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Namak Issk Ka 21st April 2021 Yug comes to Suraiya’s house as he is worried about Kahani. Suraiya smirks and welcomes him. He asks where is Kahani? Suraiya says she is safe and coming soon, I am.. Yug says I don’t care who you are but I know what you are. I came here only because I wanted to let you know to stay away from Kahani otherwise I will burn you and this house down. Suraiya says this is my place and I take all decisions here. You might not want to know my name but hear my lover’s name. He is Nishikant Pratap Rajput (Yug’s father). Yug glares at her. She says now you are interested? I am Suraiya. Yug is about to attack her but Kahani comes there and grabs him. Yug says she destroyed my mom’s life, I will finish her.

Suraiya says you will kill me first and then Kahani as she is like me too. Yug says no, she is not like you. Suraiya says why? Didn’t she dance for a crowd? Didn’t she lure an audience? If she is like me then she will do everything that I did. Yug and Kahani look on. Suraiya gives a book to Yug and says all dancers and their lovers’ names are written in this. It has my name and 3 lovers that I have destroyed also. Yug opens the book and reads it. Suraiya tells Kahani that Ronak did everything bad with you so take revenge on him, why are you destroying Yug’s life? You both got married too, I know everything. Suraiya asks Kahani when his family gets to know about this marriage then will they accept you? You both will have kids in the future so this society would accept them?

Kahani you know the answer to all this so I just wanted to remind you. Suraiya tells Yug that you think I destroyed your family but if a lover wants to burn himself then it’s his choice. Your father couldn’t stay away from the flame but you can stay away from Kahani otherwise she would be telling your story someday like me. She tells Yug to not bring his name in this book. Suraiya tells Kahani that our names tarnish good people’s reputations. She asks why are they still hiding their marriage? You will have to fight with everyone but Yug will get tired soon. He might have money for you but not a place in his heart for you, just take the money and go away.

Suraiya says there is no future for both of you. Suraiya tells Yug that your family loves you and can spend money for you. You have money so spend on Kahani but you can get many fishes like her with your money. Why are you settling down for one fish? She asks Yug what’s his decision? Kahani says she is right, my past will always follow me, when a girl gets married, she becomes a wife, a daughter-in-law but we tried so much, they still take me as a dancer. My past will never leave me alone, it’s my shadow. Nobody will accept our relationship and our kids, she is right, we should take the right decision at the right time. Yug glares at Suraiya and gives her the book.

He asks her to write to Kahani-Yug’s name in the lovers’ list. He says love can give respect to a dancer, it can convert Chamcham rani to Kahani. He tells Kahani that I am your shadow now so stop wasting time in trying to get rid of me. He tells Suraiya that I am happy to meet you as I now know that there was no love between you and my father as then it wouldn’t end, he wouldn’t leave you. If I am the sky then Kahani is my moon which lighted my life. Kahani smiles and tells Suraiya that I could have answered you back but I wanted Yug to answer you. We might have the same professions but our fates are totally different. You can keep money and lecture with you, I just need my love with me. She tells Suraiya to never interfere in her and Yug’s life again. I won’t be silent next time. She holds Yug’s hand and starts leaving but Suraiya throws a glasses near them. Suraiya smirks and says Kahani the path you are walking on is more difficult than walking on these glass pieces. Show me if you can walk on this path so I know you are ready to walk the path of love. Yug says what is this rubbish?

Suraiya’s goons grab Yug. Kahani says what is this? Suraiya says this is a test of love, can you reach Yug by walking on the glass pieces? Yug says you won’t do it Kahani. Kahani says I will walk this path for myself, I will test my love before anyone can. Kahani takes off her shoes and starts walking ont he glass pieces. Yug is hurt to see her feet bleed. More piya plays as they both look at each other. Yug says no Kahani. Kahani cries in pain but keeps walking on the glass pieces. Yug pushes the goons away and runs to Kahani. He picks her up. Suraiya says what are you doing? She has to pass her love test. Yug says she pass all the tests but not alone. He takes off his shoes and starts walking on the glass peices while holding Kahani in his arms. Kahani cries for him. Suraiya is confused.

Saroj is sitting in her house when she gets Suraiya’s call. She says I don’t know if it’s a good news or not. Suraiya says I tried a lot but Yug-Kahani’s relationship can’t be broken, I failed because their relationship is not based on greed or deceit but based on true love. I don’t know if you can take this as a good news or not. She ends the call. Saroj says this is a bad news, it confirms that my fate is black but I will wipe it away. I will write my fate as a mother now. I lost to a dancer before but I will win over this one.

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