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Namak Issk Ka 15th June 2021 Rupa asks the doctor about Kahani. The doctor says I am really sorry, we can’t save her. All are stunned to hear that. Dadi says as God wishes. Saroj is in shock and thinks I just wanted Kahani to leave my son, my intention was not to get her dead. Ronak thinks how could milky white leave like this? Rupa goes in a corner and cries. She calms herself down and calls Yug. Yug breakdowns hearing that. Yug looks at Bhole Nath and says I married again because of Kahani being stubborn, Kahani was my lifeline and after all this, her hatred was my lifeline.

You took away my hatred too. What did you do lord? How will I live now? He says you have to change fate today, you have to give Kahani back to me, you will have to change life rules, you have to do some miracle, come on earth but you have to bring Kahani back, you have to give her back to me. He cries and prays for her. Otherside Kahani gets her heartbeat back. The doctor starts treating her. Yug gets a call from Rupa and thank you, lord. He says Bhole Nath will always be with me, Kahani is alive.. she is alive. The priest comes there and says he listened to a plea of hatred today. Yug runs from there.

The inspector gets a call. He goes and tells Ravi that Kahani is awake now. Ravi thanks lord for saving her. The lawyer tells Ravi that if you keep worrying about Kahani then we won’t be able to prove that Kahani is not your daughter. Ravi says I am her culprit and I am ready to get any punishment, you are fighting this case for my wife and my daughters so just tell them that they can’t hide the truth for long. The lawyer says I can’t save you like this, think about Gunjan and Rupa. Ravi says I am thinking about Kahani. The lawyer says I will back down from this case as you are not willing. Ravi says just tell Yug that he did the wrong thing by marrying Gunjan.

Yug rushes to the hospital. The doctor tells him that she will be awake soon. Yug tries to go in but Gunjan stops him. He says please and goes into her room. Saroj prays. Iravati glares at her.

Yug comes into Kahani’s room, he recalls their moments together. He sits on her bed, he holds her hand and says Kahani? She opens her eyes and looks at him. Kahani says Yug babu.. She recalls her accident and says your wedding with Gunjan? Yug looks down and says it happened. I married Gunjan. Kahani takes her hand away. Yug says I wish you had stopped me once but you were busy insulting my family. Kahani says I didn’t call the reporters. Yug says now you will say you didn’t say anything in front of the media, do you know you have burned our relationship because of your stubbornness, I didn’t have a choice. I had to do this marriage. Kahani says you didn’t even wait for me.

Yug says I didn’t have any hope for you, what you said in front of the media broke my hopes and I too. You wanted justice and not a husband, right? We will meet in court now because I can’t give you justice, I can just give you love which you don’t need. Gunjan comes there with the family and says one ritual is still left. Iravati says yes, we still have to open the gath bandhan. Saroj says I told you Yug to not do this marriage but you didn’t listen, you have to do rituals now.

Yug looks at Kahani and says I will do this last ritual also. Kahani looks on. Yug stands with Gunjan and says Kahani couldn’t watch my wedding, she can watch this last ritual. Kahani is in tears hearing that. Iravati smirks and opens their gath bandhan. Kahani recalls her own wedding with Yug and glares at him. Iravati says let’s go home new couple. Gunjan smirks at Kahani and says you will not congratulate me?

You have a court date to prepare so all the best. Yug and Gunjan leave from there. All family members go away. Iravati smirks at Kahani and says now you understand you shouldn’t mess with big people? Iravati leaves. Kahani cries and says Yug has broken more promises than he made, I shouldn’t have trusted his small eyes. I loved him and he.. you made me cry every day, why? I was coming to you.

Yug is sadly sitting in the hospital and looks at his lock. He kisses her key. Saroj comes there and takes the lock from him. Yug takes it back. Saroj says I understand your pain, if you lose hope then how will you live? Yug says this pain is new, I don’t know who was at mistake but I just know everything is finished. I got everything, true love, true friendship but I couldn’t handle it, I was lucky but I have become unlucky now. I have to learn how to live with this pain, he leaves from there. Saroj cries for him. Gunjan looks at Yug and smiles.

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