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Namak Issk Ka 16th July 2021 Satya talks to herself and says this Iravati is crazy. She thinks no one will find out that I am faking my head injury. Saroj calls her and says you didn’t tell me what you wanted to. Kahani says what? Saroj says you called me earlier and said you want to share some information? Satya looks on.

Yug comes to Rupa and says I want to help Kahani but I don’t know-how. Rupa says she just needs time with you, why don’t you take her to the farmhouse? Yug says it’s a good idea. Gunjan hears all that and thinks I need to flop this plan.

Satya stammers and says what were you saying? Saroj says your call gave me hope. You were telling me that my prayers would be fulfilled, tell me you know something good about Yug’s father. Satya sees Iravati coming there and calls her. She says what was I telling her? She acts dizzy and goes from there. Iravati thinks I have to take this Satya out of the house soon.

Satya sits on Yug’s bed and says this is going out of hand. I am on this man’s bed, I can’t do all this. I have to get out of this mess soon. She sees Yug coming there and acts like sleeping. Yug sits beside her and says Kahani? Satya thinks he is talking so sweetly. He asks if you are feeling fine? She says yes. Yug says you got dizzy again, you should see a doctor. Yug says look at me, she looks away. Yug says fine, just listen to me. If you can’t go to a doctor then come to the farmhouse with me. She says what? He comes closer and says it will be you and me only. Satya says we both alone? Yug says yes, why are you acting like this? Satya thinks I can’t do this even for a lot of money. I melt in front of him. Yug says so yes or no? Satya gets pressurized and says yes. Yug kisses her forehead and leaves. Satya says why do I melt in front of him? He gives me shocks. I am so stressed. What can I do? She goes to sleep.

Ravi and Iravati are on their bed. She goes from there. Ravi wakes up to follow her. He thinks I am doubting Iravati, she was alone with Kahani and then she fell from the stairs. I feel Iravati is up to something again.

Iravati goes to a hidden door in the basement. Ravi is looking around for her. He thinks if she went in the basement? Nobody goes there.

Iravati sees Kahani lying in the basement. Kahani wakes up and calls out to Yug. Iravati says it’s me, I brought food for you. Kahani throws it away. Iravati says look at you, you are brave but see what happened to you. What will you do now? Kahani says I will wait for Yug and for my victory. Iravati laughs and says Yug won’t come, he has already found another toy. She shows her Yug with Satya on her phone. Kahani says who is this? She looks like me. Iravati says who can it be? Kahani says my sister… please don’t do anything with her. Iravati says you know my nature. Kahani says you are taking advantage of my sister? How is my mother? Iravati says what were you about to tell to Saroj? She keeps asking Satya so tell me otherwise they will find out who Satya is, then I will not spare your mother.

Ravi is about to go behind Iravati but Yug comes there and says you are awake? Ravi says I couldn’t sleep. Yug says I don’t feel right since Kahani fell from the stairs, she doesn’t even want to go to the doctor. Ravi says maybe she is scared of the hospital. Yug thinks Kahani isn’t the one to be scared.

Kahani tells Iravati that I am not scared of your threats. Iravati says I have already won but you don’t want to accept your defeat. Kahani says my love will make Yug find me, he will find out what you have done. Iravati says I have already won, I just came to see if you died or not. Kahani says lovers live for years. You kept me alive till now so it means there is something you are scared of? Iravati says soon you will die in this darkness. Kahani says I was about to tell the truth to Saroj Maa, the truth about her husband, how he never left her for a dancer. Iravati says now you won’t ever be able to tell her. Kahani says you can’t stop the truth from coming out. Satya can look like me but Yug understands my heartbeat, he will find out that his Kahani is not with him soon. Your game will be finished soon. Iravati glares at her and leaves from there. Kahani says my one mistake has taken Yug away from me. Just listen to your heart Yug babu.

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