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Namak Issk Ka 22nd June 2021 Kahani tells the family to prepare for the function. All look on. Iravati asks what is up to now? Kahani says I am a dancer so I want to celebrate Yug’s happiness. Yug says Kahani.. she says Yug Babu.. Ravi says what is this madness Kahani? She says we earn well from rich families like you so let’s start the celebration.

Kahani starts dancing at Yug’s function. She hints at Rupa who goes from there.

Rupa comes outside the house and meets the lawyer and the reporter there. The lawyer says we want to meet Iravati. Rupa says go inside, a function is going on, they go inside. Rupa says everything is in Kahani’s hand now.

Scene 2
Kahani is dancing at the function, all look on. Rupa comes back and nods at her. Kahani smirks. Ronak says it was the best dance, he tries to throw money at her but Yug glares at him. Ronak says I just thought to give her wage. Saroj says keep it with yourself. Gunjan asks Kahani if her drama is done then she should leave. Saroj says we shouldn’t let the dancer leave empty-handed. She asks Ronak to give her money, he does. Saroj prays for Gunjan and Yug on that money and offers it to Kahani.

Dadi says I should do this too, she gives Kahani money. Kahani sees the lawyer and reporter standing there. Kahani says you here? All look on. Kahani says it’s the same reporter who was in the press conference, what are you both doing here? Yug grabs the reporter and says I won’t spare you. The reporter says I said everything for money. We didn’t even get our money. Yug says for money? Who asked you to do all this? Saroj asks the guests to go and have food.

Iravati glares at Ronak. Yug asks the reporter to speak up. Kahani says I know you want to take my name but if you do this then you will be proven a liar, why would I give you money so that my husband can get married to someone else? It was my loss but whose gain it was? Yug grabs him and asks him to speak up. Iravati thinks I have to do something before they take my name. Iravati goes to Gunjan and slaps her. All are shocked. Iravati tells Gunjan that you bought them both right? You have ashamed me, you stooped this low to get Yug? Gunjan is confused and says what?

The lawyer and reporter go from there. Yug glares at Gunjan. Iravati says Gunjan played a big game, she destroyed a happy marriage, I am ashamed you to call you a daughter. Yug says I took you as my friend and you did this? Gunjan cries and says I didn’t have a choice. Iravati says she still doesn’t have any shame, she is so selfish. Yug says Saroj always took you as a daughter, she was telling me today also to keep you happy, to love you but what did you do? You made fun of our family’s honor in the world. You have hurt Maa. shame on you.. He says you just hurt me but I have broken someone’s heart. He sadly looks at Kahani. She says don’t say that.

Yug says I have done a sin this time, I don’t deserve your forgiveness but please give me a chance.. Gunjan says but I am your wife now. Yug says you are a liar, cheater but you are not my wife. Gunjan says you married me. Yug says I don’t accept this marriage, you have cheated me. Iravati says he is right, you have nothing to say anything. Yug holds Kahani’s hand and says people fooled me while I left you, I wanted to give you happiness but I just gave you tears. Will you give me another chance? Kahani caresses his face and says I am yours. Yug says one minute. He goes to Saroj and says you told me to not do the same with my wife, what Baba did with you.

I want to do something, will you be with me? Promise me that you will help me? Saroj cries and says why not? Yug says fine, don’t stop me now. I am leaving this house with Kahani. All are stunned. Saroj says no.. Yug says you promised me, you can’t stop me now. It’s clear now that this family will never accept Kahani fully. I won’t let my and Kahani’s life to be destroyed, this house has given tears to one married woman but it won’t happen with the second one. He goes to Kahani and says let’s go. He holds her hand and starts leaving but Ronak says 15 minutes ago you were walking with Gunjan as your wife. Yug says I am with my wife now. Gunjan cries and asks Iravati to stop Yug. Yug starts leaving the house with Kahani. All are hurt to see them go.

Yug is walking with Kahani and says I am feeling light-hearted today. Kahani says I don’t understand what mistake did I do? First, you left me and now I have lost my house. Yug says it’s my mistake, I never gave you anything. Kahani says I have given my everything to you already. It takes two people to break a relationship. I did a mistake too. Yug says I don’t know where I went wrong, I never wanted to be like my father but now I am like him only. Kahani says you don’t have to say all that, you did a mistake but someone else played a game. I still feel we shouldn’t leave the house. Yug says I want to be happy with you and I don’t want Maa to choose between you or the family. If we stayed in that house then that would happen. Kahani says I am with you. Yug says let’s go then. Kahani says where? Yug says you ask too many questions, let’s go.

Gunjan cries and asks why didn’t they stop Yug from going? Dadi says don’t cry now, you had to call the reporters? Your voice is irritating me, she goes from there. Ravi says what happened to this house.. Iravati says you just rest as you did for years. Iravati tells the family that it’s not a time to cry.

Yug brings Kahani to the mandir and says I used to come here since childhood. They both pray there. Yug says I promise I won’t let my anger come in between us. Kahani says I promise to not break your trust. Yug says your stubbornness broke my trust, you can be stubborn but don’t let it affect our love. Kahani says I promise to have strong love with you so nobody can separate us. Yug says I promise that no one can come in between us now. Yug and Kahani tie the thread around a tree.

Iravati calls the lawyer and reporter. She asks who called you both here? The lawyer says you called us here for the money. Iravati says don’t lie. He says I am not. Iravati says I already gave you money. The reporter says we just got an advance from you, we didn’t get the remaining amount. Iravati turns and glares at Ronak.

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