Namak Issk Ka 19th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Namak Issk Ka 19th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Namak Issk Ka 19th May 2021 Yug tells Saroj that you have accepted Kahani and that’s enough for me. Saroj says I want to celebrate my son’s daughter in law so go and get ready. She takes Iravati from there. Dadi says what is going on? Ronak says she has changed her party. Gunjan says why don’t you talk in front of them? All are useless here, she leaves from there. Dadi asks Ronak if Iravati really has evil powers? Rupa says it’s all a misunderstanding. Ravi thinks I just wish Kahani and Yug be happy from now on. Rupa takes him from there.

Saroj is sitting in Yug and Kahani’s room and decorates it with a heavy heart. Saroj says I didn’t know that two dancers will destroy my life.

Kahani gets ready, she tries to tie her back dori but Yug comes there and ties it for her. He hugs her from behind and smiles. He makes her wear the dupatta and says I can’t believe that Maa accepted our love. Kahani says I don’t need anything else in life now. Kahani and Yug come to Saroj, she says these are happy tears. Saroj hugs Kahani but is filled with hatred for her. Kahani gets emotional and says this is all a dream for me. Saroj says Rani will sleep with me tonight, she takes her from there. Kahani tells Yug that I am sleepy. Yug says we have to talk romantically first, then talk about the kids the whole night. Kahani says you are in a hurry? Yug says nobody can stop me as my Maa have accepted us.

Saroj thinks I will destroy Kahani. She brings Rani to her room and asks her to sleep. Rani says I am happy to see them together. Rani goes to sleep. Saroj gets Iravati’s call who asks what if Kahani and Yug consummate and she ends up pregnant? Saroj ends the call. Iravati says she is silent but I am praying that nothing of that sorts happen.

Saroj sees Rani sleeping and plays Lucky’s voice on her phone. Rani wakes up and looks around for him.

Yug and Kahani sit on the bed, she doesn’t take a veil. Yug puts a veil on him and then takes it off. He says I don’t like your earrings. Kahani says why? Yug takes them off and says they kiss your cheeks in front of me which I don’t like.

Rani hears Lucky’s voice and asks Saroj to wake up, she says I felt Lucky is calling out to me. Saroj says he is in the village, don’t worry he won’t be kidnapped by Iravati, he must be fine but anything can happen in this world. You can go to sleep now. Rani gets worried.

Yug takes off Kahani’s bangles and says they don’t let me hold your hand. They both move in closer.

Rani tries to sleep but Saroj plays Lucky’s voice again. Rani wakes up and runs from there.

Kahani blushes and asks Yug to turn off the lights. Saroj knocks on the door. They come out. Saroj says Rani is missing, I couldn’t find her anywhere. Kahani and Yug go to look for her. Dadi says there is no peace in this house. Iravati whispers to Saroj if she sent her away? Kahani and Yug bring Rani home. Rani says I really heard Lucky’s voice, tell her Saroj Aunty. Saroj says it must be your dream. Rani says we should look for Lucky, these guys can do anything with them. Kahani says don’t say that. Rani says they have tortured Lucky before also. Kahani says don’t talk like that about elders. Saroj says don’t scold her, he asks Yug to take Kahani away. Saroj consoles and hugs her. They all leave. Iravati smirks. Saroj says I separated them today. Iravati says I couldn’t know your nature. Saroj says just to see how I bring Yug to Gunjan soon.

Kahani tells Yug why was Rani acting that way? I am sorry. Yug says it’s okay, we are here so we can finish some other day.

Saroj says I won’t let them finish ever.

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