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Namak Issk Ka 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Namak Issk Ka 26th May 2021 Episode starts with Saroj calls Kahani and cries in pain. All rush to her. Saroj says I am not feeling well. Kahani makes her sit on the bed and asks her to take medicine. Saroj says I won’t take anything, my son should know I am more stubborn than him. Juhi says your health matters the most to us. Saroj says this house will be divided and that’s more important. Yug looks on. Iravati brings juice there and says I am ready for the division of the house. All look on. She says I have taken care of you for years so I can’t change that today, she gives her medicine. Saroj takes it and drinks juice. Iravati pleads with her to eat something. They both smirk at each other. Iravati turns to Kahani and says you are a big player, you divided my whole house in just 2 days. Congrats on your victory, this family has lost to you, we have celebrated happiness in this house together for years but everything will end tomorrow, everyone will be separated from tomorrow. I have called the lawyer tomorrow morning. She cries and leaves from there. Yug glares at Kahani.

Kahani is sadly standing on the balcony. Ravi calls out to her with his hand and conveys that he doesn’t want division of this house. Kahani says I don’t want that too but if Maa thinks that’s better for the family then what can I do? Maybe we will realize that this was the right decision, all are cursing me right now but it’s acceptable to me for everyone’s benefit. Iravati comes there and says you killed a family’s happiness and now acting all mighty. Kahani says you were waiting for Saroj’s health to deteriorate and then you said yes for the division, I know you well but family will know your truth soon. She leaves from there. Iravati thinks she won’t understand my nature easily. Iravati starts leaving with Ravi but Yug comes there and sits in front of Ravi. He says when a house breaks, we cry blood tears. Our house will break tomorrow and I don’t know what to do.

Iravati says be ready to live alone, these tears will dry some day. Yug says these tears will dry when the wound heals but they will never heal. My father did everything wrong with me and my mother but he was right about one thing, uniting this family and making this house. When I miss my father, I get angry but I look at this family and it makes me smile. This house and family is the only good memory of my father and it will be snatched from me tomorrow, what should I do? Iravati says to tell all this to your mother and your wife, she leaves from there. Yug cries silently. Saroj hides and thinks I don’t want to give pain to my son but we have to bear this pain so Yug can be freed from that dancer.

In the morning, the lawyer comes there and asks Iravati if she really wants this division? Iravati says I am helpless but I have to do it. Ravi folds his hand and pleads. Saroj says I am sorry but I don’t have a choice. Yug looks on. The lawyer gives division papers to Saroj and Iravati. He says in two days, one family has to leave this house. Ronak whispers to Dadi what she thinks? Dadi murmurs that we will be free from this Iravati. Iravati tells the lawyer that we will leave this house. Yug angrily looks on.

Iravati asks Gunjan to pack her bags. Yug comes to Saroj and says this is all wrong. Saroj says this happening for someone else. Yug says you didn’t want to see her face before and now you are destroying your family for her? Saroj says my son and my daughter-in-law are my life now. Yug says we won’t be happy after breaking this family. This house was built by my father, it was his dream. Saroj says whose dreams are you talking about? He broke our dreams and left us but you care about his dreams? Yug says Maa.. Saroj says don’t shout at me, this house is not your father’s dream but your mother’s cemetery of happiness. This paper has decided the fate of this house.

Yug takes the papers and comes to Kahani. He says remember Kahani you said we will handle everything together but you have done everything alone, you finally broke my family, congrats. You didn’t break my family but my soul too. Rupa bhabhi said that marriage is about lifelong promise so I will try but when I am not complete then I won’t be able to complete this promise too, he leaves from there. Rupa tells Kahani that I am not lucky like you to get real love but you are a criminal for not respecting true love, she leaves from there. Ronak says she has to say dialogues all the time, they all leave. Kahani cries and says why Yug is miffed with me? Saroj says he is angry but I know what to do, I will get you dressed as a bride today, I will give my saree to you. Man can be angry with his wife but not with his bride. I know Yug will come and talk to you, don’t worry. She gives the papers to Kahani and asks her to go, she thanks her for helping her. Kahani cries and leaves from there. Saroj smirks.

Gunjan comes to Iravati and says you promised to bring Yug to me but now we are losing this house too. Saroj comes there and says you are my real daughter in law so how can you leave? Gunjan says what? Iravati says I promised you but Saroj helped me in fulfilling it. Gunjan says what do you mean? Saroj says this drama of my fight with Iravati was all a drama for you Gunjan. She says I can’t believe this. Saroj says yes. Iravati asks where is Kahani? Saroj says she is getting ready for Yug while he must be thinking he destroyed his life by marrying Kahani.

Yug is on the road and thinks my destruction was brought on by myself. If I didn’t marry Kahani then my family wouldn’t be breaking apart today.

Iravati tells Gunjan that Yug will be yours now. Saroj says yes, he was your right. Gunjan says I feel lucky to have you both with me, she thanks them.

Yug sits near the river and drinks alcohol. He says love is not a blessing but a curse, it brings destruction only. He says my heart is empty. He tries to get up but gets Saroj’s call. She asks him to come home. Yug says which house? It’s divided now. Saroj says come to the house where your wife and mother live. She ends the call. Yug says Kahani has snatched my family and she might snatch my mother too, let’s go home.

Saroj sees Kahani dressed up and says when Yug sees your beauty, he will be yours. She gives her bangle to Kahani and says I wanted to give it to my smart daughter-in-law, you helped me when no one did so take this bangle as a blessing. Kahani takes it. Saroj says Yug must be coming soon, she leaves from there. Kahani looks on.

Ronak calls his friend and says the division of the house is done. I have got freedom now and I won’t need to beg for money, I will splurge so much money now. I am so happy, I was not even this happy when I saw my milky white. Rupa comes there so he ends the call. Rupa says you have given me so much pain but you do something daily which makes me thank God that I will stay alone in life. Ronak says what do you think I am? Why do you keep taunting me? If you want to stay here then be silent otherwise you can pack your bags and go with your sister and mother. This house is divided now so I have nothing to worry about now. Rupa thinks I won’t cry for this shameless man.

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