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Namak Issk Ka 20th July 2021 Yug and Satya come to the market. She says I can’t come with you. Yug says why? Satya says we can’t park the car here, why don’t you go and park there? Till then I will go to the shop. Yug says don’t look at the price tags, just select the sarees that you want. I like when you smile. Satya thinks he talks so sweetly. Yug goes to park why Satya goes to the hospital.

Kahani tries calling someone from Gunjan’s phone but it doesn’t have a signal.

Satya comes to the hospital but the guard stops her and says time for meeting the doctor has ended. She says let me go inside otherwise I will make a scene here.

In the house, all are preparing for Juhi’s marriage proposal. Dadi says there shouldn’t be any mistake today. Iravati says we will decorate the house like a bride if Juhi’s proposal is fixed. Dadi says if Juhi gets married then I will gift you so many jewelry pieces. Iravati thinks I like it when I make people sad, they look too happy. Dadi asks Rupa to not give any work to Kahani, she might faint in front of the guests so don’t give her any task. Saroj says she is right, just handle everything today as Kahani is not feeling well. Gunjan comes there and hints at Iravati.

Iravati brings Gunjan to her room and says why are you always looking scared? Gunjan says Kahani is not feeling well, I think she might live for much time. Iravati says she has to live today. Satya will break Juhi’s proposal today and then she will break Saroj’s heart. Kahani has told me what she wanted to tell Saroj. Now Satya will tell it to Saroj but after twisting it. Saroj will feel bad then Satya won’t say sorry. Yug will get angry and then he will throw her out of the house. Gunjan says I know what you will do with Satya but what will you do about Kahani? Will you kill her?

Yug calls Saroj and says Kahani is missing. Did she come home? Saroj says no. Yug says she went to the shop but she is not there now. He ends the call.

Gunjan asks Iravati if she will kill Kahani? Yug will feel bad if Juhi’s proposal breaks. Iravati says you couldn’t keep Yug with you and Kahani took him away, now you have a mission so complete it. They turn around to see Saroj coming there. She says Kahani is missing. Iravati says what? Saroj says Yug called me and said that Kahani is missing. They have to bring gifts so I am worried. Gunjan says don’t worry, they will come. Iravati thinks Satya can’t run away like this, she knows what she is getting from me. Maybe she is buying things in the market after seeing Yug’s money.

Scene 2
Satya starts dancing in front of the hospital to make a scene. The guard tries to stop her but she keeps dancing. The guard grabs her but Satya cries and says he is abusing me. The doctor comes there and asks what is going on? Satya says my mother has admitted it inside but he is not letting me go inside. The doctor takes her inside.

Kahani is in the basement and tries getting a network. She says I just need to call one number.

Yug is looking around for Kahani in the market and says I have to find her. Kahani calls him and Yug takes the call. Kahani cries and says Iravati has locked me somewhere, please come and save me. Just come and save me. It’s like some basement.. hello.. Yug couldn’t hear anything. The police stop Yug for using his phone while driving. Yug tells the inspector that my wife is missing, can you help me? He shows her the photo. The inspector starts looking for Kahani. He tells his officers to look around for the girl. Yug gives them Kahani’s photo.

Saroj comes to Dadi and says Kahani is missing, don’t know where is she? Dadi says she is always doing some drama. Iravati says the guy’s family has left the house, they must be reaching here any minute. Gunjan says we can cancel it today. Iravati says no, things might go wrong like that. Rupa thinks Kahani has to come back fast.

Satya talks to the doctor and he tells her that her mother is recovering. He says the money helped in your mother’s treatment. If it keeps going on then she will become totally fine. Satya says just keep treating her. She goes out and takes a rickshaw. The officer sees her going away and calls Yug. They tell him that they saw his wife sitting in a rickshaw. Yug is about to go behind her but Satya arrives there in a rickshaw. Yug worriedly looks at her. Satya thinks no one accepted me other than my mother so just do the acting that will make him believe me. She looks at Yyug directly in the eye and smiles.

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