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Namah 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Namah 2nd December 2019 Episode Start With Alakshmi seeks boon from Narayan that she wants to walk 7 steps with her. Narayan grants her boon with tathastu. Alakshmi thinks now Sri will know how it is to snatch someone’s love. Narayan asks Alakshmi if she is ready and walks holding her hand, says it is not easy to walk 7 steps with him. She says when she has taken 3 steps, she will walk remaining 4 steps easily.

Narayan takes next step and gets immersed slowly into a swamp, asks Alakshmi told hold his hand and get into swamp if she wants to experience true love. Alakshmi says she wants to experience love but not trouble and runs away from there fearing her life while Bali insists her to complete 7 steps. Sri in Samudradev’s jail senses Narayan is in trouble and pleads to get her out of here.

Mahadev emerges in front of Narayan and asks him to come out of swamp. Narayan says he cannot before completing 7 steps and cannot use magic as he is common man now. Mahadev says only Sri can help him now and disappears. He reaches Sri and greeting her as Narayani informs her that Narayan is in trouble and only she can help him. Sri pleads to free her. Mahadev says she should help herself by realizing her inner power as there is no power in the world who can captivate Narayan or true love; she is Narayani, Adishakti, etc., and should realize her powers.

Sri realizes her inner powers and ges out of jail easily. She reaches Narayan and extending her hand asks her to come out. Narayan asks if Samudradev’s daughter is not afraid of swamp. Sri says to get him she can get into much deeper problem and pulls him out. Swamp disappears. Mahadev tells Gowri that when true love is strong, nothing can stop it.

Narayan and Sri walk remaining 4 steps. Narayan says she told someone will complete her incomplete sringar/makeup/decoration, who will complete it. She says him. He reminisces Laxmi, calling her Chanchala, Komala, etc., their separation, Samudradev’s curse, etc.. and calls her Laxmi. Laxmi says Narayan. Narayan says Laxmi-Narayan. Laxmi turns, and Narayan completes her makeup by correcting her veni/flowers and calling her Chanchala says let us go home. Samudradev emerges and warns Laxmi that she is not Narayan’s Laxmi but Samudradev’s daughter Sri.

Laxmi says by changing name, her identity will not change and he himself selected Narayan in her swayamwar. Samudradev says he hasn’t performed kanyadaan yet. Mahadev asks Narayan to use his powers and get back his lady love. Narayan says he wants Samudradev himself to offer his daughter to her in marriage and he is sure with his love, he will make it possible. Samudradev takes away Sri with him.

Narayan heads to Kailash with Mahadev and Gowri. Gowri serves him butter bhog/serving to get him some energy to fight. Narayan reminisces Laxmi preparing butter bhog for him and asking how is it. e says it is good but not that special. Laxmi asks why can’t be it special as she had to churn milk a lot and force it to leave butter, she made it with her hard work. Out of flashback, Narayan tells Mahadev it is time for manthan/churning and he will force Samudradev to offer Laxmi to him in marriage. He reaches Indradev and advices him to seek asur’s help for samudra manthan.

Indradev says he will never seek help form arrogant asur raja Bali. Narayan says his arrogance made him lose his wealth and power once and if he gets arrogant again, he will lose whatever is remaining now. Indradev agrees to seek help from Bali. Narayan with Indradev meets Bali and seeks his help for Samudra manthan. Bali does not agree. Narayan with his sudarshan chakra kills 2 asurs and says Bali does not have immortality boon and can become immortal with amrith derived from samudra manthan. Bali agrees.


Namah 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :  Narayan organizes samudra manthan with devs and asurs’ help. Samudradev gets angry seeing samdura/ocean being churned and sends halalal/poison.


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