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Namak Issk Ka 22nd April 2021 Yug makes Kahani sit on the bench and looks at her bleeding feet. He says I will bring medicine. Kahani says no, you are injured so I will go. Yug says I am your husband. Kahani says so? You took me in your arms and got injured so I will go now. Yug says don’t argue with me, I will bring ointment. A man tells Kahani to let him go, you are lucky to get a romantic partner like him. Yug says see, I am becoming romantic too, Kahani smiles. Yug goes from there. Kahani says he walked on glasses for his love, that’s the most romantic thing ever.

Gunjan is looking for Yug. Saroj comes to her and gives her sleeping pills. She tells Gunjan to give it to Yug tonight and make Yug yours tonight. If you make him a father then he will become your husband fully. Gunjan looks on and asks if this will be right? Saroj says everything is fair in love and war. What I didn’t do, you have to do now.

Yug cleans Kahani’s feet and applies ointment. She winces in pain. Yug says if you are like this then how will we make our kids strong? Kahani smiles hearing that. Yug bandages her feet. Kahani says you can’t even bandage it rightly. Yug says I will learn this too, once we will tell everyone then we will live together then we will have kids.. Kahani says have some shame. Yug says then how will kids be born? Kahani blushes and thanks him for the bandage.

Ronak comes to Ravi’s room and looks around. He sees comatose Ravi and says where is Iravati? He says I don’t have money, we are both in a worse situation. I am poorer than Uganda right now, whom should I curse when all are my own people? You don’t even have money for me. He looks at Ravi’s gold rings and says not right now, I will use them when the condition worsens. I will come back soon. He goes from there and says my brother has destroyed my life. I have no one to talk to in this house, I am a sad character. Rupa comes there and says our baby will have a sad life because he has got a father like you. Ronak says why do you keep taunting me? Whatever is happening is all your fault, I have hurt a scarred woman that’s why I have got this curse. I used to splurge money at parties and now I am sulking without a penny? He asks her to have an apple, it’s good for you and the baby. Rupa glares at him. Ronak says my condition is bad, I used to throw money away and wouldn’t even know it, I don’t have a single penny in my pocket right now. I know you are miffed with me but I am your husband, can you forget everything for a minute and give some money to me? Rupa says don’t worry, I am here. She takes off her mangalsutra and says it’s useless for me so you can use it. Ronak asks if she has gone crazy? Yug and Kahani come there. Yug says nothing can be more shameful Ronak. Rupa sees their feet injured and asks what happened? Yug says nothing, we got hurt a bit. All come there. Gunjan says how did you both get hurt together? Yug says we both went out together. Soarj asks Gunjan to be silent. Juhi asks where did they go together? Rani asks Kahani what happened? Kahani says I am fine, she goes with Rani. Yug stops Saroj and says I have to talk to you. Saroj says you are injured so go and take a rest, I have some work. Yug says you don’t have 2 minutes for me? Saroj says I have to apply oil to Gunjan’s hair. Yug nods and leaves from there. Saroj thinks after tonight Yug will listen to me only.

At night time, Gunjan puts intoxication liquid in Yug’s milk and says I never thought we will have a marriage night like this but I don’t have a choice.

Yug brings milk for Kahani. She says you drink it. Yug says anyone will bring milk for me but I have to do this for you. Kahani says I don’t like it. Yug says to drink it as a medicine. He makes her drink with his own hands. Kahani sees Gunjan coming and leaves from there. Gunjan comes there and says I have brought milk for you, it will heal your wound. He drinks it. Saroj looks at them and says I didn’t want to do it but when kids go on a wrong path, mothers have to bring them back on the right track. If tonight goes as planned then everything will be fine. Gunjan takes Yug to her room while Kahani goes to her room. Saroj says Kahani entered this house, my son’s life but I won’t let you come inbetween Yug and Gunjan.

Yug comes to the room and tells Gunjan that my head is dizzy. Gunjan asks him to lie on the bed. She starts massaging his head and asks how is she looking? Yug says I am feeling weird. Gunjan asks him to lie down, she puts him on bed.

kahani sits on her bed and waits for Yug’s call. She gets a call from Yug and asks if he can’t sleep? Saroj comes there and takes the phone from Kahani. Yug tells on call that he feels dizzy. Saroj hears it and ends the call before Kahani could hear him. She asks her to sleep. Saroj locks her room door and sits there. Kahani says what are you doing? Saroj says you both meet each other every night, if you want to fight with me whole night then you can or you can go to sleep.

Yug is trying to call Kahani but her phone is off. He says I have to go and check on her. He turns to see Gunjan standing there in a nightie. She seductively looks at him. She comes near him and tries to seduce him. She pushes him on the bed and lies on him. She puts a blanket over them and turns off the lights.

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