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Namak Issk Ka 18th May 2021 Yug asks Iravati to do what she can now. Kahani says maybe her powers work in the house only. Yug brings Kahani into the house, all look on. Yug starts getting a headache. Kahani rushes to him. Yug tells Iravati that her powers work in the house only, he tells the family that he has evil powers but you don’t listen to me. This is my mother’s house and there is no need for evil powers in this house. He grabs her hand. Saroj and Rupa try to stop him. Gunjan shouts what’s wrong with you? Yug rushes to Kahani and says if they stop me today then our love will lose, stop them. Kahani stands in front of Saroj, Gunjan and Rupa.

Yug grabs Iravati’s hand and says you have to go now. He tells sorry to Iravati and brings her out of the house. Iravati is in tears. Yug closes door on her face. Iravati is insulted. All family members are shocked. Yug tells the family that nobody will bring her inside. He tells Kahani that I am fine now, she is out of the house and can’t harm us. Rupa says this is wrong. Yug says this is right, she didn’t think twice before throwing Kahani out of the house so why should I think about her? Ronak says how will she stay alone? Saroj says I am trying to understand everything, I was running away from the truth but it’s standing close to me now. I thought you were blinded by Kahani but I was wrong, I accept everything you said about Iravati.

All family members should also understand that she took care of this house and she is an elder. Yug says I don’t trust her. Saroj says but trusts me, she won’t do anything. I can have anyone as my daughter in law but you are my son, I am not wrong but Iravati is, I can shout at you but I won’t let anyone else do anything wrong with you. I will stop her. You can choose Kahani or Gunjan as his wife but I will stand with you from now on. Gunjan says what are you saying? Saroj says I wanted you as my daughter in law, I understand Iravati’s anger but how can she play with his life? We can fight with others but we can’t fight our fate, you should accept your fate and stop hurting yourself.

Iravati says Yug did a big mistake today, I will never forget this insult.

Saroj tells Yug that Iravati won’t do anything from now on. She blesses Kahani. Yug says okay. Saroj opens the door and goes to Iravati. She says I won’t repeat if you have powers or not, I don’t care but what you did with my son has affected me. Why did you do it with Yug? Iravati says you have made me realize that Yug is only your son. Remember I used to treat Yug as my son but I was wrong, another mistake is that I thought this was my house too but it’s not. Saroj says this is house and he is your son too. All I am saying is that you could have attacked Kahani so why attack Yug?

Iravati says Kahani is very strong and Yug is always protecting her. Her only weakness is Yug, she can bear any pain but she can’t bear to see Yug in pain. Ronak and Ravi look at them. Ronak asks what are they talking about? Saroj tells Iravati that Yug is a fighter, he won’t back down. Iravati says what should I do then? Saroj says I have promised Yug that you won’t do anything wrong with him but I haven’t told him that I will do everything to separate them, I will use love to separate them now. Just trust me that only Gunjan will be daughter in law of this house. Iravati nods.

Saroj brings her inside. She asks Iravati to say sorry to Yug and my daughter-in-law. Gunjan says what? Saroj says I wake now and I have accepted Kahani. She tells Kahani that I have blamed you for everything but I will love you unconditionally now. She asks Rupa to prepare to welcome Kahani. Rupa says I am not against Kahani but I can’t go against Gunjan. Saroj says it’s okay, she asks Yug and Kahani to go and get ready. I have given you a lot of pain but it will happiness only from now on. Yug says I am just happy that you have accepted Kahani. Saroj says but I had dreams to welcome my daughter in law so go and get ready, they leave from there. Saroj asks Iravati to come with her, Iravati smirks.

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