Namah 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Namah 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Namah 29th November 2019 Episode Start With Mahadev informs Sri that she is Narayani. Sri is amazed to hear that. Mahadev says her father Samudradev told her half truth and to know complete truth, she should follow him. She follows Mahadev who takes her to Vaikunta and showing resting Narayan says he looks not in peace without her. He shows garden and says it is lifeless without her. She walks on garden and it gets back to life with flowers blooming agian.

He then asks her to remember who she is. She remembers all her past and sitting next to Narayan emotionally says she is Narayani. Narayan says he doesn’t know who Narayani is, he just knows that she is Samudradev’s daughter. She asks him to remember his past. He says he doesn’t want to and asks her to leave. Laxmi asks Mahadev why did he return her memory and not Narayan’s. Mahadev says if they both walk 7 steps together, Narayan will get back her memory.

Laxmi returns home. Alakshmi confronts her and asks when she promised to get her Narayan and never come in their way, then why did she break her promise. Laxmi says Samudradev’s daughter Sri had promised her, but she is now Vaikunta’s Narayani and she is married to Narayan since eternity. Alakshmi continues fighting, but Laxmi leaves. Samudradev stops Laxmi and asks why did she meet her brother’s murderer. Laxmi says Shank died because of his sins and Narayan just followed his duty. Samudradev warns her to dare not go again to meet Narayan. She doesn’t budge. He captures her via magic and orders guards to throw her in jail.

Alakshmi fumes that Laxmi is snatching Narayan from her. Bali meets her and suggests to walk 7 steps with Narayan, then he will remember only Alakshmi. Alakshmi stands in havan fire and prays Narayan to emerge or else she will sacrifice herself. Narayan emerges and asks what she needs. She asks him to promise that he will fulfill her wish without using any magic and being just a male and not god. Narayan promises. She asks him to walk 7 steps with her. He agrees.


Namah 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Narayan warns Alakshmi that walking 7 steps is not easy. Alakshmi says when she crossed 3 steps, she will cross remaining 4 easily. Narayan gets stuck into a swap, and Alakshmi runs away fearing for her life. Laxmi pleads Mahadev to save Narayan. Mahadev says only she as Narayani can save Narayan and asks her to remember her powers.


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