinks what was that.

Samudradev tells Bali that Narayan tricked and sent his gift to Sri, he has to make sure Sri doesn’t meet him again. Bali assures him that he will not let Sri meet Narayan again. In Vaikunth, Narayan doesn’t get sleep and calls Yogmaya/Parvathi. Yogmaya appears and asks why did he call her. He says he is not getting sleep and wants to know the reason. She says he needs to sleep now for his clear memory and makes him asleep, thinks he will get back his memory after a deep sleep.

Sri decides to meet Narayan and tries to walk out of palace when Bali’s guards stop her and say Bali has ordered not to let her out. She warns how dare he is to stop her. He says Bali is following her father’s order. She tries to push him. He says something is special in this lady that Bali touched her feet, she should touch even him and make him special. Sri pushes him away and calls Narayan. Mahadev as dream seller emerges again and says she is related to both Narayan and him. He takes back his original Mahadev avatar and informs that he is her brother, Narayan is her husband, and she is Narayani. Sri remembers all her past.


Namah 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Narayani/Sri gets back her memory and reaches Vaikunta.She asks Narayan to remember she is his Narayani. Narayan says he doesn’t know any Narayani. Alakshmi walks to Vaikunta holding Narayan’s hand.


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