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Namak Issk Ka 15th July 2021 Satya tells Iravati that if you stop my mother’s treatment then I will send you to jail. I know you brought me to Kahani’s place so where is Kahani? If you threaten me again then I will take out my dagger. Iravati glares at her. Satya says don’t be scared. She says I won’t mistreat that innocent sister (Rupa). Iravati says you have to irritate her so Yug can hate Kahani. Satya says I will start my acting, she goes from there. Iravati says what if she is Kahani’s twin? Iravati says her mother is different. This girl will do cheap acts and then Yug will throw her out thinking this is real Kahani. Gunjan says what about real Kahani? Iravati says that girl is finished.

Satya thinks that she is doing something very wrong. My mother might not have given me birth but she raised me, she is my real mother. I just pray that nothing happens to my mother.

Rupa is cooking and recalls Kahani’s hurtful words. Yug comes there and says I am sorry for Kahani hurting you. She made you cry, I am really sorry on her behalf. Rupa says it’s not Kahani’s fault, it’s my fate. Yug says don’t protect your sister, don’t know what has happened to Kahani. Rupa says leave all that. I have made sweets for you. Yug says this house has become bitter but you are still trying to make everything fine. I am embarrassed that Kahani misbehaved with you. Rupa says Kahani is going from a rough patch so it’s okay. Yug says no, it’s doesn’t give her a right to insult you. I will talk to her. He goes from there.

Satya is looking around Yug’s house and says it’s so big. She looks around decoration pieces and says everything shines here. She steals some items and says this will be enough for me. She sees a silver plate in the mandir and tells Lord that I am helpless so you have to adjust. She steals from mandir too. Yug comes there so she drops everything. Yug says what did you tell Rupa bhabhi? Kahani says actually.. Yug shouts what did you tell her? All come there and asks what happened now? Iravati asks Kahani what did you tell Rupa? Rupa says it’s fine. Yug asks Kahani to speak up. Kahani glares at Iravati. She tells Yug that I told the truth to Rupa, the truth is that I am prettier than her. That’s the truth. Yug says right. He calls Ronak there. Ronak asks what now? He asks Rupa if she has made sweets? Yug says how dare you to insult Rupa? You told Kahani that you wanted a pretty wife like Kahani but fate gave him Rupa. Then Kahani went and told this to Rupa. Kahani says it’s not wrong, I am pretty that’s why Ronak was behind me and then Yug fell in love with me. Yug asks Ronak if you said it to Kahani? Ronak says I might have thought that but I didn’t say it to Kahani. You people keep blaming me for everything. Yug grabs his collar and says you are behind all this. Dadi says this Kahani is lying. Kahani says why would I lie? he called me from jail and said all this. She tells Rupa that I fought for you against everyone but you are making my husband fight with me? Ronak says she is lying. Kahani says you told me that I am like a flowing river and Rupa is like a dry desert. Iravati says enough, I won’t bear anyone insulting my daughter. I am enough for my Rupa. I want to throw this Kahani out of the house. Kahani says try me then. She tells Yug don’t be angry over such a small thing. Yug says you will stay away from Rupa from now on. Kahani says if her husband is away from her then why would I be near her. Yug says come with me otherwise I will drag you from here. He takes her from there. Iravati thinks my plan is working out.

Yug brings Kahani to their room and makes her sit down. He tries to calm down and says I never hid anything from you, I am really worried about you. Kahani says I am totally fine, she looks away. Yug says look at me. Kahani thinks his eyes are too deep for me. Yug says I talked to a doctor, he said that these incidents can change a person’s behavior. Kahani says I am totally fine. Yug says you are insulting Rupa and you don’t even look at me. Kahani says I am sorry. Yug says I know you are going through a lot, this is normal. Don’t be stressed alone, he holds her hand and says I am with you. Satya thinks he is such a good man and I am cheating him. Yug says let’s go and meet the doctor, he goes from there. Satya panics and says the doctor will find out my wound is fake. I have to do something.

Ronak comes to Iravati and says you took your daughter’s side today. Did your motherly love wake up? Iravati says I have killed all those emotions. Just dance to my tunes. Ronak says you took me out of the jail right? Iravati says you are useless that’s why I have to do everything for you. This is all yours but you are cheap, you steal money from others, you insult your wife and you molest your brother’s wife. You are a cheap man. She goes from there. Ronak looks on.

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